You’Ll go back down to 32 000 uh here it is a one million dollar question. We rarely see these here. Only one of the contestants ever won. 500 000 on our show, so if you’re ready let’s go for the million which of these u.s presidents appeared on the television series laughing lyndon johnson, richard nixon jimmy carter gerald ford um, i like to call my parents right now sure use my lifeline call my parents. What are their names? Oh um, my father, i’ll talk to my father. Does he have a name? He does have a name. Yes tom. All right. Our friends at atmt will get your dad on the line and we’ll see if he can help you, hello, hello, tom yeah, hi regis philbin, here from who wants to be a millionaire hi we’ve got uh your son, john uh, with us right now, he’s doing pretty. Well, good he’s won a half million dollars, wow and he’s going for a million dollars and he needs your help to get there. Okay, he’s gon na come on the line, read a question four possible answers. One of them is the right answer and uh. The next voice you hear will be john’s. John you’ve got 30 seconds starts right now, uh hi dad hi um. I don’t really need your help, but i just wanted to let you know that i’m going to win the million dollars uh, because the u.

s president appeared on lafayette as richard nixon that’s.

My final answer: well, my gosh. What can i say, except debbie, you’re going to paris? So this is the final answer heard all around the world. He’S won a million dollars. Congratulations Applause, guaranteed can’t leave here with less than that. He’S five questions away from winning 10 million dollars and he has two new lifelines ready to play again: i’m ready let’s. Do it kevin let’s play super nina here it is for five hundred thousand dollars the first condom commercial to air on network tv ran in 1991. During the broadcast of what tv series nurses anything but love, herman’s head get a life, i don’t mean to to you know i’m, not gon na make a single joke. I don’t know the answer to this, but uh. This is the free guess right. If i don’t get it right, then i still get the hundred thousand dollars. Yes, you can’t lose here, but i’ve got two lifelines could use those lifelines sure i don’t know if any of the three wise men were experts on condo commercials. I don’t know them that. Well, you know when i first saw the question i had an idea in my head of what it was but it’s none of these oh really Music, and i hardly even remember these shows well let’s just review the lifelines, because this is a very first show. But you know the three wise men have 30 seconds to talk about this, and maybe something will come out of that the other hand double dip will give you two shots at four possibilities and five hundred thousand dollars.

Okay, well, you know, might as well go forward. You can’t i’m, definitely going for it uh i’m, not taking the one or four chance without using a lifeline so i’m going to use the uh pre wise my lifeline, and i really hope that our general trivia expert knows us. If not the astrophysicist that’s right i’d. Be anybody all right, let’s go backstage to our three wise men right now there they are hello, wise men and women nancy, dr tyson, and anthony nice to have all of you back there. Of course, they don’t know what the question is yet do you know where did you hear this one? Oh good, thank you anyway. Our friend here is one. A hundred thousand dollars is going for five hundred thousand and in a few moments you will see and hear that question and have 30 seconds to discuss it and give him your scholarly advice all set all right. Everybody here it comes. Your 30 seconds starts right now. The first condom, commercial to air on network television, ran in 1991 during the broadcast of what tv series was it, nurses, anything but love. Herman’S, head get a life good i’m thinking, because that was kind of out there i’m, the only thing i’m thinking herman’s head just because it was kind of an out there kind of series. Do you have any confidence in that i’m? Not going to say? Oh yeah, maybe not the best use of the three wise men.

Well now, um. If you don’t want to take their advice, you can always try double dip or you can walk away with a hundred thousand. But i have to caution you if you do use double tip. You’Ll have to right go for the both the answers right. He left 100, Music, it’s, really a free guess. It is a free guess, considering whether take the double dip, and i think i will take the double dip. Okay, you want to try the double dip. Yes, please! So will you confirm you want to use it Music because if all right so what’s going to be your your first double dip answer 1991, a wise woman down there said herman’s head that’s right, my first double the banter is going to be d, get a life, Get a life want to make that your final. I hope my hunch is right. Yes, Music. The good news is, you still have another lifeline, i’m, sorry, and now we we need to get now. We need to get your second and final double defense, all right. So it’s one out of three at this point, one out of three nurses, anything but love or herman’s, head i’m gon na feel really silly if it’s herman’s head – and i don’t answer it. Given that that’s, the only advice i was given, although she was not at all confident of that, i don’t know if a condom company would want to advertise on a show called nurses, it sounds so clinical.

It makes you think of bad things could be treated commercials. So you know that means anything anything. But love sounds like a very unromantic name, and i don’t know if they want to do that, whereas maybe a funky condom company that wanted. Of course, the envelope would advertise on something called herman’s head, and maybe that show had low enough ratings that it was really cheap to buy the advertiser you’re talking me into a coma Music Applause, but it’s been a lot of fun. I haven’t talked about contents. In years, oh goodness, what would my mother say? Uh can’t, believe four hundred thousand dollars in my life is going to depend on condoms but i’m going to go with c herman’s head final, yes, herman said herman’s head nancy christie was right: it’s herman’s, head Applause, he’s! Just won a half million dollars, we’ll be back in a moment. Applause, oh yeah! All right here we go. Are you ready, bring it on? Then let’s play super nigga right now. Here it comes for 500 000 in the 120 count box of crayola crayons, which of the following is not the name of a crayon color? Is it fuzzy? Was he brown? Is it marvelous asparagus gray matter? Well, my daughter’s only three so we’re not buying that big. A box of crayons yet she’s up to eight so and even that’s a bit much because everything’s blue, but all these sound like pretty reasonable color names, wise men sound pretty wise tonight, former millionaire dr drew sound, pretty good.

