This is a process we use when awarding touchdowns in this video we’ll. Look at a few examples and dive into some important aspects of teamwork. To start off, let’s have a look at the signals. Control referee will check, left and right before taking two steps back and awarding the touchdown with the arm stretched out and palm facing upwards. The support referee will give the all clear. Alternatively, they can give a discreet signal if they’ve seen an infringement or put their hand straight up if a player steps on or over a boundary let’s see the pros in action again, looking at a nice little two step plane the left to right, if only it’s, A pass like that, the good old underspin yeah you’ve been looking look at this. They pass right to left good good, set completion, uh falkland, because the ball’s going out they can go back to the fence. Uh move back into their positions. Electric pace. These refs are easily keeping up with this one and making some nice calls out there. Yeah good uh we’ve got the trio up there. Now, we’re going to have a closer look at each part of the process, starting with step one score line positioning as a control referee. We need to be in the best position to see the grounding stay on your toes, read and anticipate play, make sure to show urgency to get all the way to the corners here’s. A few examples is actually the lining themselves up for a mismatch it’s just whether they identify it when they’re down on the fire there’s a nice big right to left in the corner, pull down called the touch.

Excellent defense, great finish, but here we go they’re making big meters, kuru kanga, shaw comes right to left, looks short and behind foot great work by foot all when it gets they’re going to turn around. This could be it in the corner. Great touch beautiful touch on her foot, man, he’s, standing up big time, step, two checking to see if a touch was claimed. If a touch is claimed, we must acknowledge it. If we are happy with the grounding, we should still acknowledge the player’s claim, but advise them that the ball was down first Music, if need be, we can ask the player if they’ve made the touch just to help with our decision touch cord a lot of finger, Pointing on that occasion, quick tip if a player is offside, do your best to try and communicate this early to allow for advantage to the attacking team. Okay. Yes, he was a mile off side play through Applause. If we’re happy with the first two steps, we can then check for the all clear if a forward pass is seen by the support referee, they can offer a discrete signal, but only once the control referee looks to them. If you’re, the control referee always look to the closest sideline first, this is the referee who would have had the best view of the pass as the ball was hitting in their direction. Music. Oh colossae takes the hard option: that’s just showing off beautiful play cuts through.

What we want to avoid is the situation where the two closest referees are happy with the pass, but the far side, referee overrules them teamwork – is crucial when it comes to touchdowns. We want all referees to be on the same page. We don’t have time for all three referees to come together for a cup of tea and a corridor. With this being said, you can call time and double check with your closest sideline if you need to just to confirm, grounding or see if there was any interference but make sure you keep the chat short cameron, woodson he’s, looking for caleb on the sideline. What do we have here? Are they happy with it? Oh he’s called border ground and last tip when you’re on the sideline make sure you’re in a place to offer support and advice, not standing at halfway scaling your innu, the rest just checking whether the touch was made. No ball was down first touchdown. How beautiful was that referee just consolidates with his sideline referee, to make sure he got it right? We don’t have the uh the video replay. We don’t go upstairs split decision, split reaction and makes the call beautiful cool all right if we’re, okay, with everything up to this point, then we can move on to awarding the touchdown remember. Taking two steps back shows complete confidence. We don’t want to take two steps back then change our mind and call a forward pass last step as well.

Don’T forget to score the card after you’ve awarded the touchdown 82 here for meg she’ll wrap around go Applause about the old big who’s talking about old days it’s today, okay, that covers off the touchdown procedure. Remember the four steps good school line positioning check to see. If a touch was claimed, check, left and right for support before awarding the touchdown now, the only other thing we haven’t covered off is how the escalation process works, especially for major offences like a phantom touch.