Sergio ramos plays with raphael, varane’s central defence, luca modric, starts with tony cross in the center of the park. Kareem benzema is the lone striker. Today. This is the lineup. The system that we think they’re going to go with is four five one that one striker will need a bit of support yeah. You do not want him to be left isolated, otherwise this formation will not work. 2018 was a big summer for real madrid, because zinedine zidane shocked everybody from the president downwards by quitting his job only days after supervising a third consecutive champions league success and then of course, the departure of cristiano ronaldo has been such a fixture there and such a Fantastic player for them, but nothing lasts forever and the club is bigger than any individuals exactly and you know, you’ve got to move into a new era which certainly they are doing now, bringing younger talents, and that is the challenge for the new manager. Tony cross, benzema. Modric they’ve got the ball back. The interceptor got it for them. Applause able to make a good interception – and this on paper looks a bit of a shoe in for real madrid. Well, it should be as long as they don’t relax and take their foot off the gas now casimiro trying to steer it through a simple piece of defending really and he bangs it away. Benzema eden, hazard Applause, Applause, that’s, cleared out of play, it’ll be a corner in goes the corner.

Fine save he’s made there and he’s not let the ball escape his grasp Applause, and this is going to be a throw Applause carnival. How benzema looking for an opening with some good control, build up it’s good work between these two marcelo bit predictable with the passing and the opposition able to deal with that? Stopping the past, getting through with a good piece of anticipation, sergio ramos carvajal modric benzema cross marcelo benzema return to azan Applause. Referee’S decision is a corner for ryan Applause. Madrid. Shots on here have the ball tony cross. Sergio ramos they’re playing a lot through tony cross makes the game look so simple: gross Applause really getting at the opposition. This far up the pitch now his game, isn’t it intercepting Applause and that’s the referee’s decision. Two added minutes. Applause come away with the ball cleaning great tackle, benzema, just a mistake, really he’s, not even well we’re halfway through and we haven’t yet got a goal to bring to you nil, nil at halftime. Well, perhaps with eden hazard allen, as the halftime whistle has gone, we can look back on that first half he hasn’t had quite the impact that we expected. He worked hard enough, but just didn’t come off for him, but he’s got another half to put things right here. We go in the second half hoping and indeed expecting a bit better fare than the first half provided yeah managers. Both managers got a bit of work to do just to to g them up need a bit of urge.

He’S got his shot off. Now was a chance maybe to hit the target. He certainly went for strength, nothing wrong with a connection either. Applause modric wide player can come forward for real madrid and the cross. It came from cavahal or here could be a chance for the corner, Applause corners taken and they get it away. Modric now, with benzema no it’s offside Applause, Music Applause saw the pass cut, good vision, all alone in the middle it’s, easy here for the keeper Applause, kareem benzema, sergio ramos Music, benzema a lot of defenders between them and the goal, but they still got the ball. They’Ve got the ball back by that interception. They can spread the play now put into the middle put away, but not out of harm’s way, reflected behind a clear corner full time to celebrate. The underdogs could make something of this Applause. Here comes the corner. Well, that’s. Good defending played down the wing keeping the wide attack going gon na try one now brilliant defending it saved a certain goal. He was almost wheeling away to celebrate that he’s put in the corner good defensive clearance. There Applause get his foot in there modric. I think he saw the look from the other player and saw where the pass was going and read it guiding the pass through easy work for the keeper here. Oh, he spotted the pass and cut it out. Applause that wide area useful for real madrid now and now he’s looking for some support, put him from the wide area, defended well Applause, guided through Applause, not able to take full advantage of a good position counting down towards the end of the 90 minutes.

Nine minutes left here’s casimiro, getting the ball back and thinking attack straight away, trying to slip it through just to keep a debate. Surely Applause? Well a certain amount of relief, i think from the players as well as the fans a lot of times. They’Ve come close. It looked like it was going to be one of those days, but now they lead eventually one nil, it’s late, but it’s great for real madrid. Just when you’re looking for somebody to pop up and produce something special, they find that man it’s been tight before that goal, but now the manager he’s so pleased because i reckon he feels his team could go on and win this no great shots on the cards. Then, because it’s real madrid who lead we’re down now to the last six minutes, here’s casimiro Music benzema trying to get the ball in behind azza tony real chance on those scraps for the attackers to feed on from the goalkeeper that time hung onto the ball. Well, Applause. Fourth official has indicated three more minutes. Just a mistake: really not even ask too much of the opponent it’s, just a mishit pass they’re keeping the ball patiently probing they need to penetrate the opposition if they’re going to equalise and the interception is a vital one, and that is the final whistle here. Real madrid have victory today. Well, as they say, a win is a win alan, even in a friendly like today.

Winning is a wonderful habit, whether it’s a friendly cop league, whatever and they’ve done that here, Applause let’s get to just some final words from alan smith.