They go out to uh to lunch and it’s, always uh it’s, always it’s a zoo, all right, that’s, the only way to put it so they went yesterday to the carnegie deli, and this is what happened. I want to know your fame. The concierge at the desk said there’s a gray head guy. Looking for you, you build up, and why are you dressed up you make me? Look bad well. I’Ll, take the jacket off you’re, usually in a jacket, but this is very cute with the little with makeup. They look cute for nothing. Thank you all right here, you are in new york huh. This is it baby, we’re gon na go to carnegie delhi. We got ta chow down, it’s gon na be great nobody alive on the wall. They’Re all dead. Look at this it’s, a memorial in a synagogue, Music. The hockey puck is right there that’s right, i am right, but what you’re doing yeah there you go. Yeah lewis is in a state hospital. Now he found out who he was Music Applause. God bless you, god bless you too. So what is i’m married now, but the wife isn’t? Well, maybe we can work something out. You know with your pad and pencil to go to the moment.

I make a lot of money with this. I know i don’t know not too much look where i wound up. I know what’s the bigger most ordered thing on the menu pastrami or corned beef lenses pancakes i could name all of them.

Is that corned beef lean i’ll get your first cup. Will you very hey, should i have a corned beef on what on rye, always on one beef on ride that’s? All i want yeah, you know what you can do for me. Can you give me uh one egg and and uh and two egg whites one egg? One whole egg and two egg whites and an omelette. Yes, an apple egg, one one egg, with two egg whites added and making an omelette well done with a little mushroom, a little scallion. Okay, sorry we’re gon na work it out i’m, going to betty ford Music. This is, this is great. This is what happened on the table table is driving his crate it’s the same thing on the titanic. Do we have a spoon to put onto the tape Music Applause Music leave it alone. Have it at 59th street ring the bell ring. The bell 59th street don’t touch the dogs. Are you ready for our show together? I can’t believe that i’m working with an unknown like you, but thank god, thank god, kathy lee and regis will. But every morning like clockwork, i get up to shut the it off. It on and i run to shut it off.

I watch the first 15 minutes and then, when you bring on somebody from days of our lives, i came home for passover. Somebody like that that i that i don’t know that’s gilbert that’s. When i go into a calling, but i know that’s ratings and what gilman books, those guests, you know – and you know what’s so amazing what you act interested in everybody you talk to and then you call me on the phone and say what a boring morning look At this pickles and your egg whites, thank you very much.

Woman is treating you like a queen. I can’t wait right now. Look at that! Oh now, god, here we are at the end of the century, the end of the 20th century. I got one more piece. Well, how are you going to spend your new year’s resolution? Well, i got very lucky. I said i wouldn’t work, except for one place was las vegas and sure enough. The desert inn hired me for the millennium. Where are you gon na, be i haven’t just take your time, it’s, not a test. When you hit a bell go to history, i haven’t decided i’m waiting for the call, okay, wrap that up and i’ll finish it tonight. Yeah i’ll bring it to kathy tomorrow, yeah, and there are some crumbs over here. He’D like i’ve, been watching here boys, the bottom of the dish, that’s a good one. You don’t hear that too often.