I just heard that uh earlier today, regis philbin passed away and i believe he was 88 years old and if he is and um he was the host of this particular game show and it was and i’ll show you what the game show is with my first Game and it is who wants to be a millionaire now now. This is one of the millionaire games i’m, going to show you i’m going to show you two others um, but yeah regis philbin passed away and he was the first house for a millionaire and then came meredith vieira and then um cedric, the entertainer, i think, hosted. First season, as did terry crews, and i trying to remember who did it last the last who did it before this before the syndicated series ended, even though i do know that jimmy kimmel is hosting a new version of it. I believe it’s still still going on. Even though i think this season is pretty much done anyway, this is uh the first millionaire game i’m going to show you for the record. I don’t know if i’ll ever do this game on youtube or any of these games because i’m, not all that great at trivia games plus. This is probably the only this is well. I could record for my webcam on my computer, but i haven’t used that particular webcam. Yet since i did get a new computer but uh yeah here’s the disc to it, there is the greatest hits version i do believe, but i have the black label version, which is the preferred version, and you can probably see this one in the corner.

But the next game i’ll show you it wants to be millionaire third edition. If i didn’t mention that was the second edition uh, the first dish never came out to the ps1. I did have the first edition for the pc. It might still be around here somewhere. Actually, i just don’t think it works anymore anyway, so i’m, just gon na show what i th these games that i got in my bed, but this is the third edition um this this material on here is a lot harder than the second edition. I do believe – and that was pretty hard in the second isn’t, at least for me anyway. So yeah now let me uh, oh the disc, pretty similar to the second edition disc and the last one i’ve got is uh, who wants to be a millionaire for the nintendo wii? This one in particular, is not hosted by regis philbin, unlike the other two were in fact, this wasn’t. This game came out after he departed from the show, and i think meredith vieira was still hosting it at the time this game came out, but this version um, the the first two versions, have the classic format, which is my preferred format for millionaire, but this version Um has the time limit format, but at least this is still the hot seat version too so yeah. This is probably my least favorite millionaire game of the three of them because it’s not the classic version, but uh.

Let me showcase all of these again there.