The audio video engineer. Uh for this project and kurt was also a mentor for these kids he’s. One of the greatest trombone players alive today, um, and also i want to remind everybody – we’ve – got auditions for this group for the uh las vegas, steve jazz orchestra, we’re, accepting audition videos now uh. The deadline is august, 8th, so stay tuned for the entire video there’ll. Be more information about where and how to submit videos for anybody interested in auditioning for this program all right enjoy the las vegas youth, jazz orchestra performing the business of america is business by victor goins and under the direction of mr gary cordell. Thank you kenny and thank you victor for such a swinging composition. The students really took care of business on this one. Here we go one two one: two, three four Music: do: Music; Music; yes, Music, um, Music, ah Music, Music, huh, Music, huh, Music; so Music, bye, Music, wow, Music, Music, wow Applause, Music; this Music Applause, Music, foreign Music, hi i’m; gary cordell, the program director and leader For the las vegas youth jazz orchestra, the las vegas youth jazz orchestra is holding auditions now through august, 8th, whether our classes will be in person or online next semester. The las vegas youth jazz orchestra has many exciting things to offer you.

You will work with the best las vegas professional musicians as mentors attend, master classes, perform concerts and be taught by world class instructors.

Last year the las vegas youth jazz orchestra came together online and release three recordings to a worldwide audience. We will be accepting video auditions submitted to the link that you see scrolling on the screen for more audition information. Please visit the las vegas youth, jazz orchestra. Facebook page come be part of something special.