I think we can actually piece together what the story might look like when it comes out on its new release. Date of october. 1St 2021 boiler warning in case you don’t, want to know okay, chill out. Okay, ahead of updates from dc’s august fandom panel reports from the movie screenwriter matt tomlin promised that matt reeve’s vision for this film will quote blow everyone away. That’S some high praise from the guy who also had hand in crafting this vision and the plot, but hey it’s nice when showbiz types like working together right earlier this year, reeves released some early test, footage and imagery showing robert pattinson in the bat suit and the Cow with an interesting chest emblem that looks like it could be detachable weapons like retractable, blades with sharpened, edges and handles that look like they could be the split handle of a handgun and yes, i took the time to construct these to prove how they would work. Stop judging me in that early test footage we heard composer michael giacchino’s new completed batman score that he made for this film sounds awesome. Reeves also released fuller images of pattinson batman with his new batmobile, a muscle car with an exposed back engine, and then there were some leaked set photos and videos showing stunt performer stand. Ins for batman with a bulkier padded stunt version of the bat suit and we think selena kyle with batman riding this movie’s bat cycle. Here you can see his bat suit in daylight, he’s wearing gauntlets, with quill, like projectiles and perhaps nozzles for those visible under the wrists.

Now they were shooting this scene at a cemetery in glasgow. Scotland and reports have suggested that the movie will resume production in the uk in a matter of days, so it’s not clear how much the movie they’ve shot, but zoe kravitz has indicated that she has suited up in the catwoman suit after michelle pfeiffer’s iconic stylized stitched Together cat suit for tim, burton’s, batman returns and anne hathaway’s, more functional, goggles turned kitty headband and christopher nolan’s. The dark knight rises, goggles that would have had zero peripheral vision. Fans are hoping that kravitz’s costume will have a hint of the purple from catwoman’s. Look in the long halloween, the comic storyline, this movie is said to be inspired from a good amount of indoor scenes have also been shot based on. Another leaked set photo spoiler warning the studio. Definitely didn’t want people to see this, though i would say it brings up more questions and answers a mystery character with this head, wrapped in tape or cellophane, a spike driven through the head and written over it. No more lies so along with kravitz as selena kyle. Paul dana will be playing edward nashton. This movie’s riddler colin farrell is playing oswald cobblepot, the penguin john tuturo, as gotham crime, boss, carmine falcone, jeffrey wright, as jim gordon, perhaps also the front man for a gotham central series. Hbo is developing, which is set in this universe, peter sarsgaard, as district attorney gil coulson and jamie lawson, as mayoral candidate bella real elliot warren, also indicated he was joining the cast.

Some believe he could be playing the batman villain, firefly and, of course, andy circus is playing alfred pennyworth and he indicated this movie’s story will be more bruce and alfred focused. Now. Reeves has also said that the story won’t be a year. One batman story: this is the batman who’s been around the block before thus has already assembled suit, and when it comes to his experience level, please ignore his bike handling skills and that matt reeves wants this year. 2 batman story to evoke classic noir mysteries like chinatown. With all of this, i think we have a pretty good idea of what this plot might actually look like and how it could set up the sequels that this reeves batman movie is expected to have, but before we continue thanks to bang energy for sponsoring this video, Every can of bang is 16 ounces. It contains 300 milligrams of caffeine, it’s sugar free and has zero calories, yet it tastes great there’s over 20 different flavors to choose from one of those flavors is black cherry vanilla, my favorite flavor. If you love cherry, if you love vanilla and you have a darkness inside your soul, this is the drink for you, because it’ll totally energize that emo side of you check out bang on instagram. You can get 25 off your order when you go to bang energy.com and use the code new rockstars25 there. You can buy cans of bang energy, including their sweet tea and keto coffee flavors.

You can also get clothing. Fitness supplements all kinds of stuff to be your best: bang self, thanks again to bang energy for sponsoring this video get 25 off at bang energy.com using the code newrockstars25 okay, so i actually think the movie is gon na open with tapehead. This will be the horrific crime scene that the world’s greatest detective has to investigate in past videos. I’Ve speculated that the taped up head could be the calling card of a batman villain like hush, or maybe even professor pig, but that no more lies inscription is obviously the big mystery here. The enigma that’ll keep that man tugging at the cord until he arrives at the dark dark truth. I think what we’re looking at here folks is a riddle left by the man who committed this crime. Edward nashton. Does that make him the villain? Well, not so fast because what’s his motive, no more lies suggests we’re, looking at a victim expected to be honest and trustworthy in his career. But someone whose lies have devastating consequences like a media figure or a political leader. Reports have suggested that there will be a subplot surrounding a mayoral campaign and i think the victim here is the man whose death triggered that special election, the corrupt ex mayor of gotham city, running to replace them, will be bella rayoff. But she needs an opponent. Someone to represent the gotham establishment, a wealthy gothamite with a history of running for mayor of gotham oswald cobblepot.

Now, batman’s investigation will unravel how the previous mayor’s murder intertwines, with the ongoing interests of gotham’s elite represented by cobblepot and others like carmine falcone nashton, could be a kind of whistleblower who kills off these elites, one by one i mean riddles behind hoping someone will expose The true conspiracy, a shadowy cabal of power players actually running the city for centuries, known as the court of owls. Now some of you may be scratching your head thinking. Oh here comes boss with this weird bird obsession. True, i do love birds or absurd, feather clowns who defy gravity and shit eggs, but comic readers recognize the court of owls as the dark cult we have been wanting to see in a movie for years and with selena kyle joining batman in this investigation. I think among the dark enterprises of the court of owls is human trafficking, sexual slavery, creepy parties. You know epstein shit. This will be celina’s crusade that she’s fighting against and she and batman will need each other’s resources and connections following the breadcrumb trail of riddles left behind by an ashton from crime scenes, maybe to other defaced corpses to blow this conspiracy, wide, open, topple cobble and set Up a sequel where batman will confront the court of owls more directly among the set photos in the glasgow area was a billboard reading gotham renewal corporation, investing in our future gotham orphanage i’m. Sorry to keep calling this out, but it’s super weird to advertise.

Hey! We got kids with no parents over here, and the weirdness of that makes me believe that this could be a front by the court of owls, a seemingly philanthropic effort to support cobblepot’s campaign, but really an insidious cover for a child human trafficking operation. That, along with casting reports looking for circus performers, could be how this movie could end with bruce meeting teenage orphan richard grayson, rescued from a hopefully liberated gotham orphan system and set up to join a crime. Fighting partnership, who makes certain no child of gotham, is ever left in the dark we’re in the middle of dc week here at new rockstars, and we will be covering all the big reveals from dc fandom join this nerdy discussion, though, on our discord server by becoming A patron at patreon.comrockstars follow me on instagram at eavos. Follow new rockstars subscribe and be sure to hit that notification bell.