If you want to see this trailer without me in the way there’s a link in the description below or something’s popping up right about now, you can click on that check. It out come on back watch me watch this and you know i’m going to geek out or it’s freaking batman, it’s, totally geek out worthy. Even bad. Batman is great, batman, um, so yeah, and if you want to support the channel uh, you check out my patreon dollar a month. If you want no pressure, no worries, just letting you know it’s there. I do movie video do movie reviews video game. Let’S plays a whole lot more i’m just really excited to watch this trailer and you get an extra video every single day over there plus some other crazy stuff on occasion, and it helps us out a whole lot when you sign up for that. A lot of extra content but, of course, i’m still going to be here every single day, giving you free content, a daily dose of high energy, a daily dose of entertainment, something to laugh at or with whatever. As long as you’re laughing and i’d like to remind you that we will get through this, we will get through this together and it’s real fun when you say it out loud. It helps with the mental health we will get through this. We will get through this together. Okay, i rushed through all that because i am anxious to see this i’ve been dying to see something about this.

I know a lot of people give robert pattinson crap for being. You know, twilight edward. He does more than that. Dude is a fantastic actor and i can’t wait to see his turn as batman and what matt reeves is going to do and how faithful we’re going to get to. I don’t know it’s it’s over two minutes. So we get. You know what i’m gon na shut up: let’s Music watch Music friend, underneath the bridge let’s play a game just me, and you any of this mean anything to you. Oh my god, you’re becoming quite seriously Music. If you are just, how are you supposed to be Music i’m vengeance, Music, wow, Music, you see? Is it 2021, yet god? Okay, i need a bag cause i’m gon na hyperventilate holy crap. That looks incredible. I thought he was gon na be awesome as batman. He and bruce wayne he’s like 10 times cooler and awesomer than i expected um the batmobile looks awesome the aesthetic, just the aesthetic overall gotham. All of that gordon feels like gordon brilliant choice of music. In that trailer that tracer trailer’s got me hyped the villains, the bad guys, the criminals, the the violet brutality of batman looks fantastic, and i love that we’re gon na get a proper riddler story with like an actual uh mystery and, like you know, detective batman. You know the batman from detective comics so excited to see that we’ve never seen a real real, real good adaptation of that side of batman and i think we’re about to get it getting shades of batman begins, which is one of my absolute favorites it’s.

Maybe second favorite um yeah, absolutely everything about that i’m. Already on board 100 on board i’m liking. This brooding wayne it’s going to be interesting to see how we play with that. I know this is early in his life cycle. Oh this looks great. This looks great seriously i’m ready to watch this man we’re getting spoiled with dc stuff, and i got a bunch of other trailers. I still got to react to, but i wanted to get this one out quickly for you all with the justice league, one as well and i’ve just been busy making videos all day. I still haven’t eaten it’s 9 15. At night i haven’t eaten um. I haven’t i’ve just yeah all right anyways. How do you all feel about it? Obviously, i am super excited. What do you think about this what’s, your favorite batman? Where do you think this is going to rank? How do you feel about this trailer? Are you more excited less excited? Is it exactly what you expected more, so let me hear it definitely geek out with me in the comments i’ve been reading, justice league stuff all day i’m, anxious to hear what you have to say about this as well other than that and click that thumbs up Button give me that good old thumb of encouragement as i do love to be encouraged if you want to and of course check out my patreon look up, the eric butts use the links in the description below and uh yeah.

I guess that’s it i’m gon na get out of here, so i can go watch some more stuff and maybe watch a dc movie tonight.