You know as far as like what’s going on in the world today and all that type of stuff there um, my cousin, told me this morning, shout out to graham hustle right now, he’s, currently playing ghost of tsushima as y’all already know. You know a lot farther ahead than he was the last time. Y’All saw the game play that uh was dropped on the channel yesterday, which uh took place uh what the night before i do believe. Anyways uh. He told me um earlier this morning that uh regis philbin died, regis philbin, of course, y’all know, um legendary uh talk show host uh. He hosted live for about well over well over almost what almost 20 years he hosted, live and originally started. Of course, with him and uh kathy lee, you know to my knowledge back in 1985 by live with regis and catholics, and then the fortune on 2000 uh catholic league left the show and kelly ripper came on, and the show of course, since then evolved into kelly And michael because i do believe michael strahan is still her co host to this day. You know, of course, kelly is the main um lady of the show, um we’ll, probably uh, check out youtube in a minute to see you know if she got any reaction. Of course, to you know, regis, death and of course, 20 years ago, in the year 2000 uh, he hosted what became a national sensation and phenomenon at the time who wants to be a millionaire? You know where you know i mean you don’t know who wants to be a millionaire? That means you just too daggone young super young, like you, don’t, know nothing about that.

Like for real anyway uh wrestling piece of regis field, man um died at the age of 88. I know right now. Currently tony bennett and larry king are fighting over his soul. Who’S going to absorb it and become you know the true old man, you know of the media, you know because those two are highlanders like for real. There can only be one but um yeah so rest in peace to reach this field um right now. Currently, you know i’m saying i’m stirring up this oatmeal. It has some cinnamon in it or got some cinnamon in it i’m about to do my reading my blood sugar reading for this morning – and oh everything is over here already. I ain’t got to look over there, except for my raisins. I got some some main raisins the other day, so i’m going well i’m, not going to put these sun mate razors in here. What i’m going to do i’m going to put maybe like two boxes, depending on how you know far they fill up because i told y’all the other day i wasn’t going to do my raisin water again until i got me, some sun made raisins because uh when I used the raisin when i used first used my raisin water. I used sun made raisins that my sister got me shout out to italian, porter and um. You know compared to the kroger raisins that i usually put on my oatmeal. These raisins were a lot more potent you know, i’m saying like you could really see the you can really see the stuff.

You feel me, you can really see the stuff so i’m, not going to this video. I know i say this all the time when i say that i’m not going to make this video long but i’m trying not to make this video long, because i got a little bit of editing to do today. You know i’m saying that i’m trying to go ahead and get out of the way because it’s another video that i want to drop today, along with the one that’s already scheduled, to drop at three o’clock, which is advice for content creators. If you’ve seen that on the page already on the channel already, i have that set to premiere today at 3 p.m: eastern standard time, which it will be 9 p.m. Every time shout out to every govala shout out to queen candy shout out to sexy, treats along with my sister. They are the live, chat, crew. You know what i’m saying the regulars in my live chat. London illiterate. I see that she’s uh trying to get up there and become a regular live chat. Crew. You got a couple. You got got to buy another week of our probation. You know saying hanging around doing the um premieres and then we just might have to make you that fifth beatle in the live chat crew. You feel me so you know what i’m saying keep on sticking around london. You know i’m saying when we got these premieres and stuff, so right now, i’m dropping these so yeah.

It took about two packs to you know two packs of these raisins to get it up to where i needed it. You know i’m saying so: that’s a that’s, a you know, saying get a couple more for now and i could use the rest of the raisins in the box in my oatmeal that’s. Why i didn’t want to break them, break it without other packs anyway. So and there we go baby there we go so we got our raisins up in there. Um it’s, not as many razors, as i usually put in my oatmeal i’m – actually don’t go ahead and use this enough. I’M. Not gon na use this for i’m, not using my raisins uh for i’m, not gon na use the rest of my sun, many raisins. For that i can use my kroger raisins for my oatmeal that’s. What i’m gon na do using program raisins for my oatmeal and yeah? You can kind of almost see the difference a little bit. You know i won’t see the difference like here. Is the sun made raisin here’s? Some i mean your sun may raisin and here is yeah. You can definitely see the difference as far as the color of it, though it’s kroger raising right there, some ain’t raising right there. So yeah, you can definitely see the difference. Yeah, so let’s stir it all. Together, it’s all going in the goat mouth, you feel them in the goat mouth. I don’t know about that anyway, but you know shout outs to those who do that anyway, but um today is the 20.

