Oh, we do yeah yeah have a seat! Thank you and let’s. Take a good look at you! Now, wow that’s! Really um excuse me face me: i feel really it’s, just salt, oh it’s, soft it’s, very bumpy it’s bumpy. This is not like a helmet. You pull over you. This is hours and hours of makeup three hours of makeup, good, great, no it’s, not bad! Ladies! Do it all the time you know, i frankly always thought they were a rubber man that’s a head thing you put on first, no michael westmore, who is the genius behind all the makeups on on star trek, uh doesn’t, believe in rubber masks? He believes that they don’t look real. They don’t work well with the actors faces and uh all of his enemies prove that he’s right, i guess so quark uh every day for three hours before you appear on the camera. Before you go to work, you got ta, sit there and go through all that makes for a lot of overtime. You all bet, i’ll bet you’re, not complaining about anything. No, no it’s a great job, yeah it’s a great job, but you are, and i make a lot of money you deserve it that’s right for a guy who looks like that now what about the mouth? What about the mouth uh? Do you have a above? These are my teeth: okay, no, that might not know what he’s going to do with all that money.

Once the series stops quick thinking. No, the the mouth is, is uh algonate uh, just as they just pop on uh. They just pop on it right on your yeah right over right over here, used um fixodent, uh polygraph. They work those products work. How would you like to have quark? Do that commercial for you ouch, so quarka tell me uh parker, you are uh you’re, an alien from outer space, but you’re really a ferengi i’m, a frankie yeah, which means for those who haven’t. I thought it was an italian dish. Yeah did i have that one? I can be ferengi is, is what uh ferengi is ferengi. Uh ferengi is a group of uh aliens who are the uh capitalists of the universe, we’re out to make a buck uh we’re out to um uh accumulate as much money as we can. I think of ourselves as the robber barons we’re, carnegie, rockefellers uh people like that and and in the meantime, uh make as many conquests of of the female species is possible. Yes and it’s not really quite known, which you prefer money or women, which that’s a tough decision, yeah uh. We can talk about it later, if you like, so in other words you’re just another good time for ranking a good time, and you run basically all the concessions on deep space, nine uh. Basically i have my own atm machines. Uh i run the bar. I run something called the hollow suites upstairs from my bar yeah.

What goes on there uh? Can we say that on daytime tv, no it’s not like a brothel it’s, a brothel uh, also whatever fantasies that you have uh, i can find a program, so you can be satisfied upstairs in the hollow suites and i make a little profit off of that. Oh well, that’s, nice now they’re up it is nice, piper’s, very nice. Well, there are other ferengi’s in this series. Yeah right i have a brother rahm and an effie nog, but no women, no women ferengi’s have ever been seen, never been seen, no uh. The reason being that uh ferengi females are all nude all righty females are all new. Oh that caught your teeth. Well, if they look like you forget about it, no they’re quite attractive. Oh, are they? They turn even quark on uh yeah, yeah, yeah, uh, they’re, uh i’m, waiting for the day that we have for regular women on time now tell us about the ears which are quite they’re like the eerie canal. You know i like to rub one: what what happened? If i would happen, if she rubs oh well, well, i’ll rub it and i’m already pregnant easy. Does it quark easy boy yeah, our erogenous zones are right there i got you nice now. Can i do that to you? No no i’m at the ears yeah! Well, in any event, there is an actor behind all of that makeup. You know, and he does a terrific job as quark and uh what we’re going to do now with uh with him.

His name is armin chimaman we’re, going to take him back we’re, going to take this makeup off we’re going to bring him back in about it. Do we have time to yeah about 25 minutes, we’ll bring you back. It usually takes 50. really, but we’ll do today. You need to strip that makeup off it takes away well stripping is a bad word in my language. People talking about skin there, too yeah all right well as soon as i remove it as quickly as possible. We’Ll get you out here before the show ends and we’ll. Take a look at the reel Applause nice to meet. You thanks. Thank you, Music! All right this is it gang. Come on you’re finally going to see the guy behind quark, the top of the show. We introduced you to that feisty ferengi from star trek deep space, nine. This is what he looked like. Then you remember that it was just a few minutes ago. Here comes quark, making his entrance on the show. Okay, get a good look at that because now meet the man beneath the makeup: here’s actor, armin, shimmerman Applause, boy, i’ll, say clean as a whistle look at that and you don’t look like uh patchy or scaly, or anything that’s, because my makeup, lady karen westerfield who’s, Here with me today does a great job, she’s very sensitive, my skin. She does a terrific job. All right, well, let’s have one of our famous before and after pictures.

