Cj Holmes sat down with mr. Trebek and he has more good morning. Tj straight. Did you know when he first started? He insisted they. They announced him as the host of Jeopardy and not the star. He says the contestants are the stars. Did you know when he was a kid he once wanted to leave military school because he didn’t want them to cut his luxurious hair. These are just a couple of tidbits, both great and small, we’re learning about Trebek and a new memoir a book. He never thought. He’D write it’s the best kind of reality television. I feel people watch it and if they come up with one or two correct responses in that half hour, I feel pretty good about themselves. Six days champion with 103000 Raiders new one day record after 36 years coming into our living rooms, you think you’d know a guy, but Alex Trebek has plenty left to reveal. Why now do you feel like you, do have something to offer and it’s time to write it down, because I want to be in control of my own story out there. The longtime jeopardy host is showing fans aside, they haven’t seen in his new memoir. The answer is reflections on my life: a decent amount of profanity in there so Alex Trebek, curse, nurses, yeah kind of a lot yeah I curse more than I think I do. You talk a lot about the hair in the book.

This is not me and as long as I’m on chemotherapy, this will always be here when I’m in public and that’s fine.

If I were no longer hosting the program, I would not be wearing the hairpiece Trebek diagnosed. With stage 4 pancreatic cancer last year wrote the entire book in quarantine in his California home, where he’s been since the pandemic began. A cavalier attitude towards this pandemic on the part of our young people, especially we’ve, lost over a hundred and thirty thousand people and the young people, just hey. If you don’t want to catch it, don’t don’t go out, you know. Huh kind of an attitude is that there isn’t enough caring out there as far as I’m concerned, no doubt on Trebek’s mine, jeopardy. The game show he’s helmed, the past 36 seasons and Counting it’s. A TV show but it’s feel good television. You will never walk away from this, no Ali, I think mo. Well. Maybe I misrepresent myself when I say I will walk away. Maybe I will crawl away so, but still as long as you can do the job you can’t find a reason you would ever want to stop correct the job. You are absolutely right. So therefore, you’re, never gon na walk away from this show or draw you’re an argumentative son of a gun. I’Ve had you up to here. Is there a host in training? Do you have an apprentice? Is there anyone you’re getting ready for the roll down the road? I have no say whatsoever in who will replace me when my days as the host of Jeopardy and but if he could choose a replacement, I joke with the audience – and I say Betty White it’s good call because they want somebody younger yeah somebody funnier.

She checks all checks, all those boxes, Betty and I have been friends for a long, long time put into terms what these fans mean to you, fans of the show they are the most important elements in my life outside of my family and friends, I can’t help, But be touched by what they have to say and by what I mean to them and it’s humbling it’s nice to be humbled. Alright, continuing with my theme of being an argumentative son of a gun, he would leave the show guys if he says his talents. His ability to do it starts to diminish and he says he’s seen some of that, but he’s hard on himself and he goes back and look at the tape and everybody agrees his talents. He can do the job he’s, not going anywhere guys, walking or crawling away from that show, but the new memoir. The answer is reflections on my life is out today. Can I wait to check it out TJ great job? By the way, you shall forever be known as an argumentative son of a there GMA fans Robin Roberts. Here, thanks for checking out our YouTube channel lots of great stuff here so go on click.