What six today is the 26th of july 2020, grand hustle while i’m getting ready to check my blood sugars over real quick. Tell me what you think about the game, thus far ghostly. You know one one reviewer saying uh. My cousin showed me this morning that um somebody said that ghost of tsushima saved 2020. now goes to. Tsukima is a great game but – and you say, 2020. well, it’s a 2020 as far as games that came out thus far and it’s definitely it’s. Definitely gon na get game of the year. I mean they ain’t. No doubt about that. I don’t see any other game that would possibly even come close to getting game of the year over this unless they done paid. The judges, great game super super dope game save 2020. I don’t know about that. You know, but it saved 20 20. As far as the gaming industry go and but you know it’s not like they really need to save it. Anyways you folk gon na play games regardless i mean, if anything, this is the year two play games. If you ain’t playing games like dragon roger, like y’all, already know how how i feel about that game. If you don’t know you need to know, you know, go ahead and you know link up with your boy i’m on server s35 on your mobile phone, whether you’re in your iphone, go ahead and link up with your boy. Now it takes up some space now.

So you gon na play it. You know what i’m saying hey. You take up a little space now, but you when you see the game. You know why but yeah it’s a dope game. You can do so much on that game. I got ta build my glass house, i meant to build it this morning. I got ta be on my glass house, because somebody was stealing my own punch on the game. Y’All like real tired. They were stealing my planks, like i’m planting my stuff and i get back and i get ready to harvest them and folks, stealing my plants. I know y’all likewise it’s a gardening game, nope, not just a garden game. You ain’t got a garden if you don’t want to and right now my reading is at 105. I understand why, because i did eat some queso chips yesterday, that’s, why my reading went high yesterday, y’all so 105.. The reading for this morning, 105. let’s see it’s. 9. 54., 105 at 9, 54. and my readings for yesterday y’all are as such 95 before breakfast yesterday, 106, before lunch and 146 before dinner. Now what i also got yesterday was, i told y’all. I need to give me some apple, cider, vinegar. I had to break down and get some apple cider vinegar with mother at kroger uh. Yesterday now i didn’t get the brags, which is, of course, um, which is of course uh. I ain’t queen candace a queen candace just coming in on one of my videos.

I believe she’s talking about episode, 118 of goat 1408 tv, where i drew keys to misfit, who she actually knows. I found out um the other day. They got her and keys, know each other uh shout outs to keys to misfit, who is my muse for episode? 118 and queen candice is my muse for 119, which will be coming soon, um, so yeah. So i got the apple cider, vinegar with the mother and the turmeric and this water um. I was about to put faucet water up in here, but i said nope. Let me go ahead and use this, since i got it right now: some alkaline water from dollar tree some alkaline water from dollar tree y’all. You know i’m saying alpha 65 is what it’s called the ph on. It is 9.5 and so we’re about to see how this thing really do. You know this thing about a nice nice for real. You know, saying: graham huss will be drinking this all the time you know, but uh so yeah. So now um the rest of my alkaline water. I am actually going to use for my raisin water, so um i’m gon na have to get me some more of that joint, but uh i’m about to go ahead and do that right. There i’m about to pour this alkaline water in my bottle. Yeah that’s, not even gon na make it i’m gon na, have to get some more today. Uh i’m gon na have to i’m gon na have to get some more alkaline water today.

