You know i mean really fucking sad, like fuck um, you know uh, i wa. I remember when i was a kid. I watched him and fucking kelly. You know regis and kelly. I know he had. You know he was other like he had a host like kathy lee and all that stuff. You know, but i knew more because of reaches than kelly. You know just because of their dynamic duo together, you know and plus the dude had a great personality. You know what i mean: the gray had a great personality like what a great personality for being a tv host. You know i thought he was funny at times too, even as a kid and then like. I was sad to know that he was retiring back in 2011. You know i mean when i was like just eleven years old and having a little damn. You know and that’s when i started to realize damn like all good things must come to an end huh like a lot of good things like people, retiring and shit like that and then yeah, but at least he was still active, sometimes like freaking doing stuff. You know what i mean he even returned. I think one time with kelly. You know the reaches of kelly show now it’s like what the kelly and ryan show or something it’s, whatever let’s be honest, it’s, probably not the same as this used to be, because you know reese’s film actually had a fucking personality.

When you see him, you know what the fuck he is, he actually was entertaining fuck great personality, great man and the fact that he usually defeated trump like that. Just shows like what a great man ends up. You know. Apparently, this guy is well liked and people ate, like whatever but um very personality, even like fucking, you know shit. He also holds like who wants to be a millionaire, millionaire and shit like that. I can suck what a great personality likeable dude. You know. I i like them from the start when i fucking watch, you know his fucking tvs and shit like that, what the fuck my alarm from when i fucking turn like freaking watch that like reaches and kelly and all that stuff. You know you’re like what likeable dude and apparent a fellow new yorker. You know i mean fucking sad man, fuck is that and the guy was 88, the guy didn’t. Look that old! You know i mean you know. I understand, like you know 88. I get it, but he didn’t look like he was like having problems apparently yeah. He died from natural causes, just fucking, sad people, fucking sad to 20, 20 ain’t, looking good people, it definitely isn’t fucking a lot. We lost some good people and fucking this year and it’s only fucking july um, the fucking fucking pandemic, kobe bryant fucking passing weight little richard and shit among other people that i wish i could remember god, damn god, damn stupid: oh yeah, fucking, howard, finkel fucking.

What else we can say man, rest in peace, regis filming god bless. You uh your memories of you know, being a good tv host live on, we need more fucking hosts like this dude man like great fucking, especially, was a morning host for fuck’s sakes. You know what i mean, and i think he also like fucking one time freaking you know filled in for david letterman and shit like whatever happened to fucking hosts nowadays like now, the fact that tv tv host man like whether it’s like daytime night time, fucking ain’t The fucking same anymore, not funny at all it’s, just like they get like. Oh, oh, my god, we get that politics and, like you know they leave the politics out of the fucking like don’t, give my life don’t get wrong. I like talking about politics, sometimes and shit like that. You know, especially like speaking that truth, but for god’s sakes, like you know, you got time. Sometimes you just want to laugh. You just want to enjoy shit, and then you got ta fucking. You know you got ta lie these brain dead, fucking lip tarts fucking talking about fucking. You know trump, this trump that fucking also democratic bullshit. You know what i mean it’s, always about fucking bullshit. You know i mean it’s, just dumb and unfunny shit. Let’S, be honest. Here, it’s, not funny, you know open to straight boy: man, man, street way, man, fuck street white men it’s, always like fucking fuck, oh fuck, yourselves, you got! You got your guess.

What look what you have now? You got these unfunny white men for fuck’s sakes, you’re fucking, saying they go straight men and you got fucking. Oh, i basically woman color by the way, lily sings sucks out of a fucking tv house. Okay, let’s let’s be fucking, honest here, okay, this is coming from a brown man myself and i you know, guess what i’m not indie. No, really not, though just pointed out out there, fucking god damn what happened to tv host man like fucking, stupid, shit, fucking. All these fucking beetle fucking, looking ass, motherfucker straight up, got ta have some funny people, man, where the fuck are the funny people and an actually fucking. You know real man that fucking or even a woman like no, i fucking kelly, is a kelly like what’s. Her like kelly, you know, reads: doesn’t count. I just don’t fucking read just film it, because reid’s filming was actually more of my personality. Let’S be honest, but kelly was fucking. Cool, um let’s be honest, fucking, but you know a real woman. I remember i fucking thought she was cute. When i was a kid too. Oh i don’t know she probably still is uh. I don’t know, but overall man uh. Oh yeah fucking, i remember fucking regis film and saying, like i feel, like i’m married again, one right when kelly came uh, so yeah rest in peace. Reid is filming man you it sucks that this guy is gone man.

What the fuck’s wrong with this girl! Man! Really losing good people, i get it that’s, just how life is we, unfortunately, we grow up. We lose people, we love, we lose people, we want. You know, that’s the sad thing about life and it just sucks people fucking suck. I don’t got a soda at the moment, but you know god bless, you read you and let me get, let me get a glass on a second one thing i remember yeah like the guy also is like you know, somewhat good actor too, like the guy was Made cammies and tv shows because that, because how likeable he is, you know how much a personality i think like one show that come off to mind like it was the freshman of bel air. He made a cameo and shit like that, so you know fucking great man. You know i mean so overall um god bless you freaking regis, film and rest in peace, 88 years old god, but not forgotten. Dude drake get your fucking soul in style, glasses drinking magnificently. In honor regis filming fucking sucks man, the fuck happened to tv, oh, like really the only thing like now watching man like if you want to watch a dirt like a fucking show late at night or something like honestly. Just not. I don’t even think anymore that’s. Why you got ta rely on youtube like that’s, why? I probably only lied to guys, like maybe stephen crowder and shit, to watch or something it’s, not just because he’s conservative, just like he as he’s entertaining you know, that’s that’s, the beauty of guys like stephen crowder and shit.

You know they actually like these. They they actually say they’re, internet comedians and shit. You know not just speaking the truth about fucking politics or stuff, but like just life in general, you know i don’t know. I know that i’m, not playing much i’m speaking, the truth. Man i’m blessed like i’m, just like unmotivated like fuck man, reid is filming just life man, just like it sucks how the world is now all right, that’s. What i don’t got ta say: god bless you all. Uh rest in peace reads film and my condolences to his friends: the families, the loved ones, man we’re, losing good people, man just that’s, not it’s, not right, just not right. God bless everybody man until next time. Peace, bye like again i’m, not saying i’m, like the biggest fan, but, like you know i like him, you know i mean i liked him. Whenever i seen this show reaches and kelly like the fucking, you know am show when i was even a kid and i recognized his face, i recognized everything you know like the guy. Fucking was cool, you know and now like just like uh it sucks man sucks everything sucks now, god bless regis rest in peace till next time.