You got to know and the regis philbin you remember. Well, you know we just came to new york and i think 1983. I was hosting good morning america. He took over a local talk show and then i was also hosting the walt disney uh, easter and christmas parades. So he came on with me there and we hosted those parades for years and years. I think about 10 years, but it was disney world. So we would bring our families and he enjoyed would bring his two girls jj and joanna, and whenever we were out anywhere wolf, people would always stop it because he was lovable. He was just this lovable um guy. That was approachable. He wanted to be approachable. He never ever didn’t have enough time for someone. He would stop them asking where they were from. He was, and i got ta tell you he was so spontaneous people would ask me what’s. He, like and i’d say just say, hi to him and you’ll see because he was exactly the same off here as he was on the air, which was totally spontaneous and unedited. I mean – and he was just this consummate performer – that always wanted to be on for everyone yeah. I met him a few times and it’s absolutely true. What you saw on television was exactly what you saw in real life face to face.

Uh. You worked with him, as you pointed out, on a professional basis.

So what was he like to work with? You know he wasn’t the kind that you said all right. We need you to be on you’re gon na be on for 20 minutes. He wouldn’t say where’s. The script he would just say, where’s the camera i mean he and kathy lee did that show live every single day. The first 20 minutes of the show was unscripted, no writers, like everybody at home. Imagine waking up and you know you’re going to go on 20 minutes to just talk and he was this kind of guy. He was so spontaneous and and funny and he also liked to poke fun. I mean he did shows with don rickles over the years. But when don rickles would poke fun, you weren’t sure you should laugh, but reed was a class act and he was kind and he had a big heart and he would poke in a way that he kind of gave the viewer permission. It was okay to laugh enjoy. His wife was like such a good sport, because sometimes it would be about going out to dinner the night before and they didn’t give them the best seat in the house or or a little squabble you might have had with joey joy and joy. Just you know was always 100 supportive, but you know i think about when i was in disney world with them all those times.

I don’t know how many times and i would have my little girls when they were little then they’re in their 30s.

Now she could almost start conversations with them. Where did you go today? What to do? You know – and i talked to my daughter, lindsay just a little while ago, she’s now in her 30s – and she said you know mom you work with so many big stars, but regis was different, like if i ran into regis in the street, we’d be like running Into an uncle like we’d, stop and embrace and and talk about, you know, catch each other up, that’s the kind of guy he was. He just had this incredible big personality, but at the same time he was like every man’s man he wasn’t just entertaining for the people. He was kind of always wanted to be of the people, so he was a pleasure, but also sometimes hard to work with only because you didn’t know what was coming next yeah. He was everyone who watched him on television loved him, and i must say everyone who worked with him loved him as well joan.