Applause there we go. Thank you very much thanks everybody. Thank you. Our returning contestant may look like he’s made of money, but jim robinson tells us he’s driving around in an old beat up car with ball tires, and he has a kitchen that has no ceiling and no cabinets. Oh my gosh, this man needs a million dollars. We’Ve been off to a good start, uh on thursday night now, we’re back on our final night as a matter of fact and we’d love to have somebody go all the way. Well, i’d. Love to do it i’m sure you would who’d you bring with you from my husband, david, your husband, david, hey david. How are you good? How long have you been married? Uh, three and a half years you’ve been married three and a half years. Where did this happen in niagara falls? Canada? Oh niagara falls yeah. Did you have a good honeymoon? Oh, it was wonderful. It was beautiful, that’s, good, well, let’s hope you win a lot of money tonight. Okay, you are just six questions away from winning the million dollars. You still have three of your lifelines left for a friend double dip, and you can ask our expert from his office, in los angeles, california, it’s bill dye, the science guy hi bill, regis you’re, looking fabulous bill. Thank you for joining us. We’Ll get back to you as soon as jim here needs a little help.

Okay, remember you at home.

If you want to play along with jim, then head over to the, give it a try. Who knows what can happen all right. Are we going to play here? Listen, are you ready let’s? Do it jim let’s play bigger now right now, 30 seconds on the clock now and we’re going for 25 000 big big level here and here it comes in a much quoted. Snl sketch christopher walken plays a 1970s record producer who demands what, from his band extra triangle, louder tambourine, another gong, more cowbell, i love snl, but i am not familiar with that skit okay, so i would like to use my lifeline and phone a friend want to Phone, a friend all right, let me tell you who you got waiting for you. There you’ve got bill, you’ve got your brother christian and then your friend maddie. I would like to call christian. I think he knows all right. Fine, let’s get christian on the line. A t hello, hello, bill, no it’s christian, oh christian, well, i’m, really looking for maddie, no i’m i’m kidding christian it’s good to talk with you, i’m sorry, but i’ve got your your brother, jim here and he’s going for 25 000, and your time starts right now. In a much quoted saturday, night live sketch. Christopher walken plays a 1970s record producer who demands what, from his band extra triangle, louder. Tambourine, another gong or more cowbell, more cowbell, cowbells, Music sounds good d.

Final answer: the final answer, that’s what he said had he got a right Applause: okay, now, we’re down two lifelines. You got two more to go, though, and you’re doing very well, you’re, five away from a million dollars. Looking at the 50 000 question with 45 seconds on the clock – and here it comes – where are the west indies, just south of thailand, just north of venezuela, just west of australia, just east of somalia, the west indies are just north of venezuela final answer, that’s, where They are jim robinson, columbus, mississippi, that’s up in the northern part of the state near tupelo, the home of elvis presley, absolutely sure what do you do for a living? I am an assessment coordinator, which it means i’m, basically in charge of my school’s preparation for the no child left behind testing. I work with the students that are struggling and how do they do basically pretty good. They do pretty well. Actually, yes, they do that’s great, hey, you’re, going for a hundred thousand dollars here, you’re far away from a million you ready to play i’m ready let’s. Do it let’s go for a video 100 05 seconds on the clock, and here it is as of august 1st, what is the top grossing movie in the united states in 2009 up star trek the hangover transformers, revenge of the fallen? As of august 1st, i was reading online, i read something about the hangover, but i think that it was not the number one movie of the summer.

I think it was the number three movie of the summer. What i’m going to do is i am going to use my double dip. All right, let’s! Stop it right now, at 11 seconds, you’ve got to come up with the first answer right away and then we’ll give you 11 seconds to come up with your second answer. So what is it going to be jim? A final answer, a final answer is: is wrong. We’Ve got three more possibilities and 11 seconds left. Then we start start. It right now be final answer: star trek. No i’m. Sorry, it was transformers Applause. 25. 000.. There you go right there, transformers thanks jim good luck to you. I like the fact that he was willing to uh take a risk, but now we go on and meet the 10 brand new contestants who have flown in from all across the country for their shot. At the million dollar prize – and they are ken bates in los angeles, california, elmhurst illinois, ryan, peterkin, brooklyn, new york, russell carmen ryan, texas, hi, john mccloud, san, diego california, melissa brown, syracuse, new york, alan carver, federal way, washington, real cap tampa florida, london, baylor, auckland, california, And max city bellevue depression: okay, everybody’s up for this one, and here it comes tonight’s first fastest finger. Question put these u.s states in order of their total population, starting with the smallest wyoming, delaware, pennsylvania, north carolina, okay, everybody’s finished let’s see the answer in the correct order, starting with the smallest state population and it was wyoming, then delaware, north carolina, then pennsylvania, that’s, the Right order who got under the fastest sign and the winner is teddy good for you – come on sit down.

Let’S, go Applause; Music, nothing like a good run before you sit down it’s a heart rate going ken basin. Where are you from from los angeles, california? Okay? What do you do i’m, an entertainment lawyer, entertainment lawyer? Oh, i could use one of those. Would you like my card? Would i like your card? Yes, i would. How long have you been a lawyer? It looked like a young fellow i’ve been a lawyer for less than a year. How old are you i’m, 24. 24.. Anyway? Listen you’re in the seat. We need a million dollar winner. Okay, this is our last show i’m on board. All right, you bet, you are ready to play i’m ready to play. Let’S play millionaire Applause, ken basic in the seat right there 15 seconds on the clock, ken and here it is for 100. In a straightforward 2008 ad campaign, michelobe used the slogan crafting a better. What coffee, soda beer, double chin? C? Beer final answer? Yes, ken you got it he’s going for 200. hair products, known as two in ones, are typically a combination of shampoo and what toothpaste, conditioner shaving cream deodorant. Some of those are interesting products, but i would buy the one that’s b. Conditioner final answer: yes, you wouldn’t you’d be right all right, 300 right now on the periodic table. What is the only element that is named after a u.s state? Europium neptunium, californium einsteinium? This is my beloved californian c final answer: yeah you got.

It got 300. you’re cruising ken you’re cruising there’s. A lot of people here want to play: oh okay, all right! Fine! 500! Here we go in 2009. One entertainment award show announced that it was expanding. Its pool of best picture nominees from five films to ten tonys emmys grammys oscars, oscars d, final answer: you’re out there. You know Applause he’s, going for a thousand dollars to maintain its vast fleet of delivery vehicles. Each year ups uses thousands of gallons of what color paint brown, blue, red or green.