Now, if you’re unfamiliar with ray park, he was darth. Maul in phantom menace uh, he was a stunt man, the man behind the makeup he’s, also with snake eyes and gi joe toad and x, men, uh and right now, he’s being canceled on social media. Now, before i get to all the story, i’m gon na break down what we know so far. I do want to put this out there. I don’t know ray park. I don’t know what he did. I don’t know if he’s a good guy, a bad guy. All i know is, i need evidence and i need to make sure i hear from all sides before i condemn and destroy a person’s life and right now, twitter doesn’t care about evidence. They just take any screenshots. They can to then create their narrative to destroy someone’s life, and the problem is, if you actually do some homework on the story: there’s now conflicting screenshots, and so, which are we supposed to believe the only thing we know the only thing we know, as fact, right Now is that darth maul himself ray park last night on instagram uh, his official account posted a uh not safe for work, video clip it was a pov shot of him. Someone i don’t know if it was him to be honest.

I don’t know who’s who’s in the video uh, but of a man filming uh, someone performing an act on him and that’s. What was posted on instagram and that kind of stuff isn’t allowed to be posted on instagram uh.

You can’t post that stuff there, because they don’t allow it twitter does twitter. You can post whatever you want, because twitter is a cesspool uh, but that clip was published and raised a lot of eyebrows, um and uh. People now are quick to judge and assume the worst in ray park uh, but it added even more uh. You know insult injury because screenshots started coming out uh. This was his his. This is allegedly his wife uh. This one’s, this person says my friend dm’d ray park’s wife about that recent video. He posted and damn lost all respect for ray hey. Did your husband post the recent video or is he hacked not hacked it’s him he’s nasty just do what you can to get it taken down. I appreciate it. It was just taken down and then to make matters worse, uh. I don’t even really want to show this because it’s it’s just frustrating me because i don’t know if it’s true um but uh this one right here, i’m, just gon na go back to the picture, as i explained actually let’s go to my shot cause. I don’t want to put that on screen there’s some nasty stuff in there, but this was a alleged screenshot from his daughter who said awful awful things saying that rey has done terrible things, terrible things.

If, if this is true and uh, i i then releases his address um uh and puts it out there now this is not confirmed, i couldn’t even see whose account this is.

This was just a random screenshot, but that didn’t stop people from jumping and just lumping these two screenshots together and painting this sort of abusive picture of ray park uh and putting out the internet and trying to destroy him. And, of course the first ones to come. Were the sam whitworth fans – and this is no knock on sam – you can’t control, what your fans do, but uh many fans come and say: f ray park. Uh let’s just bring sam wentworth back in, but this became the trend on thousands of twitter disgusting pos, sam whitner, you are the darth maul uh, just like people looked up to race is heartbreaking and hope. His wife and kids get away from him. Asap abuse should never be tolerated. This is heartbreaking. Uh years ago i met him. He got arrested for starting a bar fight, so this is how this works. Uh people start, you know just just need a little couple crumbs, whether they’re, true or false. It doesn’t matter. You take those couple crumbs and then you roll with it and then you start oh wait. Didn’T he get arrested for that bar fight, although that must mean he did those things and those screenshots. I read so the ball. You know it starts tumbling and tumbling and getting bigger and bigger as it falls and that’s what happens here and so everyone’s just sort of carrying on i can’t even get to all the tweets he’s trending.

Now with you know, it was 15 000 trending tweets. When i saw uh now, as this sort of eloquently puts his uh wright, parker’s career is now in flames and it’s. Just it really does happen like that happens. Overnight watched it in real time as all of this went down, but the problem was the problem: was there were other screenshots? If you went and looked again, this is from allegedly from his wife, uh it’s been taken down. I hope, thanks for your concern, was this doctored yeah it’s been taken down was that screenshot real is ray park, a jerk there’s also concerning stuff about his son or daughter, allegedly posting physical threats by him mike, and then this is allegedly from his wife. My kids have not posted anything and they are being dragged into this crap people are very hurtful and these allegations are horrific and false. This is upsetting uh ray me and our kids, please please report it. This will help our family a great deal. Uh. These allegations are false, so look, i can’t confirm this one’s true either can’t confirm the first one’s. True right, we can’t confirm any of them are true. Is the reality guys, but if you don’t just follow the mob, if you don’t just be the sheep and say ray park bad, i was told by screenshots he posted an image. God we don’t, he must not have been hacked. It must have been revenge. His wife must be having an affair uh, he must be jealous, and there must be this.