So this is not even yeah it’s, not even it’s. Just gon na touch the bottom of it right there. So i’m gon na get some more alkaline water today to fill up this bottle, and you know i’m saying and then you know let that thing begin to do what it do y’all. So let me go ahead and sit that down, because i don’t want the bottom of them raisins getting wet right now. Let me zip that one down – okay, so it’s, not touching the bottom of that again raising wet at the bottom, because i want all the soap once it’s soaked, so um next time, y’all see that bottle. You know the raisins will have been soaking for you know. Today is sunday, so next time, y’all see that raising by the water will be on tuesday. You know shit. We all live to see that beautiful tuesday um that’s, when y’all will see it again. Speaking of today is what yeah the 26th so yeah. Of course, tomorrow is the 27th, which means it will be five months: five months y’all, since your boy almost died anyway yeah, but we here man we here in july, one of the craziest device ever. I hope everybody is still being safe because it’s still crazy out there y’all, regardless of what you want to say, it’s still crazy out there in these hill streets, so be careful, be safe. Like the place that i that i was going to um, you know where i was getting my chicken teriyaki rice wings, raining they closed down.

What like beginning of this week or last weekend, the 13th they closed down on the 13th y’all don’t, know what’s going on up there, but we’re assuming it’s, some runner related things. So with that being said, you know i’m saying definitely leery about going out, but on another note, uh last weekend, like um, i told y’all that they uh went to this place called roasters with you, which was nice. They they had some good food there and i got the video for that i’m planning on editing it soon and showing y’all on the channel because i’m trying to get some of my google local guide people over here because hey my google local guide, be blowing up. Y’All i got like over 2 million 2 million views on the pictures that i put over there. Now i need some of them people coming over here. You really come over here level: 7. Google, local guy. You dig anyway enough of the bragging, but uh yeah let’s. Do uh let’s do a little commentary, real quick of um, not commentary, but you know see who you know was on the videos yesterday about the shout out real, quick and go ahead and end this video because, like i said, i got ta finish editing the jesus Video i’m trying to get that out to y’all today, uh, hopefully by um, if not by six uh somewhere between six and eight, maybe even nine o’clock. I don’t know yet um, but you know trying to get a decent time for y’all uh, not the encourager, who i drew way back on my art series.

I posted this 16 hours ago and jesus answered and said unto them take heed that no man deceive you matthew, 24, 4., so shout outs to annette the encourager who is always giving encouraging words. You know what i’m saying on her youtube: channel she’s an awesome young lady um let’s see uh queen candy. She coming in yesterday nerve aid, waffle house in the playback way back you’re looking healthier and staying positive. You are always cheerful, though, work mode this week so mission in action, but always in the midst shout out to you as well. Good numbers keep up the good work i’m glad that device records. It right me too, i’m about to put that right now. Right me, too, exclamation point shout out to queen candace, shout out to section 3, shout outs to uh latonya porter shoutouts to every govalo. My regular live chat. Crew, latonya porter was in the comments. Yesterday, hey bro bro, something different sounds delicious. She was talking about my breakfast for yesterday, the waffles from waffle house, a holes watching movies, positivity and gratitude are the only way to go. My friend new here hope we can support each other and i’m about to put appreciate your comment and we’ll be checking you out. So stay stay what’s. My word what’s my word. Y’All stay um, stay tuned for more vids, yeah and life will lay on life with leon, and she said you’re almost at 150 days, you got this champ life with laying hey.

Let me tell y’all like that. I feel like kelly stamps when she pop up in my comments, because she is like one of kelly stamps biggest commenters and she has an awesome channel herself. You know i’m saying um young lady, you know saying making it in the youtube world so proud of her she’s doing her thing. Let’S see. I do believe that was all my comments for yesterday on um episode, one or not episode but day 144 of uh dope 14 excuse me of diabetes and i see them tripping. I don’t think about my art video series right now, but um okay. So those were all my comments from yesterday for the daily vlog um let’s see the live, chat, let’s see who’s on the live chat. Yesterday, um let’s see london, illiterate was in the live chat and every governor was in the live chat for yesterday, and i believe that was everybody. So i appreciate y’all for coming out. Oh i’m, going for a little thing. I ain’t got no alcohol water, but my oatmeal is kind of getting it’s against a little thick right. Now, ain’t got to be my grace and we about to go ahead and end this so i’m out y’all stay blessed up, live life till you die, see y’all.