Everyone i’m sandra bookman joe, has the night off for decades. Regis philbin was a fixture in all of our living rooms, his wit his smile, his undeniably new york accent. Well, today, we learned the man who set a world record for most hours on television passed away. His family released a statement that reads in part quote: we are deeply saddened to share that. Our beloved regis philbin, passed away last night of natural causes one month shy of his 89th birthday. His family and friends are forever grateful for the time we got to spend with him, and we just received this joint statement from kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. Of course, the pair now hosts the show that regis presided over for years, they wrote. We are beyond saddened to learn about the loss of regis philbin. He was the ultimate class act, bringing his laughter and joy into our homes. Every day on live for more than 23 years, we were beyond lucky to have him as a mentor in our careers and aspire every day to fill his shoes on the show. We begin our coverage tonight with a look back at regis life and legacy. You have a sleeping problem: a television fixture for more than half a century, regis philbin’s, eclectic interview, style, folksy, banner and self deprecating sense of humor made him. The talk show host others wanted to emulate. Philbin was a new yorker raised in the bronx after a stint.

In the navy he headed west to san diego, where he landed. His first talk show the regis philbin show we’ll be right back now, philbin sprint to talk, show superstardom brought him next to los angeles, where he took over hosting duties from steve allen before finally bursting onto the national stage. As the sidekick on the joey bishop show the hottest thing on records, regis, philbin Applause, Music, it’s, live with regis and kathy lee. In 1985 he was back home in new york, sharing interview, duties with kathie lee gifford live with regis and kathy lee became a ratings winner with the popular duo working together for 15 years with regis and kelly in 2001 soap, opera, star kelly, ripa inherited the school Beside regis, their on air chemistry, winning them a daytime, emmy award for outstanding talk show that same year, three years later, philbin broke the guinness world’s record for most hours on camera, then 15 188.. This will be my last year on this show, and it was the biggest thrill of my life thanks everybody in 2011, regis stepped down from live after nearly 28 years. The veteran broadcaster also graced prime time most, notably as the host of the popular who wants to be a millionaire final lansing regis was married twice and had four children: a multi, talented entertainment writer, comedian, television personality, Music, standard mixture of sarcastic wit and genuine warmth regis. He really was television royalty, even though he once said he simply wanted to be remembered as a nice guy who did his best to give you a few laughs, he did so much more than that.

So it is no surprise that condolences are pouring in from across the country moments ago. President trump tweeted, he was a fantastic person and my friend he kept telling me to run for president holds the record for most live television and he did it well regis. We love you eyewitness news reporter naveen dollywall is outside our studios with more reaction: naveen, yes sandra what a legacy regis philbin is leaving behind and for all of us here at channel 7 and the walt disney company we’re, remembering this tv giant and a family member And you know, as we come to work walking in and out of these doors, we walk past this plaque that is dedicated to all his hard work. His dedication for nearly three decades, an outpour of grief from fans and his colleagues today late night talk, show host jimmy kimmel tweeting. This regis was a great broadcaster, a good friend and a tremendous amount of fun. He leaves behind a beautiful family, a tv legacy that will likely go unmatched regis. I hope our friend rickles met you at the pearly gates with open arms and a slew of the insults you loved so much, and the rachel ratio tweeting this tonight, we’re heartbroken to hear of regis philbin’s passing today, not only a dear friend of rachel’s, but a Dear friend, to our entire show our deep condolences to his wife joy, their family and friends. There was no one like regis a true television legend now regis gilman was raised in the bronx.

He was a mega star who spent decades hosting, tucked and game shows on the upper west side and people remembering him as a great guy. He lived here, walked these streets, saying hello and chatting to many of his fans and those same fans remembering him tonight. Nikon, just like a passage of time, a chapter in the life of the media. Well, he certainly leaves a legacy behind him very, very sorry, to hear that he’ll definitely be very mitch. Overall, great guy, you know growing up. You watch him. You know wants to be a millionaire. You want siobhan justin kelly, you know he kind of started like the talk you know feels like he started. Like the talk, show uh era and uh. You know, iconic game shows we went to go see. It live one time which is amazing um. You know, you know been on the upper side for 10 years or so he’s always like synonymous with upper one. He sure is, as i spoke to people here on the upper west side and they learned of his death. There was that initial shock and then there was contentment, as in they remembered a man who made so many smile for so long live on the upper west side, naveen dollywall channel 7. Eyewitness news. Yes, he did. Thank you very much. Naveen no question. Regis was a big national tv star, but for many of us around here he was simply family. For years.

