I won one epic best host uh daytime host when i um when i was in between co hosts. Ironically enough, we have a malfunctioning, wardrobe malfunction and it’s fun i’m, enjoying his, it wit and spontaneous ad libs charm, tv audiences. For decades, a talent he credited to his irish italian upbringing, my mother had a lot of sisters, brothers and nephews and nieces, and they all would converge on our home in the bronx. I think that gave me uh whatever talking ability. I had because if you didn’t talk with them, you weren’t going to get a word. A word in edgewise, Music philbin was born august 25. 1931. Despite his parents, large extended family regis, francis xavier philbin was an only child until he was in college when his parents had another son Music from notre dame with a sociology degree, then served in the u.s navy that’s wild to wear it like that. What does that mean? Does that have any special significance? No it’s it’s, like a thing man that’s his thing i’m glad he finally got one. The bronx native eventually landed a spot as comedian joey, bishop sidekick on the joey bishop show. The gig gave him access to the rat pack, hollywood’s royalty in the late 60s, more co hosting jobs and other television roles came along. He even shared the spotlight with his second wife joy, who often filled in as co host on his live, show Music philbin racked up some huge kidnap in 2011, he broke his own guinness world record for the most on camera hours on ustv, a new guinness world Record 16, 746 and a half hour.

He proved he could charm nighttime audiences hosting abc’s quiz show who wants to be a millionaire let’s play billionaire right now. Hillman was a frequent guest on the late show, with david letterman, even filling in for him. When the late night host underwent quintuple bypass surgery, you stopped for number 10 to work down to one. What do you think einstein excuse me? The guy calls this morning reach. Please come help. It’Ll be co. Host it’ll, be something new. Please please reach us.