This right here right fast, because already four hours ago, 512 views bro like i’m i’m telling y’all y’all like y’all, be listening to them and they they’d be on it. Bro and that’s, why, like? I believe that a lot of people are getting misled and i don’t. I don’t only believe that i know a lot of people are getting misled, but by shit like this right here, exactly nothing but a conspiracy exactly, and you want to know who the conspiracy is, the conspiracy, this guy right here in the video, mr, so called roberto. What’S going on today, nation uh it’s, your boy on my direct gaming, aka famous all money i’m back at it again today with another video, make sure everybody hits that sub button and also hit the like button as well, make sure everybody subs up and hit that Notification bell as well get in the comments for me: go crazy and i’m about to show y’all in his comments that a lot of people is not rocking. What he’s saying, because we all we like, i said bro we about to get on it right now: bro! Okay, okay, okay! So stop stop it right! There right, he said regis. His name is not regis. His name is regis philbin bro, like that’s, how i know y’all be so thirsty for views like it’s. This is sad.

This right here is pathetic. Bro we got to get these fools off the internet.

This channel need to be debunked and fucking removed in my eyes, bro or other stuff. All his subscribers need to come rock with the real and the real is over here and the fakes over there and y’all hear me i’m kind of getting into it a little bit today. Man because bro look at this. I even put a dislike on it. I’M. Not going to cap with you i’m not going to bullshit with you, i mean in a fan of mine, shout out my boy truth, the man he sent me this. My boys truth is even in the comments as well as y’all, seen as y’all as y’all see. Uh, the goat right there my comment right there and bro people dude. He was saying bro dude, like my like he said, laugh my ass up. Dude was not even old, is, i know, he’s a surprise, he’s, not a surprise. He’S living his best life and also oh there. It is right there that’s what i wanted to show y’all sabarazzi. My boy needs to subscribe to me sacrifice she sound like a fool: the guy hadn’t been on tv, since it was black and white people. Old people die also, everyone dies great. I had to slow that down there to read that for y’all, real quick, like he said, bro, even my man right here, the real mat diddy, my boy, daddy said i don’t know him personally i’m, just saying like i’m just reading what he said you don’t know Nothing about ridges, you ain’t even say his name right.

This is what i’m telling y’all bro like they just be on some bullshit i’m telling y’all, bro regis filming was not a sacrifice. Bro and bro like this is what i’m saying i’m glad it’s starting to i’m. Glad this is starting to come out and get debunked more like they need to get these fake, troopers off of the internet, bro and i’m, not trying to keep nobody sleep but bro. Even my man saying it right here. Even the homie saying it right here, bro, you don’t know nothing about regis bro, i didn’t even say his name right, that’s, all that’s, really, all i got ta read or so this little bit of um is like this is a bit of reach. Of course he was 88 no lie. I thought he been passed, no offense to regis one of the most memorable hosts of my lifetime. He was a memorable host, no cow rp to the legend regis philbin man, no cap, but bro i’m about to show y’all. The main comment bro that uh boy even believe in my boy truth saying man is, it was a little sacrifice. Bro stop it. Yeah come on man. People know what’s going on bro. He was not no sacrifice girl. Even my boy troupe said he looked up to me. Shout out my boy truth. I look up to y’all man. I love all my little supporters. My little supporting base bro. Even the girl right here says there is no illuminati sacrifice new conspiracy, theorist, bro, she’s, saying it right here, bro.

If this comment don’t send the bells and whistles off bro there’s, no illuminati sacrifice you conspiracy, theorists believe in anything that has to do with devil or satanic rituals, bro it’s, so true, bro, like god, lead he was not sacrificed. There’S! No such thing as their telling you as illuminati sacrifice, stop the ball. Ah man i’m, showing i’m, showing proof legitimately now, 100 proof automatically. I not be drinking. My aqua water y’all got ta. Stop this man. We got ta get this guy off the internet, man he needs to stop. I mean like bro, i’m, not gon. Na cap. I support everybody who do the right thing, but bro this ain’t right bro, this ain’t, you got the d bros these videos, ain’t right, bros come on man like nah bro, like you got ta i mean if you was like a gamer or a 2k game or Something like that, i’m, not i’m, just saying i’d rock with it or so. Are you trying to do your own thing in that land leaving bro go to fortnight? Do something bro stop making these videos my dude, like i’m, not trying to hate on you or no shit like that? I don’t got no reason to hate on you bro. I got more subscribers than you, my guy. I grind for mines i’m, not being mean when i say that, but bro people like you bro like come on bro you misleading people and i don’t wan na i don’t like that shit bro, you misleading, as hell bro, you didn’t even say his name right bro.

If y’all turn that volume all the way up and go back to the beginning of my video y’all gon na hear him say, um rages or some shit like that, or so his name was regis philbin bro we’re, not even saying his name right man, let that Let the man rest in peace man he already probably in heaven now he’s gone. The real regis is in heaven probably happy as hell and smiling he ain’t here, no more, even though this life is a sensation of life as well or so, but he lived well on earth and he gon na be in heaven forever. He gon na live well in heaven as well. Now, look and y’all already know what i’m about to say right. He had them good vibes. I could already tell just by looking at him automatically or so, and especially he older and he elderly too man like yeah when he passed it’s, probably just natural, pure sleep didn’t, feel nothing just gone to another hole out of world and also gone to the afterlife Of heaven happy as heck don’t got ta live in, no more pain can live carefree. Now i ain’t worried about it. Just the same way. Behind my grandma passed, i repeated my grandma as well. She was 88. y’all got to get this guy man. I don’t know man if he keep making videos like this bro, they got ta, they got ta get this guy off the internet, bro like man for real, i mean.

I know, none of his videos is monetized, but i mean the proof. The people call and bro it’s, even in your comments now bro like i mean the people calling you out on it, people calling out what you doing, bro it ain’t right bro i mean you already got like i mean i could even refresh it again, bro. No cop, i guarantee you like saying gon na automatically just automatically all the way go up. I like i said i ain’t no i’m. Just being all the way honest with you, bro 22 likes 37 dislikes. Of course, i do a dislike on that don’t hate it all bro, but this ain’t right right here, bro, look at this shit like i mean like come on, bro like it’s, not that that come on man, nah bro, this ain’t it right here, my guy. This is not it at all. I guess i’m not trying to like i’m, not being biased towards you, but bro people like you is why people like you is why i make these videos anytime. One of my fans send some shit like this to me. Bro i’m on it. No cap i’ll. Stop everything that i’m going bro to get on this bro get y’all haters and to fucking get y’all fake conspiracy, people off of the internet. He was not sacrificed. There was no illuminati sacrifice, there’s! No such thing bro all right! I’Ll see y’all my twitch during the night, um i’ll – probably getting at it within the next hour.

So i love all y’all um. Maybe the third eye level watch over you and also maybe continue to prosper and may continue to rack up uh that power and that knowledge that i’m rackets man rack up that money, so you and your family can live where you want to live, also drive what You want to drive, be very successful, be very happy as well. Money is the key to all happiness when he’s, not the root to all evil. Remember like what i said. Money is the key to all happiness, all as well pull off foreign. No cap about that. You already know no cap in my rep about that at all man for real man, but yeah all right, that’s, just the tv in there it’s the front room.