What no? No you own, a grace, just she’s got a big break, just what the hell is that just got her big break. Well, i was close. What do you want hi? Can i help you guess who i am? Oh, my god it’s just hawaiian it’s regis philbin dressed like shrek, how you doing buddy biggest mistake. I ever made two and a half hours sitting across the street, putting this stuff up another two hours waiting in the green room, while you’re staring at beyonce’s earrings yeah. You look like a big big mistake. You look like buddy hackett after a bad clam. Laughter Applause, honest to god, i’m sitting there and i’m saying dave – is right across the street he’ll enjoy. Are you playing with my horn get out of there? Why? Why are you doing this because i thought you’d enjoy it? Well, i am enjoying it no yeah. I don’t think so why don’t you and i get a couple of whores. You know regis would probably say no, but shrek is ready. Yeah i can tell shrek is ready all right. Well, i just went on the combined side. I haven’t seen it. You know who was here the other night, what uh what’s her name kelly lee kelly, ripa yeah? She was here. I like her she’s, very nice, yeah you’re, like everybody don’t you, no, not really. What a fuss you make over beyonce ten grammys.

Did you see the beautiful face, what a sweet lovely face so what a great teacher kept staring at her earrings yeah anyway? How do i look tell me? Oh you, look fine we’re doing on our show, see what i mean.

Why bother? I i thought my idea. Let me go over and visit with dave. You like this yeah all right. You just came over for the free coffee, we’re doing a weaker show. This broadway show so anyway. Here i am all right: i’m going to go home now all right! Look! Regis! Philbin! Ladies and gentlemen, i’ll see you thank you. Thank you. So much Music we just quit pulling, i didn’t say, go yet. Okay, all right ready go. Are you pulling down playing with you, Applause, okay, hi tommy, come on in wait a minute? No, no just a minute! No ready what is this, what is this? How many people are you gon na get here now my cardinal haze kid right here come on: okay, what’s, your name, pal, ryan, okay, ready go! Come on all right, Music thanks a lot for this carpeting great Music idea. I want you to know just one arm: okay, go ready, go Music Applause, foreign Applause, he’s gon na come on the line, read a question four possible answers. One of them is the right answer and uh. The next voice you hear will be john’s. John you’ve got 30 seconds starts right now: uh hi dad hi um.

I don’t really need your help, but i just wanted to let you know that i’m going to win the million dollars uh, because the u.s president appeared on lafayette as richard nixon that’s. My final answer: well, my gosh.

What can i say except debbie, you’re going to paris – and this is the final answer heard all around the world – he’s won a million dollars there. It is my man.