You are the last person to win a million dollars here as well. Any advice for our young man here was going for a half million. You know more than you think you do trust yourself, i’m, getting ready to go for it myself. All right we’ve got an electric atmosphere here. You know what i mean: we’re, all rooting for you and uh, so you’re going now for the half million dollars and then one more for the million you’re a millionaire, okay. Let’S look at the question now for five hundred thousand dollars. Three life lines still available ready to play: kenny’s ready, let’s play millionaire 500 000 45 seconds on the clock Music. What film actress’s death was reported on the front page of the debut issue of usa. Today, audrey hepburn marlena dietrich grace kelly greta garland. He got me this time, so i’m gon na phone, a friend, okay, good let’s, take a look at what you got here. Your friends are jerome, allen and dan, who do you think, would know this uh. You know i’m gon na call jerome for this jerome all right, a t. We need jerome on the line: hello, hello, jerome, yeah, yeah, hi, regis philbin, calling for a millionaire in new york. How are you fine, how are you well we’re doing great here and your friend ken believe it or not is going for a half million dollars right now, oh my god, but the only, but the only thing stopping him jerome.

Is that he’s not sure about the answer to this question, and so we turn to you: jerome. Okay, a half million dollars we’re talking about jerome! You got ta help your friend, you understand sure regis. Why don’t you help him you’re right there that’s! True! You are. I don’t know the answer jerome, but you have 30 seconds along with ken, and your time starts right now. What film actress’s death was reported on the front page of the debut issue of usa. Today, audrey hepburn, marlena dietrich grace kelly, greta garbo, okay, one more time. Audrey hepburn marlena dietrich grace kelly greta garbo garbo. It was the trick, those were in the 90s. What were the other two hepburn kelly, dietrich six seconds effort? I say kelly, how sure to get 35 all right, jerome uh said grace kelly, but uh 35 is how we felt about it. You got plenty of time. We’Re, gon na start the clock. Now, with 33 seconds ken, i don’t think it counts as a science question, but 35 percent isn’t enough we’re going to call bill nye stopping his clock at 25 seconds and bill nye we’re coming to you and listen he’s going for a half million dollars. Okay, here comes the feed. The debut issue grace kelly was before usa today, marlena dietrich. Now i don’t know how long she lived, but she was a world war ii person. Greta garbo was before that shooting from the hip. I would say it was not from the hip shooting from the the careful reasoning.

I would say it was audrey hepburn uh. Do you have a sense of when usa today debuted? Yes, i would say it was uh shortly after the disco era. Yes, i would say it was about a new wave with the important work of the sex pistols, yeah and uh. Shortly after that was the creation of the newseum. I mean the farthest back that would go, might be um 1978 or something but i’m thinking it’s more. Like mid 80s used to be the 1980s, oh thank you bill. Thank you very much. All right, here’s, where we are. We got 26 seconds left on the clock. We’Re gon na have to start it right now and you still have uh one lifeline. So you need a decision right about now or you could walk with a quarter million dollars i’m about to feel very smart or very stupid. But i came here with nothing and i’m leaving with something regardless. I love bill nye, but grace kelly’s desk was more newsworthy than someone passing away. C final answer: god, let it be right, grace tell me: oh you got it baby now. I know bill and i talked for half an hour there, but who did he? Who did he finally wind up with? Was it audrey, hepburn yeah? He wound up with audrey hepburn, and you know he had good deduction, but ultimately he didn’t have. He knew the dates when these people were active and just wasn’t 100 sure, except for grace kelly on the dates when they died, and you know jerome and i had an understanding that if it was over 50 percent, it was as good, basically 100, but he just Didn’T want to be blamed sure, so nobody wants to blame, but she died in 1982.

. Anyway, you got it right man, you got a half million dollars. What are we talking about here? We’Re gon na take a break and when we get back he’s going for one million, these are the kind of moments you wait for on this show the million dollar moment you’ve already won five hundred thousand. You know you can walk away with that. Any time you want, but at the moment we’re going to show you the the question for a million dollars. Would you say you went on jeopardy? I won one game, but it was a college tournament, so i walked away with five thousand dollars peanuts. I’M kidding. I happen to love that game too right now between you and alex trebek i’ll. Take you every time. Stick with me all right. Look all kidding aside. This is very, very important. All right, you’re going for a million dollars. You’Ve got three minutes and 54 seconds left. That’S a time bank that we establish as the game progresses. So you have that plus the 45 we’re going to put on the clock just in case. You need something think about you’ve got over four minutes here to really get down and do some heavy thinking and listen. You have one lifeline left, and this is the only time i think this has ever happened for a million dollar question your chance to ask the audience i don’t know i would say i would say only if you have to you know what i mean: a million Dollar question: coming: are you ready kent, basically he’s ready let’s play millionaires for one million dollars with 45 seconds on the clock and three minutes and 54 seconds of bank time for a total of four minutes and ‘ seconds here it is for ordering his favorite beverages On demand, lbj had four buttons installed in the oval office: labeled, coffee, tea, coke and what fresca v8 you who a w getting a little obscure now four buttons? Who would you put on your button and my button is remember some warm milk? Well, just you still have four minutes and 10 seconds.

If you want to use it all, and you can still go to the audience, find out how they feel about it it’s hard, because this is the kind of thing that you know or you don’t this isn’t, a reasoning, one this isn’t uh, one that you spend Four minutes breaking down and figuring out, even if you went to harvard even if you went to harvard or lbj it is a tough one. Well, notwithstanding your lack of confidence in them, they say never leave one on the table, so i’m gon na ask the audience good for you. Okay, audience just remember this we’re going for a million dollars here, we’re not playing any games, but we need your help. So on your keypads audience, if you are ready, please vote now. Music 40 said you who, and can you have 336 left on the clock Music? My instinct was you who was you? It was you’re risking uh half a million dollars here. You know that yeah it’s one thing to say you’re playing with the house’s money, but jeez still have three minutes. Lbj seems like a chocolate milk kind of man. I don’t even know what that means. I’M, just saying Music, 24 years old and you’ve already won a half million here right when i’m in a difficult situation. I always ask myself same question. What would i regret more, would i regret thinking i might know it not doing it losing out? On 500 000 extra, what i regret more missing out on the 475 000 i’ve already got more or less in my pocket.

Well, you know: you’re an entertainment lawyer, one of your clients comes to you and says this is my problem and it’s. Basically, what you just said: how would you advise him? Lawyers don’t make those choices for their clients in law school. We would say that people who went to law school went there because they were risk averse and the people who were risk loving, went to business school. I went to law school. Maybe i should have gone to business. Oh, i see yeah it’s getting more exciting by the second Applause i’m gon na ask a favor, i’m gon na ask the audience starts. Cheering in advance just stops abruptly. If i get it wrong because c final answer, give me a million Applause, no it’s, not the final answer. You just lost a lot of money. Applause, Music ken leaves with 25 000.