I know for a fact that the theory of evolution is a bold faced lie, although it was brought on by um. You know the scientists tried to determine everything naturalistically they said well, there has to be a natural explanation for everything because we’re atheists and they ultimately led them all to wrong conclusions about everything, as it always does. Uh, particularly, you know, rubidium, strontium and argon dating and all the uh the uranium dating methods that that they try to calculate the amount of lead left behind inside of zircon crystals and inside of rocks. They’Ll. Take a rock a chunk of a rock out of a rock pound it to rubble, count the amount of lead in there versus the amount of uranium in there and then do the math and say there must be this much led to that. Much uranium, which means it’s this old, because we know how long it takes for this uranium to turn into lead, but there’s. A major problem with that, and that is that, when rocks, are very hot and uranium splits its atoms and it shoots it extremely hot rocks. Will shoot it even further out and so you’ll get a greater dispersion in extremely hot rocks and you will and moderately hot rocks and also hot water flowing through the rock uh molten rock state will displace the lead within the zircon crystals and has actually pushed lead Out of crystals and pushed lead into other crystals, and you have the story in the bible and as we now know, the earth was formed covered in water.

Mainstream science will tell you that the earth was formed covered in water it’s. Just a fact, you don’t hear about it much because they’re not trying to push the biblical worldview on you at all in any way at all, but the world was formed covered in the water that’s on it. Right now, just like the bible says that the spirit of god hovered over the face of the waters – and you would think you know we went full circle – they used to tell us the earth. Was this hot molten blob that cooled down over billions of years. Millions of years, and now they’re like no all the water, was on the earth when the earth was formed because you look at all the planets around us and none of them have water and we’re like covered in water. Like 70 of the planet, is water uh? So it and then the funniest part about it is water, is a byproduct of radioactive decay. When you get the h, the two hydrogen atoms and the oxygen or i’m, sorry that hydrogen and the two oxygen atoms, hydrogen is byproduct of radioactive decay and so is oxygen. And so god started with daughter elements of radioactive decay when he made the earth, which means there could have been a ton of lead in the earth when he made it. To begin with, we want to think everything fresh, new brand new, like starting from the the most basic element and god’s like no, i i confound the wisdom of the supposed wise people and i make fools out of everybody.

You know he up ends everything he’s like no. I made it with daughter elements already there like like there. How do you like me now and then we look and we’re like yeah? Oh, it was made covered in water. Uh. New science confirms this, but back to regis, philbin dying of natural causes, that’s. What i want to get to here. We are deeply saddened to share that. Our beloved regis philbin, passed away last night of natural causes one month shy of his 89th birthday. Now, what are natural causes? What is natural causes he didn’t get ran over by a truck he wasn’t predated by survival of the fittest. Uh the natural causes that regis philbin died of is the breakdown of his genetic code. Because, as you live throughout your life, you accrue genetic mutations and as they build up and build up and build up and build up inside of you see the longer you live. The more genetic mutations you’re going to get from solar radiation and everything else, and eventually your genetic entropy, gets to the point to where your liver stops working or you get cancer or there’s something wrong with you and you break down, and you cease to be able To function as a living organism and you die that’s natural causes that’s. Truly. What natural causes is genetic entropy through mutation accruing over time, so we have little critters that will live for hundreds of years. We have things that will literally we.

Actually. We have like spores that can live for like a thousand years. We we have things that that just like what is that little the sea monkey or is that what it is the sea monkey there’s little critters that can live in outer space, not to see monkeys not to see lucky i’m. Sorry they. I think they call them. Like little bears or something anyways, there are little microorganisms that are like impervious to everything. Uh cockroaches can survive atomic bombs um. So why hasn’t everything evolved into such a state of survivability? Why haven’t? We actually it like, like it, doesn’t, even make sense. If you started with a single organism, you would expect okay yeah random branch offs, and then they go ahead and they say but with, but once they they break they branch off. Now everything gets refined and it gets finely tuned by its environment as if it would have been finely tuned by its environment uh to begin with, then there would have been no branch off, there would have been predation and there would have been one living creature. That was best suited to survive in the world in all environments. Maybe a few speciations within that kind, but everything else that could not have survived would have died off, let alone the fact that a biogenesis is virtually impossible. There’S no recipe there’s, no serum there’s, no primordial soup, there’s, no laboratory in the universe that can create life out of non living organisms.

