You actually lose more body fat when you take some carbohydrates for training. Oh, is that right, because when you have more energy, then you burn fat, yeah and carbohydrates. Give you energy! Yes! What food group would that be vegetables? You only get energy, and this is very important to people to know the difference. You don’t get energy from protein or amino acids, that is for building the body yeah. When you want energy, you get it only from carbohydrates or carbohydrate drinks or fruit, vegetables, some. But many fruits, vegetables, mainly fruit, mainly fruits. They supply the carbohydrates. Yes, so what you’ve done then is uh instead of just giving you the vitamin, you actually tell everybody what it is by fat, metabolizing formula. Yes, what i did was there. I put the four vitamins together that break down fat and they are happened to be choline mm, hmm, high, inositol, lecithin and biotin. Okay and i’ll put them together in one all right now: here’s a protein absorption formula, that’s for people who don’t digest the food well and that breaks down the food when you eat hcl, it’s called hydrochloric acid, amino utilization formula, that’s, b6 and yeah. Of course, more skin milk just mix it more, you might get too strong, i’m afraid and it’s just drink that and you start training immediately to you franco.

Thank you. Not bad tasting either well, very only make the best it almost tastes like lemonade. Yes, it’s made with lemon that’s why it must taste like lemonade.

Very good franco broke himself up here i mean if this, if it’s a lemon, i don’t think it’ll taste like orange, no franco’s having a hell of a good time here tonight, all right now. What what vitamins should i take? You should actually take before training or work. You cannot take too many vitamins before training. You should take them when you eat, but before training. If you want to take anything, you take calcium, calcium, calcium is one of the things you need for training, uh huh, you don’t mind. If i break this open, do you break everything open, okay, it’s, for you to keep? How many should i take uh just take like two or three and of course we need some water with lemonade. Franco said it again, isn’t he right. Okay, i got three of these franco yeah. Let me give you something too. I want to make sure you don’t get stronger than me feel better. Already. Okay, now let’s take a a good, vigorous, workout get everybody in shape. How much would we put on the bench whatever you want? What would you like one thing i would like to mention while you’re training is people should start light? Okay, you do the breathing and i do the training, and now you do the training i do the breathing okay, i think you drank too much lemonade feel good.

Feel good pop franco up yeah go ahead, you got it. Franco just push it down.

You mean my carbohydrate makes you scream. Ah there we go wow that’s kind of heavy. Frankly, okay to the dumbbells yeah let’s. Do some men stuff for getting in shape for the bitch you take the photos. I’Ll take the 30s yeah yeah fine let’s! Do that? Okay, okay, let’s! Do a few curls! Well, stanley – and i stand here at the same time – push filters and turn my hand says, keep doing absolutely franco. You do something for the surface. You put you raise them this way, lateral raise yeah, but do this one now it’s a little tough right now boy. Thank you. You can do anything now, since you can do anything i’m going to give you two exercises. Don’T get smarter, franco put it down for the most important for men, which is the michelin tire ad. Yes, you know this is really important um. You can do one exercise two ways. One is stand like this and do side bends one hand yeah. Even this way, this way really burn. Do the exercise. Okay – and this will help you lie down like this – and women usually do it like this yeah, which is more for together, like this and the faster, the better the burn yeah the fast and mini africa. How how do you feel you’re, 40, now 45, 45, but don’t tell anybody no don’t say a word about it, but are you in better shape now? How do you feel at 45 and when you know at 25, you were winning all those titles you were competing and all of that um at 35.

You feel strongest and in great shape the only thing that can happen when people get older, they must get more stiff alone. I mean he really developed his physique didn’t need for those rockets. In ten weeks we developed the rambo type of physique yeah. Random thing works. Absolutely sensational a lot of hard work: yeah we train two hours a day, but really fast with no rest in between right. One good idea is when you train with weights while you’re resting, you could do few repetitions of this okay. Now, how do i do this? Like this yeah and think on this one here, don’t pull it like that my blood gets in there when you pull it well. Don’T hurt me not like this yeah right and up up like that yeah and raise the leg like this Laughter like that, yes yeah, i see you know and think on this part yeah, you know yeah, oh, do we look like rambo yet Laughter? I saw it that’s a good one, so it’s the best. I saw one more exercise. If you do this one well, yeah you get in shape in no time and i lie down. You hold your hand here and he stands straight and then he is trained boy. That is really oh. Are you first now look how he’s twisting his legs there? Oh you switch this way ah and go back to that wow, absolutely sensational, frank. You can even stay like this and get in shape without moving well.

I’Ll. Try it, but i don’t know don’t, try anything. You told me: okay, you’ll hold there hang on like that. Yeah get the body straight how’s that, like this Music, am i off. Am i doing yeah keep it straight like this, and this up hold it i’m impressed you’re, really good at this incredible fuck up. You know, it’s great, to see you, my friend and, if you’d like to know more about uh his bodybuilding habits they’re. All in this book called his complete uh book of bodybuilding, and this is uh the nutrition book as well, which is uh so important too, to all the bodybuilders who train regularly.