Maybe take a couple of strolls down memory lane anything you want. Ladies and gentlemen, you know him, you love him, you can’t live without him, you’ve heard about him. You’Ve read about him. You’Ve seen him on color tv, the one, the only regis, philbin Applause Music. Thank you. Thank you, Music. Thank you. Thank you very much. Regis. You look fantastic i’m trying to look nice for you, you look great and you look uh, summery and yet ready to go. Are you still wearing wool? What is that i don’t know what it is? Maybe i am yeah yeah it’s july. You know uh listen. I have a question to ask you: will i talk about anthony weiner? No, no. The last time don rickles was here on the show. There was supposed to be a gathering and i couldn’t attend the gathering, that’s right and, and i felt bad uh and i apologize. I was there, i really were there yeah, so so it was. Is don rickles angry that i couldn’t attend? Well, you know this was a a uh tribute to don rickles the phrase over at the waldorf astoria hotel and i’ve. Been there a thousand times like we all have beautiful, i’ve, never seen it so so cluttered. You know it was just packed, packed yeah, packed with people and every comedian. Every young comedian, old comedian uh got up there and and made a reference.

It was a tribute it wasn’t, a roast.

No, i said it was a tribute yeah, okay, so and – and you know the funny thing uh dave is this – is that you know reckless has never used the word to get a leg. You know, i think that’s. True. Never yeah because he doesn’t need to exactly so the guys who are going up. There are all told, hey don’t yeah, because he doesn’t want to hear it, so they were all pretty pretty good. You were about the only one who didn’t show up all right. You know i i can’t and rickles said well. Why why why do you think dave can’t be here in person? I said i don’t know why. Why couldn’t you make it people wanted to see you frickles rickles. You know he loves you. It really would have been nice for you to be there. What night, what night was it? What what? What was it monday night monday, oh that’s, the night i eat glass, i said he’s busy don. He doesn’t go to these things. You know i i i’ll tell you the truth. I i’m tired of going to that waldorf astoria ballroom. Every time i go in there i bomb like hell. They, the bomb, sniffing dogs, hyperventilate, and i go over there after i’m done. You go there for a charity event. Just like you know. I’M. Sorry, i bomb like crazy i’m, just not going anywhere.

I wouldn’t even stay. I wouldn’t even sleep in the lobby of that dump.

It is a tough place to get away. Yes, it is yeah uh! Well, you know it’s great to see you and god bless you and thank you for being here. Thank you very much. I got some photos here. Let’S take a let’s, take a little stroll down memory. Lane tell us uh. Maybe we have the information here. This is the famous brown derby restaurant. Is it still up and running? No, this used to be on the wilshire way downtown right on wilshire way, downtown. It was in various places. It was shaped like a big hat, the brown derby yeah and you would go in there and you could order the cobb salad. Absolutely. It was a risotto for the club, salad yeah. Now what what about the uh remember, chasens, you go into chases. What do you order in jason’s at chase chili, he’s, right, you’re, right, another great restaurant? Sorry, i just didn’t know if we were going to be here all night running down the menu. This is a brown derby on vine street. Look at hollywood! Look at you! I mean you look like uh vic, elford, who’s victor, i don’t know. I don’t know who that is. No. You see who is vic, alford yeah, but look at you guys. How old were you kids? Then i was 12 and he was about 18. no seriously. I bet you’re in your 20s.

There aren’t you, probably in your 20s, no my 30s 30s wow.

What a kid and you guys that were just we took a walk every day. You know the first day of the show he was very nervous. I’M sure you were too the first day of your talk. Show yeah, you can’t not be so. The producer paul orr came to me and said why don’t you ask joey to take a walk, that’s, a great idea and relax. So i went over to joey bishop and i said joey uh. Why don’t we take a walk. You know just yeah you’ve got. I got so many things on my mind. He was really terrified. So i went back to my desk. Are you listening to me? Yeah yeah is there anybody here? I forgot to point this out. Look at this Music he’s smoking, a cigarette. Look at that yeah yeah! Did you smoke? Do you want to hear this story? I’M sure i’ve heard it but yeah i do want to hear it. Hey did you smoke? No. Where was i on my story? You and uh. You and joy are taking a walk me and joy me and joey. Oh, i hope there wouldn’t be this kind of trouble. Vic alfred formula, one driver from london. There you go. I knew there was some great guy named okay, hey yeah. Are we all happy about hearing that? So you and joy go for a walk me and joey.

