My name is john and you’re watching the wrestling report for july 19th, Music, one match seemingly set for extreme rules, was between jeff hardy and sheamus. It was announced in last week’s smackdown. It would be a bar fight, but now it has not been placed on the preview for wwe’s pay per view. The match is rumored to have been moved from extreme rules to smackdown to boost ratings. It also appears the unsanctioned match for randy. The big show was not placed on extreme rules to get views for raw chris, jericho and brock. Lesnar are two veterans in wrestling having been in the business for a few decades, while the relationship between the two has never been the best jericho admitted lesnar was one of the smartest men in wrestling. I had two matches with him: that’s it one in calgary and one in 2002 in 2003 house show matches and i really enjoyed working with him like i said best of luck to brock, no ill will towards him, and we did have a tussle at one point. But we did jericho and lesnar had backstage heat with jericho, confronting brock for purposefully splitting randy orton’s head at summerslam, not knowing it had been planned now it appears they have shared respect. Ed was put out of action at backlash where he faced randy orton in the greatest wrestling match. Ever it was incredible, but edge got a tricep injury which took place during a reshoot and just now confessed.

He did not think he was injured at the time when i took that rko i was like. I think i tore my tricep, but i didn’t, i don’t think he was treated by wwe medical staff who put ice packs on his back and neck before updating his wife on his condition, made it through no i’m just stiff. You know like we knew. I would be you can’t, expect to take 10 year breaks from doing this and not expect to feel stiff right. Tell the girl’s. Dad is good edge only revealed much later. He was injured as the adrenaline wore off and he could not bend his arm. The x ray the next day confirmed it Music impact wrestling. Slammiversary was an iconic event. Wwe town to had been released have now been signed by impact. Gals and anderson were already announced for its anniversary, making their presence felt in the main event after the match. Madman, fulton and ace austin were attacking eddie edwards until gallows and anderson came to the rescue of the newly crowned world champion. Eric young was the surprise entry for the main event and he dominated until being beaten by rich swan. Swann returned earlier that night revealing his leg had healed after nine months, but it looks to be re broken by young who took a chair to the leg of swan. Also debuting was heath slater appearing and taking out rohit raju who challenged him slater would reunite backstage with rhino his former wwe tag team partner.

However, scott diamore would kick out heath saying impact had not signed him and he was still a free agent. Finally, ec3 was featured directly after slammiversary in a promo where he was shown, just as the event was going off the air another moment that should be noted, although they are not wwe talent, the motor city machine guns came back to impact defeating the rascals. It was a big night for impact with many champions crowned eddie edwards won the vacant world title and chris bay defeated willie mack to become x division champion. But the highlight of the night was the shocking upset victory from former nxt superstar diana perazzo, who became knockout’s champion. She focused on jordan, grace’s arm throughout and locked in the double fujiwara armbar for a submission victory Music. During a recent media interview, oscar talked about becky lynch and what will happen the moment? Lynch comes back. She said she would be willing to give becky an immediate raw women’s title shot. She also talked about the impact lynch had saying she had changed the division. Altogether, though, did mention when becky comes back, she’ll be suffering from ring, rust and obvious disadvantage. Music dave meltzer revealed kevin owens. Wife was one reason he was absent from the company due to the current risk following the outbreak, owen’s wife’s grandfather passed away several weeks ago due to covet and his wife wasn’t comfortable with him returning after the recent outbreak, which resulted in between 30 and 40 covered Positives and affected both the roster talent, the x rays, fans and backstage personnel owen, has been one of the front runners in wwe for safety for the wrestlers.

With previous reports stating he had not wanted to come back without precautions in place and he had confronted vince mcmahon to ensure proper measures were set. I hurt my ankle at wrestlemania, so i needed time off and then i came back and then i went away again. I just felt like it was the right move for my family and i to sit out of a few tapings of raw and assess the coven outbreak. We live in orlando, so it’s not just going to the performance center it’s everywhere. We thought it was the right time to quarantine and practice safe guidelines. Ric flair has been appearing on raw alongside randy orton, but the nature boy wants wwe to let him wrestle. I keep wanting them to. Let me wrestle our truth for the 24 7 title i’m. Getting to the level where i’m comfortable i’m, like can i just get into character one time talking generically is killing me when you don’t, do it you’ve got to practice and you get overwhelmed in terms of the points you have to make in terms of the pay Per view in the people, i’ve always struggled with that it’s, so much fun for me and they’re doing everything possible to make sure the kids are being tested and everyone is wearing a mask. I have fun and won’t, let them get down around me and i don’t think they are. They all have a positive attitude, and this was your pro wrestling news update for the 19th of july hope, you’re all having a great day.

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