Um regis philippine, i think that’s how you pronounce his name, but all i know all i knew him was from regis and kelly and other shows. I remember him on when i was little and uh every morning him and kelly ripa i don’t you know i don’t really know how to pronounce. You know. I really don’t know them from their last names. You know that’s the thing you don’t really, you know if you really research what their name, but they didn’t really advertise their last names on maybe on the credits or something, but all i just knew them knowing from is regis and kelly. You know, but anyway, regis philippine passed away today at the age of 88 or yesterday, but they just released the news today because well maybe his family didn’t want to be out so quickly, but regis philippine passed away at the age of 88 and, like i said His family’s his family said he passed away yesterday, but i didn’t see any social media or any videos until now of them passing away so they’re news of him passing away, maybe he’s, just his family didn’t wanted to be out there just yet they just wanted to Uh cope with their lost, i mean yeah, you know so, but he was 88 years old. He was a funny person, he was. He was very funny person.

Uh really. I only know him from regis and kelly. A lot of his older shows were on way before i was born uh, but i really know him just from regions.

Kelly i’ve never seen him on ridges and kelly didn’t. I think he retired, or he just stopped during reaches and kelly now it’s uh. Well, i don’t think kelly’s even on there anymore. I think it’s somebody else and somebody else is not um but it’s still it’s still the same concept that they were doing. Uh it’s a mix what they, what i remember, regis kelly us dude. They would do like news and then they would do like well, not news, but, like you know they would explain, you know what the day was and everything and i don’t know, then we do like cooking, shows and stuff cooking, something and uh they would get uh Yeah in october i’ll be doing food reviews but i’m, not talking about food reviews or any reviews and talk about regis and kelly, but yeah. I will be doing reviews just let everybody know i’ll be doing start doing uh videos in october again uh uh. I just remember regis from regis and kelly. I think he was on the you know. Maybe he was on like um a couple other shows, but i really just remember regis and kelly uh that’s doing show. I can remember him on, but i know he was on other shows. Of course he was on our toes.

He didn’t start out on regis and kelly, but from my from me seeing the shows just regis and kelly um remember when uh when i used to stay home from school, sometimes um.

I would have fox uh, not fox news, but uh nbc on in my my room, maybe not here but at other houses where i was living before um but uh. Remember. I would stay home from school and turn down the volume of the of the tv and i’d put on like news or something, and then it would be reasonably kelly would be, like i don’t know, 11 or something in the aft in the in the morning. But um yeah, but that’s really all i remember him on i mean i remember him was on. He was on the simpsons before, but that was the simpsons uh. It was the episode when bart and lisa um. It was, i think, the treehouse of horrors episode.