I would consider him a hollywood icon. He was somebody he was a host of uh, who wants to be a millionaire and he is uh, obviously somebody that that is gone, but uh it’s going to be sadly missed. He died at the age of uh. I believe he was 88 uh when he when he passed, and i don’t have a time of birth for him. So i had to improvise once again: do a solar, slash, sunrise, uh chart i based it on astro.com and astro.com did not have a time for him and uh. So i did the solar sunrise chart in which i put the sun at the same point, her position as the ascendant now regis philbin uh was born on august 25th. 1931. He has sun and virgo. The solar sunrise time puts his son at one degree virgo and his moon at zero degrees, uh, six, zero degrees, aquarius and his moon is either in capricorn or aquarius, depending on the actual uh birth time now, uh something i’m going to talk about some natal um Nail placements and some transits that might have contributed to this now from one source i saw online, he died of uh reported when he die just of natural causes, so we’re just talking about just general. You know just older older age. I mean thing that uh, that i noticed is that uh one thing that stands out is that transit pluto was not far from his natal saturn at the time, and saturn can be about older, older age.

The death was associated with that, at least according to one uh report. Now something uh, something i notice is that he has in his chart. He has a uh call, looks like a uh. He’S got a cardinal uh grand cross in his chart, which consists of pluto and cancer mars and libra uranus and aries and saturn and capricorn. Now, when you have a transit that can that hits that hits a point or at least opposes one pointer, makes an aspect to one of these, at least one of these points i would say that could activate at least some of this. You know this energy and you’re talking about transit pluto is making an opposition to his nato pluto pluto being involved in this pluto, of course, is the planet that is uh associated uh with death. Now another thing um and when you have any transits like this uh a lot of times, significant events, uh can happen uh at this time now, transit pluto is not um is making an opposition, or at least a loose one to his natal pluto, but it doesn’t Uh it doesn’t square the mars or uranus, because the orb is much too it’s going to be too wide for it, but it does at least make a little bit of a loose opposition to his natal uh pluto, and i do think this could have played some Role in in his death now the fact that transit pluto is by his natal saturn, certainly could have played uh, obviously been prominent.

In this sense he did die apparently of natural causes and natural causes you’re. Basically, looking at just the older timing and you’re talking about just general, wear and tear deterioration of the body etc, and neither the body there’s certain you know time when when it just things just are gon na stop, you know basically stop operating or stop working uh. Naturally – and one thing i noticed uh looking at his um, his natal short he’s got a sun conjunct neptune, so it makes me wonder if he may have had some issues. I don’t know if he did or not, but the sun does is connected with the the body in astrology. Yes, the ascendant is what dominates the physical appearance in the physical body and often health related issues, but the sun can play a role in the physical body as well. The fact that neptune is conjunct, his son, makes you wonder if he may have had some issues that were neptune related, that it could be associated uh with the lymphatic system, the feet or the toes uh. Perhaps, and or it could even be an accidental chemical assimilation and also to neptune, is dissolving dissipating energy, so it’s an indicator. Somebody has neptune on their sun, that it’s a gradual, dissolving and dissipating of the energy of the vitality of life and and when he died. So many did die of natural causes, that’s what that reflects as well. I believe in this case and how it may have manifested in his uh passing now.

Another thing is, neptune is also one of the eighth house rulers in his chin in his chart, so it’s and that’s conjunct, the sun, so it’s not surprising that his death was something that would be put into uh into the spotlight now. He also, i noticed too he’s got uh venus in leo conjunct, his son, as well now not talking about as far as any anything associated with with his death. But as far as his life it’s, not surprising, i mean venus and leo obviously can by itself and make money through the entertainment field and it’s very gregarious energy and the um in enjoyment of extroversion and gregarious. Is this the fact that the sun is there it’s not surprising that he was um, that this really shine that light on this, so to speak and the fact he was able to really, i should say shine in that in a money making field that was associated With uh with entertainment, now another thing: i’m, looking at uh, looking at his chart now you’re looking at uh, some other things too, he has uh in his natal chart. I should say in the solar sunrise chart at this time: he did have transit, uh mars, hitting um hitting his eighth house and and also uh conjunct, his uh. It looks like it’s conjunct, his natal uranus at least a loose uh a loose. Well, i should say a loose conjunction uh to it at this time.

Uh mars, you know, you know really, when it’s involved in transit with uranus it’s, making a contact with it. It can be something unanticipated of a physical nature. It may be, i mean uranus in the eighth house by itself can indicate a death that comes very spontaneously very shockingly unexpectedly. I don’t really see that in this case, though, because when you’re 88 years old, you know you’re at a point in your life, where you can go uh virtually at any time now, pluto and cancer he has in his nail show. I know that’s uh that’s generational, but that is uh. The whole cancer does ruba home pluto is associated with death, so it wouldn’t be surprising to me if he actually did die uh in his home now. Another thing as well when i’m, when i’m. Looking at this i’m just saying, if there’s anything else, that may have pointed to uh to him actually as far as the matter manner in which he died, you’re looking at well the fourth house at the uh, the end or latter part of life, he has scorpio Uh on that and uh – and he also has the ruler of that of fourth house in the second house now, the second house in astrology can correspond with the zodiac sign tours. So it shows me that the end of life may have been actually very peaceful and tranquil for him now uh another thing that i’m i’m noticing i’m looking at in his chart.

Now he also had transit, uh neptune, making uh an opposition to his natal uh mercury. Uh now the thing about it is this comes with older age anyway, but it tells me that there might have been some dissolving as far as as the thinking goes to some degree. Mercury is mercury in virgo, natalie, mercury and virgo nailing can be, can have. I mean his mind may have really been tells me, was really punctualized with details. Uh very analytical able to see you know very, very minor things, uh very organized, but when you have transit neptune, making an opposition to it that can sometimes cloud the memory a little bit the judgment uh to some degree. The thinking can be a little bit fuzzy. A little bit more nebulous and unclear, so it wouldn’t surprise me if that was actually transpiring at this time when he uh when he passed sadly now uh another thing that i’m noticing too i’m. Looking at his uh looking at his chart, okay he’s got the north node in aries in the eighth house that would put the south node in libra now the moon. At this time. The transit moon was moving away, of course, or at least conjunct, the south node, and when you’re talking about the south node i mean when the moon is hitting the south node in astrology. In some cases, when you have this involved, when you’re talking about the south, node in astrology can be about what we’re going away from, and when you have the moon involved in transit, we can look at it as the soul.

Some may see it as the spirit, but what it is is it can signify sometimes where, where that spirit or soul, whatever you want to uh perceive it is moving, is it could be moving away? The fact that it’s in libra are very peacefully again not to be overly redundant with this, but his uh passing was apparently, it was due to uh natural causes was due, and just i mean 88 years old and safe to surmise that it was attributed to older Uh age and really there’s not much more, really wanted to uh know that i can add to it than this uh again it’s, just terrible um. You know talk about people passing at least you know with him. It was uh. He. He lived a very good life. A very long life as far as his longevity goes obviously lived a lot longer than a lot of people um than a lot of other people. Uh i mean the average age i mean for a male. You, and you know, american you know, might be like 78, 79, i’m, not really sure 100, but he definitely lived considerably longer than what the average uh american male lives. So uh. The thing is: uh it’s, just uh again it’s, just terrible that he had a you know. Everyone has to go at some time, it’s a shame that it did that this. This did uh transpire with him, but we all have to go of course, at some point.

In time and grace of god that he did live, you know very a very long life and i’m sure uh, based on what it is very uh, very prosperous, as well so um. So anyway, people that’ll, conclude uh.