We won’t be posting this just because we don’t want to spoil anything for people who haven’t had a chance to check out the trailer, so we’re recording this in the past and just giving our thoughts on the initial look at bruce wayne. Now, as you can see, he’s very, very, very emo, i you know what at first i was like what this is actually from batman and then the more i looked at it. I thought you know what i’m digging, what they’re doing so. Basically, what they’ve done is they’ve taken the entire i’ve been saying for so long now that this entire film it’s got one design focus in mind, so the car is very um stylized in a certain way, which complements the suit. The suit complements the bat bike it’s. I think, as we see the trailer at night, um you’ve probably already seen it watching this you’re gon na see that a lot of things line up, it’s gon na be a very diy, grounded feel to the movie i’m guessing and very gothic as well. We can clearly see that here, um and yeah. So basically, the way this looks to me is that bruce wayne is completely depressed, he’s, a he’s, a multi billionaire and but he just looks so dour and you really get the intensity intensity that i can’t even look them in the eye, because you’re scaring me the Intensity that robert pattinson is trying to deliver here.

This is looks like it’s at a funeral um. Now there are leaks that there’s a big funeral scene in the movie by the way spoilers. So there are leaks that there’s, a big funeral, see in the movie, if it’s in the trailer already, then congratulations, you already know and you can dislike the video uh, but yeah there’s meant to be a big scene at a funeral which is held for the mayor And at that stuff kind of goes down now, it looks like bruce, is kind of clocked this year and he’s getting ready for a fight now the next picture. How did that get in here now? Here we can see bruce sort of working away in the bat cave. I love the way that he’s just basically got a mechanics bench and the batmobile um. I don’t know if you know, but there was a batman yeah one film that was in production with darren, aronofsky and frank miller. That was basically meant to have bruce as a mechanic um with another mechanic called big al who was alfred and he just sort of worked away, and we can see that being brought across here, which i’m really really enjoying the bat cave, looks brilliant, very, very grounded. Feel once more, we did actually have leaks that are reported on, and that said, the batcave was like basically a mechanic shop and it’s good to see that this has been brought across here. There’S very few computers, very few technology, um things and just looks like the focus – is on the car and batman himself and the last photo i’m guessing is bruce looking over that mechanics bench and he has got the black stuff around his eyes.

Now. What this most likely means is that the bat suit that we’ve seen for the very least won’t, have the white eyes there’d be no need to have mascara on if he did have white eyes so i’m. Guessing that this is pretty much making it clear that he does he’s doing what he always does now, what they have done here, that they’ve never done in any other batman film is actually show the actor with the black under his eyes. You might remember in batman, returns michael keaton ripped off the mask black wasn’t there. All of a sudden, didn’t show up for ben affleck and didn’t show up for christian bale. It’S always been something that i’ve personally wanted to see, because it just adds so much more to the character, i think, being able to see him like this. It looks very vulnerable, but also very stern, and it is such an intimidating figure. Now. This is a really really good thing at the time of recording this i’m, of course, very hyped to see how it delivers. I’Ll have seen the trailer by the time this video goes out, but hey looking forward to it me in the past, looking forward to dc final being done, because i tell you today, hasn’t been a fun one for me with all the technical issues anyway, thanks for Watching this video we’ve got a whole host of dc fandom content to watch so make sure you check it out after this i’ve been definition.

You know, you’ve been the best and i’ll see you next time.