There must be that what the hell are we doing? How is this any of our goddamn business? This is disgusting. No one has come forward and accused him of anything. He posted a video, a could have been a consensual, video could have been some accident. Someone could have done it on his behalf, not his behalf on not his behalf. Smoke could have hacked his accountant posted it. We know nothing and twitter jumps on to destroy this. Guy, we know nothing except for that, but yet we destroy him now again i’m. Going to correct. I want to be clear, i don’t know. Maybe there is some nasty stuff in rey’s closet that we don’t know and will be revealed. So we have to wait and see is the reality, though we can’t condemn someone and label him these things. Until we have evidence, you know not just random screenshots that are being sent around the web, because now there’s conflicting screenshots, so which one are we supposed to believe? Why would you believe either of them until you hear it from them directly is the reality? That’S what’s what’s crazy here and when you get into relationships, that’s always troubling to me, when you get into relationships, exes and affairs, and all this stuff that that makes people emotional and it’s harder to then know what all the facts were. Well, who was doing what to who and why it’s none of my business it’s, none of my business now, if the stuff about this kid comes true and that’s real, i mean i would think they would call the police not post an instagram story, because i mean It’S pretty extreme.

What the allegations in that story were that i’m. Sorry that i can’t, i can’t just believe that someone’s gon na reveal that in a story and not to the police, if they’re now an adult uh that that’s just wild to me. But it is what it is so until we have that confirmed from an actual person, we can’t just run with it guys you can’t just run with it twitter, and yet you are you’re doing it right now and then to make it even worse. What happens is then you go and defend rey. Well, you know i’m, not even defending ray i’m, just defending due process and i’m trying to say well, there’s. You know conflicting reports out there. You know the the i i go there. Well, the mother confirmed at this because if we’re gon na, if you’re gon na believe one screenshot i’m gon na believe the other screenshot, so i go out there and say that and then you know this guy right here just comes back because i’m, god forbid arguing For due process, uh, oh yeah i’m, not going to read what he wrote, but you guys can see it. I mean what what this was. I was never accused of this ever by the way. So now, not only of course, this guy just believes lies uh surprised to see you still have a tick you’re, this disgusting as right, no aaron, you are, you, are the disgusting one just lumping people in because without evidence, but it wasn’t just that i i can Handle this i’m, not i’m, just i’m, showing you how messed up this society is because you go and just sort of ask for the facts or due process, and you know you’re just labeled the most awful things that aren’t true, because yeah that’s that’s.

The only reason i we would have due process. Why wouldn’t you believe these screenshots, of course, just do it. He must be a monster. It’S, really really messed up, it’s really really messed up the world we live in, and it’s it’s not it’s beyond this. Did you guys see this story uh? I wanted to cover this story, but this guy uh, you know it’s, like it runs the gamut everywhere, it’s, just people getting canceled still, this guy was uh in a car, uh and uh. This was the image this image right here. Uh i can’t barely see it, but i guess it’s the it’s. This thing, which is now like uh dude i’ve, done this a lot. I never knew that this meant. It means you know uh. I don’t say it. I can’t say it then youtube will, i think, even showing it on youtube. Will demonetize and cancel me uh, but it’s a uh it’s, not it’s, not an approved hand, gesture anymore and i can’t even tell if he’s doing it, but because of this picture and because his job truck was there. Dude was fired. Uh just passed a bunch of kids walking by holding signs, honk to say i’m with them, and this guy and truck pulls along and flashes us at me for the next couple blocks and then he’s fired student’s fired from his job i’m. Trying to i want to do an interview with this guy, because this story, the more i read about the story – it’s awful and then what happens is he loses his job and the poster the guy who tweeted it this this guy who’s that tweets it deletes his Tweet deletes his whole account and then holds a press crime and say like look.

