Everybody welcome to coach allen, presents today’s topic, regis philbin, making people’s day we’ll get to that, but first coffee, nice ethiopian, just beautiful nothing like that. First cup of coffee of the day on a sunday morning, oh it’s, heaven in your arms it’s, the sweetness of your charms, makes me love you more each day in your arms i want to stay. Heaven must have sent you bonnie pointer 19, that hit number 11 on billboard’s. Top 100 came out in june of 1979 and finished the year at number 43.. Heaven must have sent you bonnie, pointer, 1979 regis philbin passes away yesterday. What a terrific guy made people happy brought joy into their lives. Everybody loved him adored him had his morning. Talk show with kathy lee for years a staple on tv. Then he was giving out money who wants to how to be a millionaire or that millionaire show that he used to do always a lot of fun, always a big smile. The great voice, upbeat positive tremendous sense of human humor. Make people laugh just a joy. You know it’s a celebrating, really celebrated life, just a staple of happiness, regis we’re, gon na miss you but you’ll forever be in our hearts and our minds. Thank you. Thank you. Regis you’ve been a huge plus and a role model really when you think about it. How do people feel when they interact with you think about it? Do you bring joy into the lives of others? You make people smile.

Do you leave a positive impression kinda like what regis did that’s the direction you want to go. Every interaction leave it on a positive note, make people feel better about themselves or just happier that they’ve come in contact with you. You hope you have that power. You have the control to do that. Don’T want to be one that’s, complaining, always a sour puss. A drain, an emotional vampire somebody who makes others uneasy. You have that power. Do your best to make people’s happy make their day. You can do it. I got faith in you if you haven’t been doing it it off now’s the time to start every day is a new day chance to rewrite or write a new script.