This will probably be the last video we have the night of the night yeah. We have this and then the suicide squad video game, so that should have been out already, if not it’ll, be out after this. So this one is the batman directed by matt reeves, starring robert pattinson, all right, all right, not gon na lie. Yes, when we first heard of the casting we were disappointed, we were like what the hell yeah cuz. I feel, like we’re majority of the uh audience out there, that that only knows him, or that mainly knows him from twilight yeah, oh yeah, he had he had harry potter, which is kind of like his breakthrough movie. I guess, but like everyone else knows him from twilight yeah and like he that’s the most popular yeah movie, that he’s done as a full grown adult harry potter. He was still more or less a teenager at the time yeah. But after doing a bunch more research about him, he’s had a lot of movies and you know people are really vouching for him that, like oh, if you’ve seen his other movies, then he’s really talented yeah, like he’s an amazing actor. I mean he. He was really amazing in harry potter, the role that he played. I mean he was younger at the time and it’s definitely not accredited to his skills now, but if he was good then i would still think it would carry over into the future right yeah.

So we’re definitely gon na give him a chance yeah, not the benefit of the day, crucify. Somebody before seeing their work exactly right, so that’s what we’re gon na do uh this uh version of batman is gon na, be like a detective noir batman, definitely unique compared to the previous batman’s in the past um also, this is gon na, be a fresh new Batman, this is his year, two he’s, so he’s a sophomore as a vigilante he’s, still learning the road he’s, not prime batman he’s, not that he’s, not the same as what we’ve been seeing yeah, you know, like we’ve, been seeing tons and tons of older versions of Of batman of bruce wayne and his prime, it is like past this prime yeah, specifically the ben affleck yeah, like just like retiring just towards retirement, a little bit fastest. Prime yeah, you know it’s it’s great, to see something new on the opposite side of the scale, and then his suit is definitely gon na evolve, if he’s only in his sophomore year right. So his suit is eventually gon na upgrade, as the tech goes on throughout the year. Exactly and then um there’s gon na there’s gon na be a bunch of rogues that are gon na appear in this movie um the penguin, yes catwoman and riddler. I believe and they’re all in their um early stages as well, so we’re gon na see them develop into the the big bad yeah, the big bad that they’re gon na be exactly but anyways we’re really excited.

We cannot wait so with that being said, let’s get on with this video it’s fandom and you know having been to comic con and all of that and you don’t come without anything and you know, look 25 of the movie 25 30 of the movie, so there’s. So much this is just scratching the surface, but there was no way that i could come here and not bring a look at the movie, so yeah i’m incredibly excited to share uh. What is just the first tease of our movie, and these are, i hope, you guys, like it – yeah let’s go i’m ready. Oh something’s ripping sounds like tape. Oh it’s tape. Wait is this hush Applause yo that might be harsh from your secret friend bridge Music? I think that’s, the new jim gordon, having a clue Music let’s play a game just me and you Music. Any of this mean anything to you, Music, okay, i like it. I like it you’re becoming quite a celebrity alfred’s talking why’s, he writing to you selena. You are justice. Please do not lie damn. What is the price for your blind, that’s? Harsh? The hell. Are you supposed to be? This is batman year, two, oh okay: okay, i’m inventions. Ah, yes, look at his car. I, like i like his voice i’m vengeance. Only in theaters, i love how the two was like a question: riddler i’m, so excited for this all right. So first impression i love it.

Yeah, just pattinson’s presence when he’s in that suit yo the way he said: i’m vengeance, goosebumps yeah immediately. I feel like that’s on the same level already as like bales i’m batman when he said that shit uh huh, like dude like i, i definitely um, love him in the suit uh huh i’m still getting used to seeing him as as bruce uh huh. I just feel, like i don’t know, i feel like i really want to see more of of him as as bruce himself rather than yeah, because the batman shots were awesome. They were great him in the suit like the car. His voice, yeah, just like everything hands down, was just like goosebumps. Like i love it. I love it, but i do want to see a little bit. I mean they said they. They shot like 25 percent, so granted yeah. They need to finish the movie. They still need to finish the movie yeah, but but with what they have already yeah. It looks phenomenal, but granted yeah like whatever they have. What they gave us so far was amazing and they obviously there’s still more to come, and if i was just to say like one thing it just to be like, i want to experience a little bit more of like bruce himself. Yeah could considering the fact that, like you know, this is him and his sophomore year. This is him still learning the ropes, still understanding how things go right and how it how it is to be fighting crime out there.

I want to see like that mental process because i just feel like yeah. All we ever see in movies is the suit and the and everything, and then him like fighting yeah and him fighting, which is amazing and it’s great, but that’s, not all batman that’s. Not all him, and i want to see there’s a reason why he’s called the world’s greatest detective for a reason exactly because it’s that intellect that bruce has how he solves shit like. I want to see that and i can’t wait to see him like make mistakes along the way yeah cause like we said, he’s new right, he’s, not perfect, he’s, not perfect, yet he’ll get there eventually, but there’s gon na be bumps and bruises along the way. It’S still time for the training wheels, you know it’s still time for him to like learn like i said, learn the ropes learn to understand what’s, going on like kind of get into the mind of this criminal underworld here yeah right and we got a taste of Like selena and like some of looks like joker’s goons because, like i saw like the face paint right and so it’s, just like i, i wan na i’m super excited about hush. Yeah i’ve, never seen a live action. Interpretation of hush, if you guys have never heard of him, i suggest watching, like basically all of the dc animated movies, because you’re gon na basically, instead of reading every comic that ever existed just watch those movies and you’ll be caught up.

You’Ll get look at a gist of like yeah, this universe and that’s. What i want to see, i want to see that detectiveness in him yeah see how he like kind of mentally goes about this, like i want to see like, along with the fact that, like batman is out there, he is fighting and that’s great, and i love It and like every like, i said, every single shot of him in the suit was just like. I love it already. I just want to see more of bruce that’s it just a little bit more bruised, because i want to know like the mind underneath the cow. I want to see that that’s that’s, just me like. I want to understand, like this bruce’s mindset because, like we said he’s still young, like he’s still young and he’s still trying to get ahead of things. Definitely before watching this, i recommend watching the batman hush movie. The movie and or the comic because i’m pretty sure, matt reeves got a lot of inspiration from there and, like the rogues that i mentioned earlier, were in that movie too so it’s perfect. And then i love the the riddler question marks at the end, where it’s like 20 21. Like you know, he’s the this director really does seem passionate about what he’s doing he’s passionate about the character about batman the series and about film itself yeah and, like the genre yeah, the type of genre that it’s gon na portray like detective noir crime.

Thriller, like everything yeah so he’s, definitely like really really passionate, really proud of. You know that that aspect of it so i’m, really like, cannot wait to see like what else he’s got for us, because this is 25 and i’m already loving. It yeah, like one more scene like a full blown out, trailer like when the time comes, like i’m i’m really hyped, like i had my doubts, obviously for sure for sure, considering, like all that, we’ve been through in the dc universe like it’s, not safe, to go In with like 100 enthusiasm with this universe, because they’ve been a lot of letdowns, not gon na lie but i’m with this, like, i really just want to be optimistic and really really looking forward for it. Anyways that’s gon na, be it for this batman teaser. So let us know your thoughts in the comments down below i’m.