My parents knew what they were doing that’s all. I have to say so. You’Ve been a doctor for a long time. Yes, specialist in uh cancer in in dermatology yeah. Well, let’s talk about it. You want to give us a little quiz how common is skin cancer? Well, there are over 1 million new cases every year to give you an idea: it’s more common than breast cancer, colon cancer, lung and prostate cancer combined. But the great news is that, when found early, it has a greater than 96 cure rate that’s. Why it’s so good the skin’s on the outside? You can find them early, treat them and then you’re done and you can see. Well, i have a question about there’s. So many laser treatments out now, where you can take away the markers the moles is that putting this at more of a risk when you can’t actually see what’s on the skin, if you’re doing it for beauty reasons to get rid of it, you have to be Very careful with that it should be only done by a dermatologist and to remove them all a dermatologist either should sample them all and know that it’s an unimportant mole before they do that, because otherwise you can take away the pigment, the color, but this risk is Still there, so you have to be able to know what it’s doing don’t they examine everything they take off your face.

We do but that’s if it’s done by a dermatologist, so a lot of people go to places that don’t have doctors yeah.

They just don’t want the freckles or something, and then you don’t know what your marker, you know. Okay, let’s, find out how much we know or don’t know all right question one a base hand will protect your skin, true or false, say that again a base tan. So if you go to a tanning salon and get a base tan, oh a base, tin, yeah i’m, a new yorker. This is a question. A base tan will protect your skin, true or false, will protect your skin false, exactly right, there’s, no such thing as a safe tan. In order to make a tan to make that color, you create a burn. The only way to get a safe tan is from a bottle. If you want to use a sunless tanner right, that’s, fine, they make them in powders and sprays, and i have it on right now and it looks bad. So you can’t tell it looks like a little moose on then yeah so, but that does not protect you from the sun. You still need sun protection. Next question questions you can get burned on a cloudy day, true or false. True, yes, excellent well done! Actually, i see the worst sunburns on a cloudy day. I have patients who come in they’re not suspicious exactly so. They don’t feel so hot.

They spend more time outdoors and they burn. So you need sun protection every day all year round, even if it’s cloudy, and there is sunscreen for everybody and also you need to protect your eyes.

Sunglasses are important and the skin cancer foundation recommends an spf of 15 or higher look for uva and uvb protection. The word broad spectrum helps and make sure you reapply it every two hours otherwise it’s as if you never used it. Oh, my goodness, next question, all right: okay, only fair skinned people get skin cancer, true or false, false that’s right. We are three for Applause. Don’T know free now really give us a tough question. Well, here’s. Something that you might not know is that, while skin cancer can affect all skin types, it can also occur where the sun doesn’t always shine. So you need to through your clothes in areas that never get sun. If you have skin of color you’re more likely to get the most deadly type of skin cancer on your palms and soles. So you have to check from the scalp all the way between the toes once a year by a dermatologist. More often, if you have something new or changing next question: okay, clothing protects from the sun, true or false sun clothing clothing protects from the sun, protects from the sun. Yeah protects your skin from the sun, yeah true or false, unless it’s spf, clothing, no it’s. Actually true you’re, both kind of right, because it’s, true clothing, does protect you, but not as much as you think so.

A regular t, shirt that’s. The answer to that. The answer is that it’s true, but some clothing protects you more than other clothing.

For example, a darker shirt protects you more than a lighter shirt, because the dyes in that shirt offer some protection. A typical t shirt has an spf of about eight when it’s dry, three, when it’s wet see, i always thought the white color was more protective. No it’s the dyes in the fabric that protects you more so, depending on the color and the tighter weave, you have more protection, but you can look for clothing, that’s built with ultraviolet protection factor built in that will protect you a lot more wet or dry, and It lasts through lots of washing and there’s, also something you can add to your fabric, softener. That will make your own natural clothing, more protective and it won’t ruin the clothing. All right, we’ve got more coming up from dr day in just a stove got a minute book out called forget the facelift all right. What does that mean? It’S my approach to beautiful skin it’s, what you do from the outside, what you do from the inside, managing your stressors and then procedures, and when you put it all together, your skin is beautiful and healthy, and it looks that way forever. Terrific certain things to look out for right, that’s right so let’s talk about the myths of skin cancer. Well, the biggest problem i have with skin cancer is that people ignore it.

They think that it’s just a nothing mole or they go into denial with the skin.

Being on the outside, you really have specific things to look for there’s three types of skin cancer. The most common type is basal cell and there’s about 800 000 of those every year it can look like a red dot and it can be mostly in sun exposed areas, but not always the next most common type is squamous cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma is a Little bit different, it has a slightly higher risk of spreading, but again it tends to grow slowly and stay local and once it’s completely removed. Then it’s gone. So we can take care of these relatively simply. If you have a mark on your skin that doesn’t heal within a few weeks as marks normally do show your doctor, we can take care of it the most the most deadly type, but thankfully the least common type is malignant melanoma, and these are typically what we Look for in the moles, so this is a picture of a malignant melanoma. There’S about one person dies every hour of melanoma in this country and there’s no reason for it. This is a big cancer killer of women in their 20s and then again men in their 60s. So this is not an old person’s condition and you have to look out for it. Do they usually come with two molds it about half of them come in existing molds and the other half come from just de novo, just naturally in the skin.

They just appear so you have to look at your own.

Moles have your dermatologist check every year and we have our abcdes that we look for in our moles. So a would be for asymmetry. You could see it’s different on one half than the other b is border irregularity. You could see how this is so irregular in the borders c is for color variations. This has a bunch of different colors that’s. A danger sign d is for diameter greater than a pencil eraser head that’s, the least important one i’ve seen melanomas. That are two millimeters, really tiny and but even places like your scalp, you can get something: sun, doesn’t, shine, palms and souls scalp and around the genitals anywhere you know and the eyes. What should you go to your professional dermatologist to get once a year? Okay, sooner, if there’s anything new or changing, and then e is the most important one, that’s evolving a mold that’s, always look the same. If you look at your skin and something looks different than it did before, show your dermatologist, we can take it off greater than 96 rate when found early. We need to catch these. We should never have these statistics for melanoma and i think you’re all doing a great job in in squashing this before it becomes a major situation. We try and when you start that with your sun protection ahead of time, and if you need vitamin d, get it from a pill, don’t, listen to the people who say you need sun.

For vitamin d, you really don’t. Have your levels checked? Take a supplement from food or from a pill. If you need your vitamin d. Thank you very much.