Well, these are things that you could have saved and possibly could have had some income from uh 20 30 years later. This is gentleman there’s, an authority on collectibles. This is uh charles jordan, who has written this book, called what to save from the 80s a guide for collectors nice to have you here. Basically, what we’ve got here, we’re broken down into categories of collecting. You know people often say if i only had saved all of that stuff, so we’ve got some examples here, for you, personalities are really important, uh regis and remember the teddy bear yes, okay. He was back in 1980 kennedy and unfortunately, teddy didn’t make it to the presidency. So as quick as he could, is this reagan yeah the ronnie bear but uh. You know jimmy carter, walking, peanut nancy reagan, uh paper doll said that and then of course, there’s always a book that comes out every year, geraldine ferraro, these you know these type of political items really have a good track record like this, for example, is selling for About fifty dollars today, a couple years, you can see that turning around for a few hundred dollars not quickly yeah, so anything political is usually something to say news. Events are another important item. We have some buttons here that show the hostage. I was in washington when the hostage jews were released, that was uh produced at a time where uh you could pick that up for a couple of dollars.

Those have been selling for about twenty dollars. A piece no kidding unusual items – uh we’ve, got here the mount st helens uh ultimate collectible. I think these are made out of mount st helens ash volcanic yeah yeah yeah. You got a piece of the hollywood sign right there, a little beautiful. You would recommend saving these yeah. This is about as close as you can get to a collectible it’s like the statue of liberty. You know you know so yeah. This is like about 29.95 when it came out and it stopped uh being you know, produced so quickly that they’ve been selling for like 75 or so on. The market we’re talking about something that’s only been out for about two or three years. But let me ask you something: she just brought up uh something very interesting. You know all that fuel over uh the statue of liberty, yeah yeah. I can’t find any of the little mementos that you know we’ve kind of saved and picked up during that crazy it’s. Really a situation, would they be valuable? Do you think what you want to do? I think regis is really get the official invitation type of things. Oh yeah here in new york you’re in an ideal situation to get we’ve got some other personalities here real quickly. For you, the royal wedding of brook shields brook and here’s, a guy who made you know during a period of time, michael jackson’s career has gone down, so they were selling these uh outfits of disco outfits for ken for a while.

This is like whatever magazine john paul. This is a collectible you can get today. If you buy uh life magazine here in the east coast, you get it this way with paul newman. If you buy it on the west coast, you get it this way with tom cruise, so the trick is to buy two of both of them. Yeah that’s, the first time life in 50 years has done a split run and it’s covered okay, okay and then i think what it really comes down to is uh childhood is what it’s all about so batman, what’s your name, so we’ve got a lot of those Today and sometimes what’s old is people new again yeah the beatles have come back, leave it to beaver cards. We have here, you know showing uh jerry mathers during his heyday and so collectibles are really an ongoing type of thing, and you know it comes and goes and waves, but ultimately you’re. Looking at things like you know, like the life magazines there, you can pick up for about five dollars because of the unique conversation of that thing. You know that value will increase. What are some of the things right now that uh guy collectors are spending big bucks on from the 50s and 60s right now very big as the beatles as you’ve mentioned they’re? Turning up at sotheby’s and christie’s, i mean i was at a beatles convention recently and saw people in their 40s 50s 60s selling ringo wigs and you know i love george buttons and things like that.

You know if you go back to 64 and say someday. This is going to be the most important thing in the world isn’t it yeah. If it’s a fad, though – and it really represents an error – perhaps it’s. Really these are the products of our times and we are by. We are uh, you know what we produce and i think these are going to tell future generations who we are that’s the frightening part, so you must save everything. I live in a very big house, at least in storage right let’s see.