He was the most watched person in television history, and we here at channel 7, can also tell you he was the nicest regis died late last night and his longtime co host kathy lee gifford wrote. There will never be another. Sandy kinion begins our coverage tonight with a look back at this one of a kind talent. I’Ve got a show to do whether it was a talk, show a game show or just a chance to show off his trademark wit. Regis philbin was a fixture on televisions across america preach. Yes, your lips are chapped that’s right, frank, take the tight close up. All was unscripted regis, probably couldn’t have written a better life story for himself born in manhattan. Regis francis xavier philbin was named after the high school, his father attended. He grew up in the bronx and after earning a sociology degree at notre. Dame regis served in the navy where he got some sage advice from a marine major. On my last day told me: you got to go for it, you could have anything you want in this life. You just got to want it now, do you want it philbin and i got you know absolutely and i got in the car and i went up to hollywood and that’s a long story. We just eventually burst onto the national stage, as the sidekick on the joey bishop show the hottest thing on records regis philbin by the 1980s.

He was back in new york hosting his own talk, show he had various co hosts from sarah purcell to mary hart too it’s live with regis and kathy lee regis and kathy lee were television.

Gold are your hemorrhoids? Are you all right? I remember i was going through something at the time and all of a sudden reach would knock on my door and say you ready co host, you ready let’s. Do it and he’d walk me out and hold my hand and walk me out. Didn’T have to do it, but that’s what friends do for one another. Today, kathy lee wrote we spent 15 years together, bantering and bickering and laughing ourselves silly, a tradition and a friendship we shared up to this very day. I smile knowing somewhere in heaven at this very moment, he’s making someone laugh after kathy lee left the show it’s live with regis and kelly in 2001, kelly ripa took over the still beside regis and their chemistry was undeniable. We have a malfunctioning, wardrobe malfunction and it’s fun, i’m, enjoying it kelly and her current co host ryan seacrest. Today. Writing he was the ultimate class act, bringing his laughter and joy into our homes. Every day on live for more than 23 years, we were beyond lucky to have him as a mentor in our careers and aspire every day to fill his shoes on the show, regis wasn’t just a fixture on morning television. He proved he could charm prime time audiences.

As well hosting the hit game show, who wants to be a millionaire let’s play billionaire right now, as for late night, he was a frequent guest on the david letterman show, even filling in for him when he underwent bypass surgery.

Do you start from number 10 and work down to one? What do you think einstein? Applause? Excuse me. The guy calls this morning reach. Please come help. It’Ll be co. Host it’ll, be something new. Please please reach us. So how did the man who logged more hours on television than anyone else want to be remembered? I guess number one, a nice guy who uh did his best to uh, give you a few laughs and make you feel uh. Welcome to his show a lot of guys really i get the feeling don’t care, whether you like that show or not. You know i want people to enjoy what i do and understand what i’m doing is for their enjoyment and that’s.