He was also the host of uh live with uh, kellyanne, regis or regina kelly. I think now it’s live with kelly and ryan and he was also on dance with america’s car talent and all other shows like that, and apparently he has unfortunately passed away at age. 88., he was this close of being 89 man, yeah um, i don’t know man. I this this year just gets worse and worse by the minute. I don’t understand anymore. When i first heard about it um. I think it was mcjuggernuggets sorry for that sound um, the juggernuggets uh tweeted out about a statement from regis philbin’s family um, and it said something like this. This is from brian stelter, but this is the same thing uh. We are deeply saddened to share that. Our beloved regis philbin, passed away last night of natural causes one month shy of his 89th birthday. Now i don’t know man, but to be honest, i the only thing that you know made like i don’t know how to explain it like what made him you know so admirable and so inspired was that he he donated money to uh the school that he went To in cardinal hayes high school in new york – and you know he he’s been a long time host for who wants to be a millionaire and that show i’ve been watching for you know for like the past uh for the past five years and i’ve been re Watching in them all the way back from 1999 and until now and uh, you know uh, i hope it’s, not betty white or any other people that’s going to die next anytime soon, but mayhem rest in peace preaches philbin, regis you’re, one of those people that absolutely Made this world a better place, absolutely, you may have not done like more, but at least you did something that most other people can’t do and it’s to be entertaining like i got.

A lot of people can can be entertained, but you’re like one of the top up there you’re like up there and one of the most entertaining people out there. Um yeah, i i don’t, know man since mayhem rest in peace, man and hopefully you go up and have him watching all of us, and i wish you were still here man. I would have thought that you would have. I thought i thought he would have been like i don’t know when who wants to be a millionaire came by again, i would have thought that he would have been the host, but i know he retired, but oh man, i don’t know but he’s a legend he’s. One of the legends out there he’s a legend and uh let’s, just say thank you, regis for being so entertaining on television. Thank you for being one of the long time hosts out there, and just thank you. Thank you for everything that you’ve done before your time. Yeah that’s, all i got ta, say Applause. Thank you thanks very much, thank you very much everybody and welcome to the premiere of the biggest most exciting, most dramatic television program that i or you or anyone else has ever seen every night for the next two weeks. Real people, just like you, who called our phone number, will be playing for an unprecedented cash prize of one million dollars. We are terribly excited about. This. Show the technology, the music, the lights, the human drama, even this audience gets us crazy.

What a night this is going to be so now let’s meet our first 10 contestants on who wants to be a millionaire, my gosh. What can i say except debbie, you’re going to paris – and this is the final answer heard all around the world – he’s 1 million dollars final answer final answer: Music: the bad news! Is you just wasted a double dip, but you got the answer right? Oh, my a god dollars and we’ll be right back and my second surprise regis is actually i am not the celebrity that’s gon na play for charity tonight. What you are all right, what what charity do you want to play for? Well, she’s got one! No! No! I i’ve always played in these kind of situations for my high school here in the bronx in the south, bronx that i went too many years ago. Cardinal hayes high school on grand concourse and, like so many catholic high schools, you know fighting for its life to stay alive and so i’d like to donate whatever i, whatever. I win here tonight to cardinal hayes and to help out those students that can’t afford. Even the low tuition cardinal hayes has a lot of families, just can’t do it and i want to give them the money that i win here. All right, let’s go one of the four lifelines ask the audience double the audience which of the following has never been the answer to a winning million dollar question on the prime time version of millionaire, which of the following has never been the answer to a winning Million dollar question: on the primetime version: a million okay wait a minute i’m.

The host here – yeah that’s, right, okay, okay, you got that all right, richard nixon peru, the grapes of wrath 93 million well i’ve been here for 8 million questions, and i don’t remember which of these has never been the answer i don’t remember any of these being The answer has never been the answer to it. So it’s, not richard nixon okay, so that you can eliminate that yeah that’s great what else you got believe i’m gon na i don’t need any help i don’t need. I don’t need it: okay, okay, wait a minute! Wait: no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No, not kidding i’m kidding. Okay! The answer is Applause. Final, no, okay! That doesn’t bother me because i know it’s not nixon and then no it’s, not 93 million and if it’s not peru, it’s got to be the grapes of red brew, wasn’t the grapes of wrath. My final answer: you’re driving me crazy, no it’s, not you’re, driving me crazy. It is Applause. Okay, i want to thank meredith vieira. Our expert bill dye for hanging around all night and all of our contestants.