It’S uh life from non life is a is a non issue and they’ve actually tried to redefine what life is to try to say that, like chemical reactions, that’s a form of life, oh just to like segue into their theology and their ideology, without like bypassing completely The factual evidence that dna, which wraps around uh proteins, which is required by dna to not drift off and to have a a cellular wall, whether it’s, plant or or otherwise, there’s always the need for proteins and proteins, can only come into existence by rna. Transcribing dna making a protein out of the information encoded in the dna, then you have epigenetics, which folds dna to make different types of proteins out of the same line of dna in a process of adaptation without actually changing the dna at all. So you have this front loaded and back loaded information that that basically, the theory of evolution is a joke. We found australopithecus about two months ago, maybe three months ago, uh the australopithecus lucy, the supposed ancestor was found with a homo erectus, a full blown human being. They called homo erectus to try to make it seem like a different species or different kind of animal it’s, a full blown human being in the same rock layer in the same location. So they found lucy with a full blown human being in the same place. At the same time, which means you didn’t evolve from lucy, we were already humans, we’ve always been humans.

Lucy had ape like monkey fingers and and feet had the thumb feet was designed to swing around in trees. It was a monkey as a variety of monkey that branched off in other varieties of monkeys that we see today, but they’re, all still of the monkey family, they’re, all still or chimp, or whatever they’re, all still of the same family. The same way we see like trout and salmon and all these different salmonids they’re, all derived from the same general type of creature uh. They just were able to specie out through the balkanization of their genetics as it went abroad throughout the world and was separated from its other tribes, men and as mutations accrued and predation occurred, you ended up with a select variety of the kind. Just like you see, african people are really dark and irish people, like me, have red, hair or fair skin, and you have all the different varieties of the human kind we’re all the human race, but we all look different, and so yes, things do adapt and things Do speciate and things do sort of change and branch off through the vulcanization of their genetics geographically, but i just want to point out: regis philbin died, it’s pretty big deal. He was a kind of an icon and staple in american television. I remember as a kid growing up, everybody used to watch them, my mother and so on, uh, but he died of natural causes. I just want you to know.

The natural causes was genetic entropy when you’re, when you’re, i didn’t even look i’m sure it’s right out there it’s going to say how he died. I didn’t even look it up, but i can tell you exactly how he died. It was through genetic entropy, which is proof positive, that the theory of evolution is a boldface lie because, as the generations go on, you will actually pass on genetic mutations and genetic mutations are supposed to be the life breath the the life giving force to the creative Force of the theory of evolution and all it leads to is cancer, and oh, this function doesn’t work, you know now you know you’re you’re, you’re intolerant to this and you you can’t deal with that and you have all these allergies and you have this deficiency genetically It’S not getting better. If your kid came out with three arms, you wouldn’t be like oh praise evolution. My child is a part of the waste product of the you know: randomized stupidity of our our godless existence like now it’s genetic entropy. I just wanted to point that out. Uh make you think about some things and how we’re all gon na die and we shouldn’t sit around and let a bunch of libtard um woke tarred marxist communist uh, socialist atheists, god hating losers trampled down the most powerful and god fearing country that has ever existed. We were built on a judeo christian foundation. When we came to this country.

We met squanto, who was an english speaking native american, who was a christian believed in the holy bible and had been around the world and spoke english, okay, and they brought us to his colony, his his tribe, and they were all dead. They were all gone. It was completely abandoned where he lived and there was a ton of food and a bunch of places uh, you know, shelters and everything, and because of squanto the indian that we met america was established, we were able to survive. He showed us how to live off. The land it was, it was providence, it was god’s, divine providence over. You know the pilgrims coming there banging the holy bible bringing christian theology. Yes, a lot of indians were killed. Yes, a lot of black people were killed. Yes, a lot of democrats created the ku, klux klan and yes, a lot of people had a lot of stupid ideas and yes, they’re trying to rewrite history and make everybody out to be a demon in the eyes of the social justice warriors. But in reality you know what god’s in control of everything god knew hitler was going to exist. The moment he created heaven and earth. In fact he made hitler exist. He formed him in his mother’s womb and he named him before he was even born. He knew your name before you were born and he knew exactly what you were going to do: it’s by god’s election alone, that you are chosen by god to be brought into spiritual life um and there are those that are left behind by god.

So you know i i can’t blame you for being a stupid, brainwashed idiot that watches cnn, because it was ultimately god’s plan to have a bunch of scumbags at this point in time in particular, to do what you’re going to do and for us to stand up For truth and righteousness and what’s right and be mocked and put tried to put the shame by you and persecuted by you and great will our reward in heaven be for that because we’re christians and we believe in jesus christ that he is the living god manifested In the flesh, because in the beginning was the word – and the word was with god – and the word was god, and the word became flesh and dwelt among us and when christ says lord lord, our father, why have you forsaken me he’s, quoting psalm 22, one of The psalms that king david wrote that slate goliath so that people would remember the song that they would sing uh on their saturday. Uh worship, not a seventh day adventist by the way, but that’s the day that the jews used to celebrate the sabbath. But now we celebrate the day of the lord that christ rose, which is a christian practice um, but uh jesus was god, jesus is god and uh we’re all gon na die and we’re all gon na stand before our creator someday. So just figured i’d mention. You know this, this important information that you’re not gon na hear in school i’m, going to hear it on the news.