m. Saturday, 8., for those of you who don’t know we’re just filming, you did many shows morning. Talk shows uh with richard and kathleen. I grew up with that around a teenager, late teenage teens to early twenties, so the late uh regis philbin dies in 888 breaking news. Today, the icon television host died on july 24th, which is actually yesterday vs saddened to share our beloved regis field and passed away. Last night, our natural causes one month shy of an 89 birthday, the filming confirmed at et canada thanks for joining me today. This will fill team. The news guys giving you the entertainment bull by blow day by day or was it it could be something else you make the follow. You do your homework on your youtube, discernment, but that’s. Just a question right, but anyway related kelly ripa reveal regis feldman and a strict, no talking off camera rule of alive. His family and friends are forever grateful for the time we got to spend with him for his warmth, his legendary sense of humor and his signature. Singular bill to make every day into something worth about talking about. We thank his fans and admirers of this incredible support for over a 60 year career for privacy, we mourn his laws. They added film was best known as host live with regis and catholic for 15 years. Kathy lee left it and became alive with regis and kelly for another 10 years, feldman dead, retired from show his live family told us.

Uh hearts are broken to learn that new switches passed live as local news broadcast back in 1983., informative 27 years. He poured his heart and soul to the show many of the members of soul staff began their careers on live. We just were lucky enough to learn from a master broadcaster. Our hearts go out to joy and his family thanks for joining today. For those who are just breaking news, we just died at 88.. He also hosts the wants to be a millionaire very, very popular show. Back what 15 years ago, maybe 20. know your dollar password and the first season of america’s got talent. Oh, i didn’t even know that. Okay, i believe we just fell in moore’s death on age 49, not either. He was uh, won multiple emmys and was honored. In hollywood, walk of fame in 2003 and lifetime achievement award from daytime emmy awards in 2008., he was survived by a daughter, j.j feldman and joanna feldman um. He shared with his wife, joey phelpin, as well as his daughter amy feldman from his marriage to catholic. Failing dublin and failing son daniel falben died in 2014.. Well, there you have it um, holly wood icon, as you could say, ali pederwood uh. Could it be something else who knows uh the place is so damn demonic and decrypted that it could be something else, but two, so do your own dig into your research, but all i know is that he just ate okay guys.

So there you have it um. Uh, i remember from my dentist telling me that he was a a prick and i don’t know who feldman all i know he did make. Everybody laugh and some wit, humor good, committed, uh timing and love and joy by many people. So all i know is that he was funny made. My family laugh made. My mom laugh made me laugh in the mornings in my late teens early 20s and i grew up watching shows in the morning. So uh god bless his soul. May he be in the right place and hope he gets right uh with god um because of the role he was playing in the let’s say the demonic world. The plane is simple: okay, guys! Well, thanks for joining me, i’ll read you from 1088 bye.