So he comes ten minutes later concert back to me, says: let’s walk and we walked every day for three years.

That’S great paul – and i should should do that – it’s, not too late let’s. Do that wait? Where are you going to walk let’s? Take a walk, let’s, walk or we’ll walk down. Broadway let’s take a walk right now. Yeah. Do you mind i mean you can’t go on? Why should we be any different from the people at home, but you’ve got you’re like the invisible phantom? You understand. People never see you other than behind the desk here’s another here’s, another nice look here’s. Another memory lane photo let’s. Look at this. What is this april? 26 1967.? There you are that’s. The joey bishop show look at that look at regis and the hair on the kid wow that’s how it all began. You know i uh. In those days i was working at a television station in indianapolis that carried the joy of fishing and i would watch the show each and every night. Are you serious? I’M? Absolutely how’d you like us? Oh i enjoyed it. I thought it was great what i always thought was interesting was uh speaking of material that suits and coats are made up. Uh joy always seemed to have like a tweed sport coat on it, and i thought i thought that looks uh unusual for southern california to be have wearing it. So i think you were right.

Yeah, were you doing sports for the for your station weather weather, good weather yeah never did sports.

No, never never really did switch. You’Ve got that uh here. Let’S. Look at this! This is fantastic! You you, my friend, have paled uh, uh wined and dined with the greats and the near greats. All your life, you, you have been blessed to know. Jack benny is a true blessing. You’Re lucky but jack benny was like a father to joey bishop to all those comedians, johnny carson, loved him idolized. They all loved him. He was just a great guy. You didn’t know him. Huh uh no, never met jack benny. I guess you were doing the weather. One day i’ll tell you, i’ll tell you one thing, though one day i saw walking down the street in my hometown. I was just a kid jack benny and his longtime manager, who then later went on to manage george burns. Who, who am i thinking of vic elford? I got it over here? Yes, paul irving, fine, irving, fine, that’s, exactly right. I saw a jack benny, paul and irving fine. Well, this is not who wants to be a millionaire? Well, nobody keeps breaking it up. Final answer. Final answer i mean first we’ve got to find out who vic alfred is they got an urban pine who’s next, on this show no we’ll be right back with regis everybody. Look at this look at how good we look nice, i mean our our combined age is over 200, but look at how good it is.

We look like guys.

You know, having a good time now. Tell me uh, how’s your health. I heard there was a thing and you had it taken care of yeah. There was a thing uh. I found that uh. I was having trouble walking more than more than two blocks and i would my pain or something yes, pained and and aching in my hips. Now have you, you had a hip replaced didn’t you i had a hip replacement. You thought maybe trouble with the hip. Well, no, i thought it was trouble with the legs. So i went in and finally got an mri and my arteries were clogged with the plaque. Oh no, i don’t want to hear this when you say clog top to bottom we’re, just in one location or whatever, no in both locations, leading in all the way down yeah leading into the hips. The hips wait wait a minute! Oh my god! Now you said you said my arteries were clogged yeah, so that suggests to me from your heart all the way down to your right clogged. Well, not down to my feet, but in through here it through my hips, my buttocks, and down into my thighs inactivity. Inactivity – Applause, that’s, maybe he’s right, i don’t know i can’t help. You show that. But let me tell you what happened so i got these mris done early in july and the doctor says: yeah yeah. You know we’re going to have to put some stents in that area.

Have you ever had a stent i’ve had a couple of stents, but this was really an operation type. Well, i know all about this now, where do they put them? Where you go one on each side, bilateral right here right there see right, you see it’s right before you’re, okay, everything going up and out of your heart, that’s all right comes down out of your heart into your groin area, yeah, and then it splits off into Your legs right and that’s, where the clogging is right in here right in there yeah now by the way, i’ve, never i’ve, never heard of this i mean usually they’re concerned with from you know, from the belt up. Well, they put these. He put the stents in and he put on two big bandages and they said you know you can’t take a shower or a bath now for a couple of days i mean because we don’t want anything infection, but i knew i was coming here on your show. Your big show so on your behalf. I took a shower anyway. Thank you. Thank you just for you now would you would you like to that’s that’s something? Would you take a shower for me? Yeah i’d. Take a shower for you but i’m concerned about this, because, if there’s clogging in your uh arteries of servicing your legs, that must mean perhaps clogging in other arterial areas. Well, maybe – and maybe it could lead to that i’m – not sure, but your heart is okay yeah! You got to worry about the ones going to your brain.

