Sorry, you can barely see me there um. So today is saturday july 25th, 2020 and it’s breaking news right now. Um television host, regis philbin just passed um and you know it’s. Just the things that we we are seeing this year: yes, he was ada um, but i just wanted to come here and do a quick video again, because i was just having lunch with my sister and we were talking about how we plan life. Sometimes we as human beings – we say you know, but this year, we’re gon na be doing this, and but this month we’re gon na be doing that and once i get that job i’m gon na be doing the other. And, at the end of the day like we have no control over our lives, um, so it’s really um. That goes to show you that you really just don’t know when you’re you’re gon na meet jesus face to face, and you know and that’s how life is and that’s in the bible too that’s. Why the bible emphasizes so much um about worrying and being concerned about even what you’re going to eat, how you’re going to dress and all of that, so that just goes to show you i mean when we were celebrating the new year in this. You know this january. We never expected this year to be like this um, even like late january.

We, you know every we thought everything was going according to plan um.

It was just another year and then we got hit with the corona buyers, crisis and everything else that has come after that. So i just wanted to do a quick reminder today, saru that you like to rephrase that you know seeing regis feel been passing and seeing how much he had accomplished in this life and seeing maybe a lot of words he got. You know he was very famous um. I used to like him a lot on that show millionaire and i know he did. Um live with regis and all of that, and but i remember him most watching the millionaire show when i was in college and because it was like about that that year, 2000 2001 that it started um. So i will always remember that, but at the end of the day, guys to be honest, everybody’s going to say how you know everybody when somebody dies, the first thing people say is like how great of a person they they are um rest in peace and that’s. Just us for our comfort, like, i think we as human beings. We say that just to comfort, our own selves um, to believe and hope that everything is to be um, that they’re in a better place right, that’s what they say. Oh, if he was sick, which i’m not sure i know he went through surgery in 2010 and all of that, but as like, i said, i’m, not sure, but a lot of us as human beings.

We say things because of course, nobody’s gon na walk around and say you know. Maybe he didn’t go to heaven or whatever and at the end you know it’s not really for us to know i’m just here to do a reminder that at the end of the life, no matter how much you accomplish you’re on on this earth to be a Hundred percent truth you’re, not gon na bring the words to heaven. You’Re, not gon, na bring an enemy you’re, not gon na bring an ask or whatever um well it’s. Gon na matter is the relationship that you had with jesus christ here on earth and, if you ask for forgiveness of your sins, if you turn your life around, if you serve god’s people, if you share the gospel jesus christ, but the most, if you accepted um, Salvation through jesus and that you know he’s another example the same thing with kobe bryant. You know here on earth, he’s so lifted and he’s such a hero according to our own judgment and our own um standards. But at the end of the day, what matters most about life, if you think about it like we’re, not even all we don’t even own our own time, everything belongs to god. Everything belongs to god. So you know. Do you use everything to share the gospel? Do you have a personal relationship with jesus that’s what’s going to matter most at the end i wish for his family peace and that they find comfort in jesus christ, because that’s, really, where you find the peace that passes all understanding and for anybody watching this video.

You know that’s just another reminder everything that’s been happening. Every crazy thing, that’s been happening this year, that’s just going to shows you that, at the end of the day, we don’t even own our own time. So we just have jesus and we just got to get closer to him all every day and just get closer and prayer and ask for forgiveness and not keep um resentment inside of us and just keep on living and loving god’s people.