I remember him the most from his uh his morning. Talk show as well as he wants to be a millionaire. He used to watch out all the time um and uh just wanted to share um. I had actually got him on ttm back in october and uh. So this one was uh two brandon thanks for remembering me, regis philbin it’s, on the set of his uh talk, show and then the other one i got was uh. Thank you brandon my best to you, regis philbin and one of his many awards that he received so just wanted to uh, like i said some of my thoughts and prayers to his family and know that they’re going through a hard time right now. I know that with uh the covid thing going on they’re, probably gon na, be limited to what they can and can’t do, but uh just uh. Thank you for all that you did um for entertaining us um. I know i greatly appreciate it and so uh let’s get on to our ttm’s for the day. So the first one is a three of three success: it’s 119 days to come back it’s coming out of oklahoma city, oklahoma and uh.

This person made some history when he was in college. It is mr yui von shaman. My holder was my roommate. When we got up uh that morning, he said i had a dream that you were going to win the game right before i went out on the field.

I don’t remember doing this, but i i tapped him on the shoulder and they said i’m going to make your dream come true. Music Applause. Can you take me back to that night in columbus, ohio? We called the time out to get me ready. You know get me ready to focus on. The kick here is lily about showman. Concentrating woody hayes on the sidelines is hopeless at this point and then woody hayes calls time out, and i really didn’t know what to do. I was ready now. Ohio state takes a timeout and i was almost sure that woody would do it to build the pressure. All of a sudden, i uh, i heard the crowd another interesting thing about this combination of person. They were yelling block that kick blocked that kick so i don’t know why i did it but uh i raised my arms him, leading the crowd with block fat. Kick block fat, kick hoover’s, standing out there and i’m over on the sidelines, praying and he’s out there. Making it making a joke the craziest thing that you can ever do as a kicker, because you look pretty foolish if you miss it Music, so we’re back uh time in and uh got a great snap a great hold and it felt really good.

Coming off. My foot 41 yard field goal to win it. It is long enough, it is good. Wow, uvavon shaman’s kick could have gone 61 yards 71.

I mean it cleared the uprights and he hit it perfectly when the kick is good. What do you think you know instant, joy and and relief for one thing you know because you made it and so in the whole team celebrating and uh yeah, i even got a kiss from barry switzer i’m. Guessing that doesn’t happen too often. No, no! No! No! When this kick is mentioned, it will go down as one of the all time greatest moments in oklahoma history. What does it mean to be mentioned in that discussion or the list whenever those come up? I have tremendous pride and because of that, but again it was to me it was a complete uh team effort and you know i can’t, i can’t take all the credit uh. You know you have to share your success it’s a great moment for my teammates that we, when we have alumni uh, get togethers that we talk about it it’s amazing, how people still talk about it after ‘ years, so mr von shaman was a kicker with the Dolphins in the nfl but uh prior to that uh made the kick heard around college world uh for oklahoma when they upset and beat uh ohio state. So i got them on two four by sixes, both came out really really nice in black sharpie he’s.

A really good signer it’s, just it does seem like it – takes him normally uh, quite a bit of time to return return, um whatever you send him.

So if you do send out to him, just know that you’re gon na probably be waiting for a while, and then he also signed the index card got a really nice signature. Um writes most of his letters out so that’s what’s, really nice about it and so yeah. That was a pretty decent return. I was glad to get him back then. The next return we got is a 304 success in 301 days, coming from san bernardino, california, the this person kept one of the baseball cards i sent, and i don’t know if on other websites what his success rate looks like, but i know on sports card forum, This was the first uh success, uh noted on the website for him, so i don’t know if, if that length of time is going to be normal for him or it’s a one off or he’s finally deciding to start signing, you know it could be any one Of those but it’s coming back from mr eric nolte, so i got mr nolte on this uh 88 flare and you can see there’s not much to his uh signature, it’s an ent basically, and i got him on the 88 don russ and it was so long Ago i didn’t know what the other card was. So i don’t know what he kept.

I don’t know which card he kept and then he signed the index card for me again, you can see it’s just ent not much to it pretty clean.

So, thank you, mr nolte. I was glad to get that one back and last but not least, it’s a one of one success in 32 days coming out of phoenix arizona, it’s one of the greats in oakland a’s baseball history. It is mr bert campaneris, as you can see right over the head. I’Ll tell you what they’re, having a little trouble uh, keeping billy martin away from him nike ground, just went out. Broken back well, excitement the plenty you don’t see: empire’s holding billy martin he’s, trying to get to campaneris and it’s unusual. There was not a bunch of roads, everybody went out and the umpires put a sort of a dmz zone. So the funny thing about this is uh. I was talking with scott of reindeer studios uh about bert campaneris and how i keep i’ve been waiting on a return from him, and i think that was a couple days ago and it popped up so that’s fantastic. Mr campaneris does charge five dollars in auto for cards. I don’t know what he charges for you know if it’s different for photos or jerseys or balls or anything else, but i know for cards it’s five dollars, so i sent him the five bucks got this beautifully signed back from him and this is gon na definitely Be one of the things i’m going to send off in the next authentication order whenever that’s going to be because this is going to remain in my collection, of course, so i thought it came out fantastic.

He signed in blue sharpie again he’s one of those that signs pretty much his entire name and uh. I cannot complain if i can find another bert campaneris card or something of brook campinaris. I will definitely send it back out to him, so i want to say a big thank you to mr campaneris to mr nolte to mr von shaman and uh just another shout out to regis philbin and his family.