Too. Dave was very nice to me when i had to have a triple bypass because he had had a quant quintup quintuple before i did so. I called him, and he gave me advice – gave me the doctors gave me the whole told me the whole. You were concerned, everything was great and the night before the operation. I couldn’t sleep. I was nervous, and so i tuned you in and you were very hot. Then your short wave set, i tuned him in and he says. Well you know what’s going to happen to regis tomorrow morning, he’s going to report to the hospital 6 a.m. They’Re gon na strip off his clothes, put him on a gurney roll him into the operating room and bust him open. Like a lobster, i i now wait. Excuse me how is regis supposed to sleep? After that? I was awake all night busted. I made a grievous mistake that night here’s the mistake i made let’s hear it. First of all i had assumed you had announced your medical plans to your viewing audience on your show, that’s. What i assumed, because you talk about everything yeah on your show, yeah and i and and so when i announced that it was happening the following day. I didn’t realize that i was betraying a confidence and i’m terrible i’m. Terribly sorry about that. No, no! No, but, but now now let me get to the other half the other half uh, having been through it myself, yes, uh and and referring to it in a kind of a jocular way and invoking the cracking of the lobster and such i i thought dracula about.

Busting him open like a lobster what’s. So funny is this because it had happened to me. The joke really is on me you’re about me. No. You said this is what’s going to happen to reese, but i it’s not about you, but i. If it never happened to me, i couldn’t sleep a week, not a week because of you, but it all turned out great and, and you i think in looking back on it, you appreciate the heads up. No, you gave me the right doctors. You gave me the right everything except you know, and then every night and i’d be in the hospital like this and one night he would say you know, regis is in the hospital. You know, he’s had some surgery, but it hasn’t been the first surgery. He had remember a few years ago. He had kathy lee disappear Applause. Why now listen! The important thing is that you’re feeling fine now and everything everything’s good. You don’t want to hear about these things. Do you well? I’M? Sorry, i can only apologize so many times. The first day i came back after six weeks – and incidentally, he said yeah regis is going to be in the hospital six weeks. You know what that means. Don’T you facelift! Oh well, Applause, heart, my heart, no all right! I’M. Sorry about that! No it’s been too much it’s been too much and then he finally came. You don’t see this man anywhere else.

You don’t see him do any of the shows, but he was nice enough to come to my show a couple of times. But when i came back out of the hospital the first show i said, please ask dave to come and he came and we had a great time. You were you’re a terrific guest, a lot of fun, but then that night he says. Well. I was at the regis show today: yeah yeah he’s back yeah. You know uh he’s a changed man. I saw a nurse changing him backstage. Look at you laughing pretty good it’s a trick man. I saw a nurse changing him. Oh, but it’s just it’s, nothing! It’S! All in front of jocular yeah, now this um uh, the crowd, goes wild. You have a new sports show on fox uh august sports, one august 19th. That’S right. Are you looking forward to it? Oh, i really am yeah and don’t read anything into this, but why would you do this? I got a little Applause, i’ve been out of it for about a year and a half, and i thought sports. You know i love sports just to get you out of the house that’s. All this is isn’t it. You know who else is on the show. We got a great big, uh defensive end, who uh 14 years in the nfl two super bowl games. His name is, i know, the guy. I just spent the weekend with him: Applause, uh, travis, uh, honest to god, isn’t this.

This is really embarrassing. What is it yes, travis price? What trevor price dammit you see what you’ve done. I didn’t do it? No, you don’t, but this is the kind of thing you’re going to get every night on the fox sports network. I’M. Sorry. What did i come in here for oh sit down, regis trevor’s, a great big guy. He doesn’t like that. You don’t fool with trevor. Well, god bless you, my friend it’s great, to see you this is it. I had this big payoff. Well, no, you can stay. You want to stay, no that’s, okay, i don’t know i don’t know. What do you want to stop? No, you got time. We got to, we got a great fact, though this guy’s great he’s, absolutely fabulous.