Armor just take a look into that camera there and we will see oh yeah well, thank goodness there’s a marked which is better i’ll, tell you which one makes more money, so they designed this this whole look to you. This is not a preconceived look that they then try to get. They know. Why is the actor first, no uh it. It was a preconceived look uh, designed by what michael westmore uh and i i i created this species of character about five or six years ago. On the next generation i was the original ferengi. When you say you created, you mean his personality or his look or not his look. You know he does get in costume with that. With that makeup, on a walk around these uh star, trek, uh uh, these trekkie conventions, yeah yeah, but not in costume. I do do that on the set a lot, though uh when there’s a tour on the on the paramount set. I do go on tours and off my own volition and sort of oh, so you go just the way you are people still don’t know who you are exactly. I was at a convention last sunday and i’m here in new york to do a convention this sunday at stony, brook um, where i walked around for 45 minutes people didn’t look twice uh. I had all the anonymous. Well blown your cover, you realized. Oh, i know you didn’t see it here, one of those uh.

What are those you know saturday night live? Does it take off on those star trek conventions? Is there anything like that? One of those you know saturday night live. Does it take off on those star trek conventions? Is it anything like that? Um, no they’re, basically uh thoughtful people well, they’re, not always thoughtful it’s. Like news conferences, you go out and you take questions and you answer and you try to answer the questions as best you can. Sometimes you make things up. Um lies uh what’s, the most asked question you get always the first question is always the same question. You asked, i think you asked uh uh how many hours does it take to put the makeup on and now we know how long it takes to take it off my producer’s going to kill me if they found out. I could do it in 20 minutes yeah. Let’S, take a look, incidentally, at that makeup being applied. We have made a tape of what happened this morning, beginning at 6 00 a.m, and this is uh. So it is a little bit of a helmet yeah it’s, a helmet it’s, a two piece: uh uh piece of makeup: there’s, a helmet there karen is applying the the helmet and it’s it’s delicately applied around the eyes, that’s what they call a prosthesis rises, prosthesis there’s. Karen there um, then we have the mask putting on the mask. The mask has to be joined to the ears on the helmet, and now karen is putting on the packs and and coloring it in especially this.

The scarlet around the eyes is what i love the most, because you see the eyes immediately pop out because of the scarlet uh here, putting on the uh costume uh, designed by robert blackman uh finishing touches on the hand and by after about the second hour. I begin to transform uh psychologically mentally into quark. I begin to uh yeah he’s ready to go he’s. Nothing like you personally, then. How are you um he’s, my adolescence? Oh really! What a wild childhood man well one! Thank god! You got through that alive, huh uh! Barely but yes, yeah – and here is the lady who does it every day with quark here’s, karen westbrook hi, hey guys, hi nice to meet you up. People don’t get really enough credit in this in this business. But there you are, you know: you’re the one who’s working he’s sitting on his back relaxing and becoming quark you’re, doing it all yeah, but it’s fun. We have a good time, you sure, get to know one another don’t you and you have three hours just to talk every day my wife is jealous. I bet yeah. Now you were the uh part of the makeup team for star trek right right next generation supervision of michael westmore and on d street nine there’s two different shows next generation. Well, you must employ a lot of makeup folks yeah yesterday. Well, yesterday, yesterday, yesterday that was l.a. Yesterday we had uh 17 extra makeup people to do uh 65 extras that all had prosthetic pieces on, and i want you to know that karen was part of the team last year that won an emmy for uh star trek.

Oh good, for you all right Applause, i only work with emmy people, that’s right. Well, armin. You do a good job and the next time you do one of these things clean up his nails. You thanks karen thanks very much and thank you.