. I just recently graduated today so 2020 yay, but anyways enough enough of that. Enough of that, we need to get pretty serious here: uh film, 7. 25. 20. 20. 8. 35 pm i’m. Here to break a very sad announcement that i need to talk to you guys about i’m gon na see you pop, and most of you probably heard about this. By now we have lost a very good man in the game, show community and talk show community, and that is regis philbin regis philbin has sadly passed away earlier today, overnight last night, due to natural causes at the age of 88, they haven’t confirmed the cause of Death yet, but could be a heart attack, we don’t know um, but ah, but he was a very, very inspirational man to a lot of people he get. He was a big impact to a lot of people in the game, show community and um, and the talk show talk, show community yeah. He all he was a talk show host on on the on the show, live, reaches philbin and kelly ripa before regis retired um, and he was also the host of the primetime version of millionaire, but which i was a fan of both version of millionaire. Prime time. We reaches philbin and the syndicated version of millionaire with meredith thierra um it’s it. This is a very unexpected. This is a very unexpected um. This is a very unexpected.

This death is a very unexpected, to say the least, because because he is a good guy, i did read some articles that he that he did have some heart issues in the past before so it might be, it could be a heart attack.

We don’t know i don’t know what the i it all. I know that he died of natural causes at the age of 88. um but yeah. He touched a lot of people in the game. Show community and the talk show community um. He he was a. He was a very good guy, a lot and um. He had a lot of potential in himself and um. Very unexpected deaths. Definitely, and i wish him i wish his family and friends nothing, but the sear considered condolences during this difficult time. I mean not that kobe not the pandemic is bad enough, but this had to happen very unexpected, because this man was a big legend to a lot of people. I’M. Sorry, i’m about to cry here a little bit i’m trying not to cry here because i’m almost in tears about it because i’m pretty shocked about this, because i mean he’s a good. I mean he touched a lot of people and he had a lot of impact on the game. Show community um. Sorry, sorry, i almost spit but um. He touched a lot of people. The game show community. He won a lot of awards during his time and um and um, and he and since he and he’s been doing, i think, a lot of stuff after he um retired, from um uh from from hit from the talk show, live with uh regis, philbin and cali.

Ripa if i said her last name correctly, that is um sorry um it’s kind of hard to keep my composure, because after he um after he um passed, sadly passed away and everything um and his death was one and his debt was a one month.

Was one month before his um Music uh 89th birthday, so this is very, very, very sad, very, very sad. I feel for all the game show community. I feel for all the people who are a fan of him as um i and a lot and the talk show community too, and his friends and his family too um so ah so yeah rest in peace, regis, philbin, i’m, just gon na give a great i’m Gon na give a great a moment of silence and pray and honor the life reaches of the tv legend regis philbin. Thank you now and um. So so, regis philbin has died with natural cause at the age of 88 and he has sadly passed away after overnight. Last night, so with that in mind from the from all of us here from the christopher rahman productions, studio who records for most of the game show communities um for for me from the games from the christopher o’hara production studio.