I didn’t mean for this to happen. I’M realizing now he might not actually been giving a sign that i thought he was and in fact he wasn’t. He was cracking his knuckles that’s sort of what he does he’s out there, and i mean i’ve done that on my car. Just let your fingers in the breeze moving your knuckles around moving your fingers around to sort of stretch them out that’s what he was doing and uh no he’s a racist firearm and then what’s so must up about this specific story. Right here is uh uh i’m gon na sign this, so i just didn’t get a chance to because i don’t know my login uh, but the job won’t hire him back. So not only you know, there’s now, over 10 000 people on this to uh, because he was falsely accused of these gestures. Uh and his employer is doubling down. And then i went and looked on his gofundme uh, which they’ve set up to try and like afford to because he’s lost his work, which is just awful um and the update his latest update we’ve i’ve already had 10 000 signatures. The original claimant has publicly recanted his accusation and sdge has stood by the decision and terminating emmanuel. Thank you everyone for your continued support. I mean this is awful guys. This is the world we live in. It takes one tweet one tweet and it’s over doesn’t matter. If the tweet is true or false, and again, i don’t know what’s, true or false in this situation with rey and that one with the manual the guy who made the accusation said well, it wasn’t true didn’t matter.

Even when the person came forward and admitted yeah, i i don’t think i was being accurate. They still aren’t letting him come back that is messed up, so this society, these people, who are coming at me, coming up for defending rey for defending due process for defending people’s rights for defending innocent until proven guilty. Oh my god, of course, i would do that. I’M, a monster i i’m, sorry, i’m, not i’m, not turning red conservative is whatever and if you do that, you’re always a red conservative, trump supporter, no dude i’m, just a person who was realizing that this other side of the coin that i thought i was with Man they’re just as scary, if not scarier, the extreme, on either side man extremely on any side of the political spectrum. It is scary. I mean this new uh group of these people, who are just so much better than you, it’s, gotten so extreme, where yeah. Of course i got to believe them. I got to believe these tweets. I got to believe this thing. Ray park must be a monster, cancel them burn them be out of here i mean what are we doing and then, if you ask well, do we have all the evidence, then you’re labeled a monster as well. Ah they must be block block them. They’Re not part of this, no guys the people who are jumping the conclusions. They are the monsters they are absolutely monsters because they’re so lost in their head they’re extremists who can’t step back and have a conversation or a dialogue about it.

They just immediately jump to get out, and so those who say, cancel culture isn’t real. They are part of the problem because they refuse to step out of their own bubble to see okay. Well, they just can’t see it from another perspective. I can see in my situation i learned a lot when i when i was away when i, when everything happened. To me i mean i, i can’t even begin to explain what happened to me and i’ve tried and i do it in certain interviews and i’m not going to do it right now, but you have no idea the mental toll and anguish you are put through and Then add to that when it’s something personal like this and you lose your children and custody and divorce and things granted actions of my own and maybe ray – did some actions here that he’s probably going to regret, but not maybe to the extent that you guys think My point is it’s, none of our damn business and you can’t assume to know what someone’s pain is or what their punishment has been. You can’t do that. Then you are a monster if you assume they deserve the pain and and just assume you know what pain they’ve been through that’s, not empathy at all. I mean that is, you are being the problem and so it’s very important that we stand up against that type of of assumption. Judgment, judge, jury, executioner being tweeter, twitter, police, canceled, culture’s, not real anybody cancelled it.

It must have done something to deserve it. Oh, it sickens me. It sickens me the pompous attitude there to just assume that in all cases, anybody accused must have deserved it. What are we doing guys that’s we’re here? I know this i’m supposed to talk movies, well, darth maul’s in a movie, so this one kind of counts. Typically, i put this type of stuff and i’m going to do more of it over my other channel hugging, the cactus i’m gon na put that channel uh. I guess here go check that channel out for more uh, more conversations like this uh hugging. The cactus is my series where i do a lot of conversations about people who’ve been canceled and i’m doing new series. Tough talks i’m doing some more over there. So stay tuned and more will be coming uh, but in the meanwhile thanks so much for your support, you can always support the links down below uh and uh videos. Here i appreciate all of you: uh stay cool out there, try to be safe, let’s be rational. Let’S, not let these people uh get to us let’s, stick to the truth, let’s wait for the facts and if rachel’s proves it to be a monster, i will be the first to uh condemn him. If he really is what his this screenshot his screenshotted kid is saying is true, then absolutely he needs to have the consequences until then, until we can prove it.