This yeah well. Of course, they’ve got credentials that may be on crayons, but uh. Well sometimes that works. You know what i got nothing to lose right now. That’S right you’ve got a hundred thousand dollars in your hand, so whether i get it right or wrong i’m walking out of here with a hundred grand, which is great, the question is: do i want to try and go higher? I have no idea what the answer is going to be on this all right. So then we got to pick one of these two lifelines or just leave, but no, no, no, no, no! You can’t miss it. I know i got ta take a guess right, but am i gon na take a guess on my own, or am i gon na? Have someone else to blame for? No, i think you should blame somebody else, but i can’t blame you no don’t. Blame me. Can’T. Blame the audience and you can’t blame mike. Only people left to blame i’m gon na ask the three wise let’s. Do it final yeah final three watch backstage to our three wise man right now: hello, wise men and women, dr sally dr drew and agent carpenter again nice to have you here. Vavo here needs your counsel. He is now 100. 000 is going for a half million dollars in a few moments. You will see and hear the question and have 30 seconds to give him your scholarly advice here.

It comes your 30 seconds starts right now in the 120 count box of crayola crayons, which of the following is not the name of a crayon color fuzzy, wuzzy brown, marvelous, asparagus, gray matter, maybe 10 seconds. It could be anything because it was a brown, asparagus or gray matter in me. I think i think, might our level of confidence is low. Very well we’re going to go. Confidence is very low, but we’re going to go with brayman. I heard it. Yes, i think agent carpenter said great matter now, still have double dip so but well, i’m, gon na, say nobody but yeah, but yeah okay. Why am i getting involved with you yeah? All of a sudden, i feel like i’m personally bonded to you. You said it was carpenter that answered it right. I didn’t hear who answered. I think it was a carpenter. Yes, okay! Well the guys won a million dollars. I’M. Sorry it was dr drew, but then it became a consensus decision right. At the end, there consensus between the two guys between all three of them, all three of them. Yes, they all they all kind of agreed, gray matter, kind of kind of kind of sort of. Maybe okay. You know i got nothing to lose and if and if i don’t get it right, it’s not totally my fault, i mean former millionaire dr drew, you know, it’s their fault too, i’m gon na, say, d d, great, not a crayon.

Color final answer: final answer: you should have used your double dip. You know why why you didn’t need it. You got it right. Oh, my far, god from 10 million dollars, we’ll be right. Back we’re back with super nigga. There lots of excitement in our studio tonight. Bobo here has won a half million dollars. I’Ll bet your your little girl almost swallowed a pom poms on that one, probably probably, but it all worked out. Fine and you’ve got a half million dollars and you’ve got one lifeline left yep. Now? What does a half million mean to you? I asked you what a hundred thousand, what does uh 500 000 mean? Well. Half a million means that only one of us has to work. We still got to work because somebody’s going to need to bring home medical insurance and i figure it might as well be me i’ve, been working longer. My wife wants to be a stay at home, mom yeah. It sounds like she can be a stay at home. Mom now, and and what will you will you do for yourself? Will you buy a new shirt, one or two probably a couple pairs of pants, maybe some socks. This is the second night in a row. You’Ve come here in a short sleeve shirt, it’s the middle of february, regis i’ll, say to you what my dad always says: fat folks, don’t get cold, all right, let’s see if they get lucky let’s play all right.

Okay, here it is for a million dollars, but you should know that. Should you go for this and miss this question, you will lose four hundred thousand dollars so with that in sight, you’re, four questions away from 10 million. Here it is for a million dollars. What scientist first determined that human sight results from images projected onto the retina? Was it galileo, copernicus, johannes kepler isaac, newton, Music, all four, pretty big name, scientist newton, his main claim to fame was gravity Music, galileo, copernicus, kepler, they’re all familiar names. I don’t remember exactly what their areas of expertise were. The only the only one, that’s kind of like popping off the screen at me is kepler, but i’m, not i’m, not even close to sure, and i don’t have anything that it’s a good backup and the double dip lifeline. What does that mean to you? You get two shots at four possible answers right, but the first thing that happens is i walk out with a hundred grand that’s that’s right at least well, who knows what’s going to happen? You’Ve got to decide if you want to use that lifeline or if you want to leave here with a half million dollars. If i take the double dip you’ve got to, i have to answer right, so i either get it right with that right or i leave with 100 grand, but you do have two possible shots. Music. You know what what the heck let’s take.

The risk i’m gon na give you two seconds to think that one over. Are you sure before i ask you for your final answer, because once you say you’re going to do it, you have to do it final answer. I need a confirmation, if you want to do it, double dip confirm he’s going for it all right.