This is an absolute shock. I learned this actually from one of my colleagues who to uh found out from people magazine um. This is a very i am so saddened by this i’m, going to be very honest with you guys right now, we’re just filming he’s passed away today at the age of 88 uh legendary tv host for many tv shows, including, of course, for a very long time Of course, back in the days with kathy z, gifford and, of course, some then um, of course, some with uh now um, of course, kelly ripa um. He was a host on that show with uh live with regis and kelly uh man, a legendary host or who wants to be a millionaire, and you know i remember those days watching regis, you know live at kelly and regis and kelly um, along with, of course, Um, you know who wants to be a millionaire on primetime television on abc back in the day, and i remember those days watching him and he it it’s absolutely a loss. This is a huge loss for the television industry he’s up there in age, age 88, which i didn’t even honestly realize by the look of his age. Don’T, get me wrong, but look at this age, i thought he looked younger than 88.

it’s. Just i am so shocked by this. This is a sad day indeed for everybody who knew him personally. Those who watched him on television and absolutely unbelievable loss – and we want to take a few moments.

Just remember regis filming, is, is an absolutely stunning loss. In my personal opinion, absolutely one of the deepest losses i i’m, you know i mean we have one. I have one of those once a year where i why you know see these people on tv or hear them. You know music related where it just hits me, and it hit me today hearing about this news, and i cannot believe this news at all. Still, i am still in the state of shock right now over this, and i know a lot of people are too so this was first reported by people magazine um just a little while ago, i would say about 25 minutes ago. I first learned of this right before i was literally about to, by the way take a shower i found out about this and right before i was going to go out of the studios as right. Now i am actually on my way to the train station. To of course, head to brooklyn to meet up with kevin from anti apology for our previously scheduled event tonight, which you guys all have heard about which i’m not going to get into again but um. You know there was no way in any way, shape or form.

I was going to be able to get this up before i left the studio, so i figured i’ll just do this and then hopefully i can get this out before i get back to the studios tonight so anyway um.

So this is from people magazine, here’s regis. You know we’re gon na miss. You me just we’re really gon na miss you, but the legacy um continues on with his legacy. Remember that too so regis philman passed away beloved star. At the age of 88., the longtime television host died. Today, people met uh people magazine, confirmed uh. This was from a family exclusive statement from the family of regis fillman that up they shared with people magazine saying that basically saying the longtime television host passed it. We are deeply saddened to share that beloved regis film and passed away last night of natural causes one month shy of his 89th birthday. He was going to be 89 next month, so wow wow, so this was um, of course, shared with people magazine from his family. His family and friends are forever grateful for the time that we got to spend with him for his warmth, his legacy, legendary sense of humor and his singular ability to make every day into something worth talking about. We thank his fans he and admirers for their incredible support over his 60 year career and as for privacy as we mourn his loss. The film and family said in 1988 filming began his iconic career as the host of live with regis and kathy lee, alongside, of course kathy lee gifford.

After 15 years, gifford left the abc show, but the pair remained closed after her departure, so there’s regis and kathy lee um, when they were, of course, part of the show back in the 1908 and late 1980s in 2001, the franchise became live with regis and kelly.

Co starring kelly ripa before, of course, regis filming left in 2011 after 23 years on air. He was replaced by former football player. Of course, new york giants player, uh um, michael strahan, who later departed for good morning. America was replaced by ryan seacrest in 2017, who still is with uh kelly reports to this day, um philman also served as the original host of the wildly popular game show who wants to be an alien from 1999 to 2002 and i’m gon na be honest, that’s. How i knew regis filming that’s, how i heard of his name from watching who wants to be a millionaire back in the early 2000s? I remember that watching him a lot on the abc back in the day when he was on who won civilian military as the original host – and you know, that’s another shocking loss right there. You know we once a million millionaire, even though it’s not on air as much now um, but it is, you know, that’s how i remember regis filming from who wants to be a millionaire in addition to new york, city’s native hosting critics include million dollar password. The first season of america, scott’s talent, as well as a reoccurring, co host on rachel ray so there’s regis regis on who wants to be a millionaire right there, there’s regis, so he was born on august 25th of 1931.

Stillman was raised in the bronx and graduated from cardinal hughes high school in 1949, before an attendant in the university of notre dame where he earned a suspicion degree in 1953, after serving in the navy film and began his career in show business as a writer.

He made his way in from the camera in 1990. 1961. I’M. Sorry with a local talk show in san diego called the film regis filming show. Then in 1967 he became widely known as joey. Bishop sidekick on the joey’s bishop show after a string of local talk, shows, including am los angeles and remit. Filming saturday night in st louis, he moved to new york in 1983 to host a morning show which was renamed three years later as live with regis and kathy lee philman’s um, i apologize um filmish, ologist um include daytime any awards or outstanding talk, show host for Live in 2001 and 2011, as well as outstanding game, show host for who wants to be a millionaire. He also received a hollywood walk of fame in 2003 and, like my cheat lifetime, achievement award fourteen time emmy awards in 2008. Throughout his career fieldman had various health issues. He underwent and lost his seat in 1993, followed by a triple bypass surgery due to ledge in his arteries in march of 2007. In december 2009, the television personality had his hip replaced. Fillman, who was married twice is survived by daughters, jj fillman and joanna phillman, whom he’s shared with his wife of 50 years joy fillman.

He was also father to daughter, amy pillin, whom he’s shared with his first wife catherine flynn, fillman and flint had another child son. Um daniel fillman, who died back in 2014., so again, very sad news this afternoon to report um first report by people magazine legendary television host um, regis philman, passed away this afternoon at the age of 88, a very shocking loss uh he passed away of natural causes, Um and was a legendary host of who the original host of who wants to be a millionaire, of course, alongside with live with kelly and uh kathy lee and, of course, uh sorry, regis and kathy lee sorry, regis and kathy lee.

My apology and regis and kelly uh very sad news and um. You know it is very sad to hear this. I am still very shocked by this, and you know thoughts are with the region of the uh, film and family right now during this uh difficult time. We had another loss today, the co founder of the um fleetwood mac passed away. Today i forget his name off the top of my head and i apologize that’s, another big one, that’s another loss for those classic rock fans out there too today.