I’Ve spent a lot of time really developing our sovereign grade ties to ensure that they knot beautifully and very easily we’ve all experienced some ties that are just impossible to tie good knots and we have worked on the linings of our ties to really make knotting them Up beautifully really effortless, but in today’s video i just wanted to go through some of the basic types of silks that are used in making ties and talk a little bit about what makes them different and interesting. So, first and foremost, i’m going to start with something that’s a little bit on the obscure side, and that is a grenadine grenadines are very unique because it’s actually a solid knitted, silk right. So this is knitted on a loom, it’s, not woven it’s knitted, and what i love about grenadines is the rich visual texture you get with the grenadine tie. It really is able to play into something that is simple and very elegant, yet still offers a rich visual detail in a solid tie. It’S really actually difficult to do. Another interesting fact about grenadine ties is that they’re only made in the italian region of como there’s. Only like one or two mills left in the world that are able to knit grenadine ties and they’re knitted on looms that are almost 100 years old, so grenadine is a little bit of a specialty tie and it’s. Just all the more reason that i love these they’re super easy to wear, they’re foundational, i mean this navy tie could easily go with what i’m wearing today now there’s two different types of grenadines you’ve got grenadine fina, which has a very kind of a small tight Weave pattern to it: this is a navy, grenadine fina, very formal, very beautiful, very easy to wear.

But right here i have a burgundy grenadine grossa. Now the grenadine grosses have a larger weave. It makes it a more casual tie less formal. Now you could get away wearing this at night, but i would say that the grenadine grosses are kind of more daytime ties, whereas the grenadine finas and like a dark navy or a black is a beautiful time. The evening time next we’re going to go to printed silk so printed, silk. First, you weave the silk. It comes out on sheets and then it’s going to be printed to give it its design. So there’s several different types of printed, silk ties, um and we’ve got a huge collection here at kirby allison. Now, first, you have your macclesfields. Now macclesfields is a it’s, a town in england that was known for a certain type of tie that they made they’re printed. Silk ties and really the mackel’s field refers to the pattern. Generally. Macclesfields have smaller slightly more symmetric patterns, and so this is a great example of a printed silk macclesfield. These are great ties. These are the ties that you see. You know ninety percent of the time. They’Re printed, silk ties now. What i like about a good printed, silk tie is that you can get really beautiful kind of varying um. You know, patterns and designs. I mean there’s, just really no limit in what you can find. So this is a macclesfield, but another example of how you can have a printed silk tie be different.

Is this? Is our london dot tie beautiful tie again would go perfect with this double breasted navy blazer that i’m wearing today and we’ve got this in several different colors and then also again going into the obscure and interesting one of my favorite types of printed silk tie is Something called an ancient mater tie now. Ancient matter ties are still technically printed: silk but it’s dyed using a very ancient and really quite secretive dye process that creates a beautiful kind of chalky hand right. So it’s got kind of a nice chalky dry texture to it, but it also creates some very unique colors that are really only possible to achieve during the ancient matter kind of dyeing process. Now how ancient matter ties are dyed is basically first, the tie is printed. So it’s a raw silk tie a raw silk it’s printed, but these areas kind of of the blue that you see and here’s another beautiful. This is probably my favorite ancient matter. You see these indigo blues. So whenever this tie is printed, that is actually unprinted. Silk right there, then, what happens is the entire silk is dipped into a indigo, a dye vat right? That then, fills in that background color and gives it kind of this beautiful color and apparently one of the things that makes ancient matter very difficult is how the indigo dye bath interacts with the actual printed dye colors, and then the silk breaks down during this process And again kind of giving it that really interesting kind of chalky hand.

So these are two examples of ancient matter ties. Two of my favorite ties. Absolutely love these and ancient matter is really kind of a difficult tie to find there’s really only one place left in the united kingdom that can even print or make silk in the ancient matter method. And so these are what i like to say. Kind of connoisseurs ties, one of the other words for a printed silk tie that you may have heard are foulards and a foolard is just basically french for printed silk tie so it’s one of the things that can make ties a little bit confusing. Is you have the english name and the french name, and a great example here is jacquards? Well what’s, jacquard, well, that’s, just french for a woven, silk tie. Now, what i love about – woven, silk, ties or jack cards is the beautiful, rich texture that you receive. Now this design in the jacquard is actually woven into the silk at the mill right, so it’s not being printed on a blank piece of silk and what you get with the jack art again is a beautiful, rich texture now, generally with jack cards, you’re able to Have i guess, less complex designs because again it’s being woven into the silk, but if done well, you can get an absolutely beautiful and rich visual detail here that you don’t get with the printed silk tie. This is another kind of favorite tie, and this is was a little bit of a stand out for us whenever we ordered these um, i got you know i just i fell in love with this tie more than i would have expected, and that gold and yellow Just really stands out, and again i mean this is an absolutely beautiful tie.

