One of the most famous hosts in the game show community and his name was regis philbin regis philbin was an icon over his 60 year career in the in the tv show industry, and he was also a talk show host. He hosted live with regis and kelly. He has had kathy lee on his show and get this on, who wants to be a millionaire, regis film and had two both of his co hosts kelly, ripa and kathy lee gifford on his celebrity editions of who wants to be a millionaire. But today we have sadly lost him at the age of 88. sources tell that he died of of a heart attack in his new york city home, but nobody confirmed that yet for me it’s a very sad loss because he has delighted us all for many years. He has hosted a million dollar password. He and he’s also hosted. Who wants to be a millionaire. We can all never forget that that he hosted who wants to be a millionaire, but unfortunately his life has been taken today, uh. He has not given away one million dollars on the million dollar password, but on who wants to be a millionaire? He has given away one million dollars 10 times. He almost had an 11th winner, but unfortunately ken basin in 2009 could not answer the million dollar question correctly and he lost it.

His half million down to 25 000, on the other hand, about regis regis, was also a music, a singer or known for being pretty much a crooner like frank sinatra, dean, martin and what others any any other pop artists.

And he actually did a christmas song that my mother was surprised that he did this duet. Donald trump was part of this duet, with regis philbin rudolph, the red nosed reindeer. The first time i saw it was. It was a video on demand. Uh, like i don’t know like eight years ago, maybe i don’t know i think i had uh, i think either i was watching it on my dad’s uh, xfinity box or or or two years before, that on our old xfinity box that i had back on virgo Court, it was a very surprising duet. I saw pretty funny too, but unfor, but anyway, back to the great life we just had. Uh he’s had some very funny moments on who wants to be a millionaire, his whole life and we are sure gon na miss those moments all right. So, as for the upcoming videos on my channel, i am going to do a 10 segment special with a tribute to regis philbin it’s, going to be all who wants to be a millionaire games. I might have million dollar, i might have million dollar password on uh. I don’t know for sure, but i’ll sure do who wants to be a millionaire uh as part of the tribute special to regis philbin i’ll, of course, have who wants to be a millionaire kids edition, uh, uh and the rest of the games are basically online uh.