Um i was on lb’s uh podcast a couple hours ago, um shout out to lb of the ldbc if you’re not subscribed to lb’s youtube channel or his patreon. Please subscribe to both of those venues. I was on lb’s podcast when the news he actually uh uh, you know brought the news, uh, regis, philbin’s, passing and um. It hit me pretty hard um. You know like more and more the people that i grew up watching uh television with are are leaving us. You know i didn’t uh announce this on my channel, but a couple weeks ago, hugh downs, uh 2020. You know with barbara walters if you watched that in the 80s and 90s uh hugh downs passed away, but hugh downs was a television fixture for several decades, but hugh downs passed away at the age of 99. regis philbin uh, who was a fixture for many many Years was live with him, his namesake and kathy lee and then later kelly, ripa passed away today at the age of 88., um regis philbin had been battling some health issues over the past uh several years, including um having to have angioplasty to clear blocked arteries. I believe he had an issue with uh valve replacement or repair. He had hip surgery, maybe about a decade or so ago, um, and i think something else. I read that he over his life had issues with high blood pressure which he spoke about on the show, had issues with high cholesterol, which he spoke about on the show and uh acid reflux.

And i know what that’s about, because i suffer from acid reflux. But regis philbin also set a record throughout his legendary career. He holds the guinness book of world records for most hours, uh appearing on television and i don’t think it’s close, so regis philbin was born in 1931 right. He was born august 25th, 1931 and in 1952. He graduated from high school and he spent two years in the u.s navy as a supply officer i’m reading, from the los angeles times, credit to the los angeles times on his last day of service, a tough talking major asked him what he was going to do. The rest of his life at that time television was a still young, uh new form and it it uh piqued his interest he wanted to get in television. He told him that he liked to go on the television, but he didn’t know what he could do. He wasn’t the singer, he wasn’t a dancer. He was not a comedian. Those are basically the individuals that were on television at that time, but he knew he wanted to be in television. So the major told him to work hard at it and try the best that he can and that’s truly what he wanted to do. So philbin went out to hollywood and tried to make his way in the west coast, but it did not work so he returned to new york and he started at the bottom rung of the entertainment, business and television, which is being an nbc page.

Six weeks later, he was hired as a stage hand at kcop tv in la his next stop was back in san diego, where he worked in radio and local television news before hosting his own program. That reaches philbin show in 1964, when he was only 33 years old. It was pulled, however, after just eight episodes. His first prolonged natural exposure came when he was tapped by abc in 1967 to be joey. Bishop sidekick joey bishop of the rat pack fame following the dynamic johnny carson ed mcmahon tonight, show model in late night after this. After uh, this period of time, joey bishop quit and regis philbin took over his host of the show for the last several weeks of the show, which was off the air in 1969. The next year he married his wife, joyce denise and later on, phil became a host of a top rated morning show called am los angeles, which he co hosted with sarah purcell and cindy garvey for much of the 1970s. The show didn’t do particularly well and uh. It was during the 1980s when he retained with cindy garvey in new york on abc’s. The morning show which became the forerunner of live after cindy garber was replaced with kathleen gifford, who, of course, the wife of the late nfl, legend, frank gifford, the ratings improved and the morning show was renamed live with regis and kathie lee, and the show became syndicated Nationally and that’s, to show that most of us grew up watching him in the 80s into the 1990s and into the 20th century.

The twosome became an establishment in the opening gab session, which generally centered on philbin’s stories about what happened to him at home or out and about the night before became a trademark. Everyone and everything, including his wife, teenage daughters, newspapers, reporters and especially his perky blonde co hosts were ripe for his brand of ribbit and uh. They were a fixture on television together all the way until 2000, when kathy lee left into and left the show. There was a series of temporary hosts before he permanently teamed up with kelly ripa and he was with kelly ripper all the way until i believe it was 2011.. I think when he left the show and um. Of course he was replaced by former nfl player. Michael strahan, regis philbin is survived by his wife of 50 years. Joy, philbin and three daughters, jj joanna and amy and he’ll be survived by two grandchildren and he was truly a legend in entertainment. I remember you know he was so famous at one point that i remember he was being parodied on snl by uh, dana carvey, which is how i think most people impersonate regis philbin. You know like a lot of times when you’re doing an impression of somebody you’re doing somebody else’s impression, but i remember dana carver used to go like this with regis philbin i’m, going out of my mind i’m going out of my mind, because he’s always going these Little rants about my stuff well well kathy.

I was out in manhattan and i’m looking at all these things in the computer, and i i just can’t figure it out. It’S making me go out of my mind, but um nah, but uh in all seriousness, though rest in peace to um, regis filming. I think he was truly a legend in television and also uh. I missed something just now uh i don’t know i just forgot it. He also on a whim back in 1999. This is why i did a video about him, because he’s truly legendary uh on a whim. In 1999, he decided to host a little program that he didn’t think was going to be much of anything called. Who wants to be a millionaire – and i remember this – show started in 1999 and before survivor overtook it? The next year millionaire was the biggest thing on television at that particular time. I think it was drawing like between 25 and 30 million people every episode. It became a huge phenomenon, so big that it garnered copycat shows, but none of the copycats could quite match up to regis show you know and uh later on, i think um. It was america vieira took over that that show, but it wasn’t quite the same without regions, because regions just could could could really. You know fool you into thinking that she got the right answer. You know. So your final answer is texas.