That would work great with this navy blazer and all of our ties here at kirby allison whenever i’m selecting the silks one of the things that i’m really focusing on is which designs are going to be timeless and classic and easy to wear. I mean that’s one of the greatest criteria. I think when selecting a tie is you want it to be easy to wear you don’t, want it to be difficult to pair and all of the designs that we have i’d say really fall into the category of just beautiful classics, ties that you can enjoy really For the rest of your life and really never have to worry about them, not knotting, well, jacquards i’ve got a lot of jack cards in my wardrobe let’s see another class of jack cards, so this is a a woven tie but it’s a stripe. Right and again, you know this alternating navy, silver and navy silver. A silver is actually woven into the silk it’s, not printed it’s, not dyed. And again you see that a kind of twill, which is that kind of the pattern here, a beautiful kind of rich design – and this is another tie again i mean i didn’t – really do this on purpose. That would just go beautifully with this navy blazer that i’m wearing right now. So you know i might be cheating a little bit. This is a navy blazer and one of the things i love about a navy blazer.

Is that again it’s so easy to pair? But i mean this is a beautiful tie, works perfectly with the navy blazer i mean this is so formal. This would be perfect with a business suit and then, honestly, even pushes you know the boundary on a wedding tie that you could wear to a wedding. We have this in several different color ways. I mean navy and silver is as classic as it gets, but we’ve got other really equally classic designs. Now this is a similar tie, but different. This is a stripe it’s woven, but it has a larger kind of pattern to it, and this is what we would call a reptile. Traditionally, these reptiles were assigned to different british regiments, it’s, really kind of a military tie. If you will but there’s a lot of really interesting kind of designs here and again, slightly more casual. If you will compared to this one but still very interesting, and we have a lot of reptiles – that kind of tie back to various of the british regiments, this particular tie is of the blues and royals in the uk, and this particular regiment was the regiment that Prince harry and prince william were members of so it’s kind of fun. Little historical facts like that. As one of the things i really enjoy about regiment ties and most of the regiment ties we have on the website, we have a small little description of kind of the historical background there, another beautiful jacquard tie.

This is a diamond point, tie and again it’s woven a very simple, very kind of tight, clean pattern that still has a visual texture and richness and that’s, because it’s a jaguar tie. This is another one of my favorites i have this tie in burgundy also and several different color ways and again this is such a classic such an easy to wear tie. This tie really exemplifies everything. I love about a beautiful tie and, of course you can see the beautiful knot with the great dimple i mean those are kind of the final touches that really sets a tie apart and then. Finally, we have another kind of category of tie. These are our satin ties now satins probably were made famous by regis philbin. I mean we all remember. Who wants to be a millionaire that was kind of his tie? I think he honestly gave satin ties a bad rap. Our satin ties aren’t the rebus philbin satin ties. These are beautiful, really luxurious heavy satin silk. They are, as you can see, all solid ties great for weddings great for the evening time i mean this tie kind of uh. You know has a little bit of sheen to it, so it is a little bit louder if you’re looking to make a little bit of a statement, but in the evening time i think a solid satin tie really is a beautiful choice and one of the other Things regis did, is he insisted on pairing his satin ties with an almost matching monochromatic shirt.

So as long as you don’t do that you know you can wear a satin tie and absolutely make it look elegant and beautiful. So there we go. I mean, as you can see, we’ve got a huge selection of ties here. You know: we’ve got our permanent collection that’s available in two links: 150 centimeters, a kind of standard, eight and a half inch width uh, but then also a long 160 centimeters for taller. Gentlemen and then we have our seasonal collection, which we offer in that 150s only, but, as you can see a huge selection of ties, i love ties. I love collecting them. I love wearing them and that’s. Why, here at kirby allison, we have one of the largest selection of beautiful handmade ties available anywhere in the internet. All of our silks, with the exception of course, of the grenadines, are woven in the united kingdom. All of our ties are hand, cut and handmade in the united kingdom and all of those small details, those elements of quality and craftsmanship that you would really expect here at kirby allison you can find in our ties from you know the attention that we put into The linings to ensure that they not beautifully to the weight to the proportions even down to something as small as just kind of the double tacking we have. You know here in the back it’s a small detail. All of our ties are self tipped where we have the same silk on the tipping on the large blade and the small blade here.

You can actually see you know their hand slipped, and you can see the small little kind of slipping knot here at the end and that’s really important we’ll get into why that’s important in another video. So this is a just kind of a brief overview of the different types of silks that are used to make ties that you can find here at kirby allison. I hope you found this informative if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section below i’m happy to answer all of your questions and of course, please make sure you visit kirbyallison.