These numbers are staggering. The next question is worth five hundred thousand, then a million then two and a half million, then five million and then the ultimate prize, 10 million dollars and it’s time now to enter the next dimension of this game backstage in another part of our studio under tight Security, thank you all wise ones for joining us. The only thing i’m thinking herman’s head just because it was kind of an out there kind of series. Yes herman’s, head final nancy christie was right. It’S herman’s head! You just won. 500. 000. Applause. Thank you. Thank you. Very much thanks folks, hello, again everybody and welcome from new york. This is night two of super millionaire and what a premier we had here last night, todd kim our first contestant made it all the way to the new dimension of our game. He consulted with the three wise men employed as double dip walked away with a half million dollars, just like that and sitting across from me right now is our second contestant robert bobo, essex from ashtabula ohio, who is aiming to blaze his own trail to the next Dimension capture those two new lifelines climb that money mountain all the way to the 10 million dollar question, so welcome back bob! Oh thank you get on. His name is robert essek, of course, he’s from ash tabula, like i say, a computer specialist and people are probably wondering if they didn’t meet you last night.

Why i’m calling you babo it’s, because it’s your mother in law’s, nickname for you that’s right, yeah joyce gave it to me. I started dating my wife. Yeah and joyce is sitting right up there nice to see you again joyce nice to see you too. She is your companion for this trip and bubble. May i ask you a personal question: go right ahead, not every man who travels with his mother in law, that’s. True. What exactly does this mean bubble? All that means is my wife, wasn’t feeling well, and i needed to bring someone with me and who better than my mother, oh that’s, good that’s, good to you says here: you’re a computer specialist, but i rather believe you’re in politics. Huh from that aunt bobbo perfect. I i know what to kiss and when so not a problem. We’Ll talk about that later, but okay. Now, if you want to be a contestant like bobo here – and i bet a lot of you – would love to be sitting right here right now. Tonight is your last chance to qualify for this super millionaire event so call to 1 800 999 7878 keyword millionaire. The lines are open tonight, only until 3 a.m. Eastern time and then they’re closed so give it a try all right, bob we’ll, listen to this here’s, where you are right now, you’re, just eight questions away from winning 10 million dollars. Take a look at all these zeros bubble, three more right answers and you’ll be holding a check for 100 000 and to help you get there.

Well, you still got two of your trusty lifelines left 50 50 and you can phone a friend and then you’ll enter the next dimension of the game where you’ll be playing for millions and millions of dollars in papo. At that point, we’re going to give you those two new lifelines double dip and, of course, the mysterious three wise men there. They are sequestered backstage their identity shrouded in darkness bubble in mystery, three brilliant minds ready to mentally leap to your rescue bottle. I can’t stop saying vapor. I love that name all right, bubba. You heard the whole score here. You’Re going for thirty thousand dollars. Are you ready i’m ready audience? Are you ready let’s? Do it let’s play super millionaire here it comes bubble for thirty thousand dollars. What movie’s title character claims to have a head for business and a bod for sin? Was it working girl, tootsie, pretty woman? This is doubtfire i’ve seen all of these it’s famous it’s, not it’s, not mrs doubtfire. I know that it’s not tootsie, pretty sure it was working girl with melanie griffith, i’m gon na, say working girl, working girl, yeah working girl, final final answer: yes, it was working girl, two more. We get up to that hundred thousand dollar level, but here it is for fifty thousand dollars in the chinese calendar january 22, 2004 marked the first day of the year of the what rabbit dragon tiger monkey Music it’s a tough one, not too familiar with the chinese Calendar, i think i’m gon na have to phone someone, okay, who would that be? I think, the best one to ask for this yeah.

I think the best one to ask for this would be my father in law. Mike i mean joyce’s husband, yes, fine, good, well, let’s get mike on the line, hello, hello, mike yeah yeah. This is regis philbin from super millionaire. How are you i’m fine regis? How are you good, i’m sitting here with baba we’re having a good time, but he needs your help: okay, he’s going for 50 000 right now and you’re gon na have 30 seconds, and your time starts right now. My good luck: okay in the chinese calendar january 22nd, 2004 marked the first day of the year of the what rabbit dragon tiger or monkey. The chinese calendar 2004 is the year of the what correct rabbit dragon tiger or monkey tiger or monkey correct monkey bob you. How sure are you dad? How sure am i 100? Thank you, sir. Okay. How sure am i in his confidence that’s? The question would mike you’ll hear me wrong. Would mike steer me wrong? He wouldn’t mean to you’ve, obviously never met my father, oh boy, um. What did he answer? I forgot he said he said monkey. He said wait a minute. Could you trust me just kidding with your mind, he said monkey and he was 100 sure that’s what he said: god all right, i’m gon na trust you dad if you’re wrong. I know where you live and i have your wife holy crap. The answer, according to my father in law, is monkey d.

Final answer: Music final answer, oh mike mike: oh, he got it right and Applause. Ohio has just won 50 thousand dollars and on his way, now to the 100 000 level. Well, now, let’s talk a little bit. Incidentally, you created a first on a show: we’ve never had a contestant ever threatened his phone, a friend my father in law, will understand. He threatens me all the time, it’s, a game we play and and your wife and the little girl must be very happy right now. Yes, my wife and daughter both back home, they went out shopping and i understand my daughter’s watching right now with her little cheerleader outfit and her pom poms cheering daddy on oh, my gosh. How can you lose this hundred thousand dollars? What does that mean to you right now means a lot of bills. Go bye, bye, yeah, real, quick, well, let’s! Hope you get there. Okay, all right! We’Ve, 150, 000. One correct question away from that all important 100 000 level and, as you know, bubble, if you get there we’re going to give you two more lifelines. One of them is named three wise men backstage another part of our studio into tight security, uh. The two mystery men and one mystery woman ready to help you out, but first you need to get through the next question. You still have one lifeline left of course, the 50 50.. So, considering all that wan na go again let’s do it let’s play one hundred thousand dollars.

He makes this. He leaves with at least that much money tonight here it is which of the following is not one of england’s famous literary bronte systems, catherine ann emily, charlotte. Well, i know emily is a bronte and charlotte is a bronte, catherine and ann both i’m, not sure not too familiar english was not one of the strong subjects in school. So let’s just think about this. If you took 50 50 you’d eliminate, you would eliminate two of them, but if i burn that 50 50 now eliminates one of the good things with that new double dip right. So if you kept the 50 50 and had the double dip, you’d be in great shape, oh yeah it’d be in great shape. That would eliminate all the the wrong answers. I’M gon na regret saying this: i know it what’s it gon na be a guess. No. I’M gon na take the 50 50. i didn’t want to but i’m going to take the 50 50. final yeah 50 50. computer. Please take away randomly two of the wrong answers. All right! Um! Okay! Thank you! Yes, yes, bubble! Well, for once it worked um, ivy daddy’s coming home with a lot of money. The answer is a catherine is not one of the bronte sisters. Emily is a is not and a is your final answer. Then a is my final answer here is 100 thousand. Oh, my god, oh well, here we are again last night.

Our first contestant walked out of here with 500 000. But can you go further in this game than anyone else has ever gone before bubble? What do you think i’m going to give it a try? Richard give it a try all right, it’s time now, to enter the next dimension of this game, all right that sound means you’re, just five questions away from winning ten million dollars. The next question is worth five hundred thousand dollars now we’re, giving you the two new lifelines double dip into three wise men and there they are the retired professor of psychology and a mensa quiz and puzzle book author, dr abby salney nice. To have you here doctor. We also have a board certified internist and addictionologist and co host of the nationally syndicated radio show love line.