The live studio was literally right next door to the eyewitness news studio. So the day we just said goodbye to live, it was bittersweet and it was personal here’s how entertainment reporter sandy kenyon covered regis’s last day on live. Please welcome. Kathie lee gifford life came around full circle today for regis philbin, when his former co host came to say goodbye more than a quarter of a century, after their local show on this station became a national sensation. I cried this time just walking, given his long run. It’S easy to forget: regis wasn’t, really that famous when they started, although he had spent a few years as joey bishop’s sidekick and been in show business for many decades. When i came to new york and had this, what you would call a last chance that’s when it became important for me to make this thing happen, that’s just what he did in triumph and tragedy with kathy lee and then with kelly ripa we’re very similar in A lot of ways we both hate change. We are both intense creatures of habit. We are both ridiculously predictable. Now each faces a fundamental change, maybe a little time in florida, regis relaxing in mar a lago what’s wrong with that vacation at trump’s place is part of the plan, and so is more time with his wife joy after so many came by to bid him farewell. Yes, regis was an icon on tv and off sandy kenyon knew him well sandy’s joining us now on the phone sandy.

I think a question that we always get from people about somebody on tv and they asked us about regis. Was he the same on tv as he was off sandra he more than anybody else i’ve ever met in show business, certainly at that level of stardom i’ve ever as he asked us to remember him as a nice guy who made you laugh, i remember years ago, Going before i worked at eyewitness news going to the one of the lives famous uh wedding shows and uh, i was covering it for another outlet and the red light went off and they went to commercial and we just was hysterical for two and a half minutes And this is unprecedented in show business, usually johnny carson would just sit there motionless and silent, as i saw him many times not reaching. We just would go into the audience and and just tell joke after joke. I was on the floor. I was laughing so hard. I could barely do my job and you know he was generous in a way that a reporter, like me, understands he lived across the street and that was a well kept secret and what happened is that inevitably a show business giant would pass and inevitably regis philbin Would know him and just as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow, he’d come down on me off the elevator. He would really take the time to try and give us the essence of the man or woman who had passed that he’d known not as just a pro forma and a lot of times.

Celebrities will be pro forma. We just was never pro forma, he loved being disturbed, he loved being famous. If you encountered him in the street, if you were me or you or just somebody and passes by, he wanted you to have a good experience and one of the great joys of him being there at eyewitness news. I did know him before i joined the station. So i would go up and spend an hour and a half just listening to his show business stories, and those are the memories that i am treasuring uh. Finally, michael gellman i’m thinking of michael’s this afternoon, because this was a guy who started as reached his intern, and this is a man who is the executive producer, boss and everything else of live with uh, kelly and ryan. So this is a man with a 30 year arc and my thoughts are with him and i have to conclude with kelly ripa’s own words on social media posts. Regis was a class act and whether he was at the oscars that’s. How i’ll remember him sandra yeah and sandy? I think we all agree with you here at channel 7 and throughout abc to us. He was also family. Thank you. So much for those remembrances now back in 2006, regis was asked during an interview with the archive of american television how he wanted to be remembered. This is what he said. I guess number one, a nice guy who uh did his best to uh.

Give you a few laughs and make you feel uh welcome to his show a lot of guys. Really i get the feeling don’t care, whether you like that show or not. You know i want people to enjoy what i do and understand what i’m doing is for their enjoyment and that’s. All i can ask for he certainly accomplished all of that and more. We will have much more coverage of regis philbin’s, passing throughout this newscast and all night on abc7ny.com. Coming up in our next half hour.