How are you, how is everything so listen dc phantom is going on right now, and trailers are dropping left and right, and i wound up missing out on a lot of them, because i was super busy today uh, but this one as i was watching. Other people react to uh the other video videos like just a snyder cut justice league trailer or wonder woman 84 trailer number two. I just got the notification that they just released the trailer or a teaser trailer for the batman robert robert patterson’s, the batman so excited for this uh figure. Why not do a video man, everybody else, do it so let’s? Do it um yeah i’m excited for it. So without further ado, let’s get to this uh video right now, like comment share, subscribe hit that bell button. If you guys enjoy videos like this let’s go duct tape, Music, no more lies Music from your secret friends; Music love that actor Music let’s play a game. Just me and dude riddler any of this mean anything to you. Oh man, you know he looks awesome. He looks kind of quiet Music. I don’t know how i like how he looks there. If you are justice, Music, please, the hell. Are you supposed to be? Oh. I’M vengeance, nice Music. You see, oh man, that was cool, that was cool man, damn wow, so to break it down uh, i think it’s gon na be riddler. Am i right yeah? I think they chose.

They said it was gon na be red laura. If there was gon na be someone else, let me know because i did forget: um robert pattinson man i’ve been on that bandwagon ever since he left the whole twilight saga and he started doing different things. A24 is the rovers: when i first noticed him uh, then he was in uh lost city of z. I think of course, uh good time and high life and he’s just been in other stuff and when they announced that he was gon na be batman. I was on board i just because i know this guy can act, i’ve been watching him, so if you’re stuck in that whole twilight era get out of it, man get out of it. He’S not like that um. I love how dark it looks. I don’t know how good he looks as bruce wayne uh no offense uh, i don’t know, but as the batman he looks brutal, he looks great uh. This movie looks brutal. You see, you guys see how he beat the hell out of that dude just kept on going. Oh, i love it. What’S in my beard, no it’s skin um yeah looks super cool uh. I really love the dark tone. Um. Hopefully it lives up uh. I mean how many batmans are we gon na get honestly uh? Also uh they announced michael keaton is gon na, be back as batman in the flash film and then bat a bat flick is coming back ben affleck coming back for that film.

So this is it’s. Gon na be it’s just a mix of worlds um, but uh. None of this is this isn’t supposed to be connected at all. Maybe they’ll connect to the joker i don’t know uh, but i really really like how this one looked. I’D love to know what you guys think about it. That was super cool i’m gon na shut, this video off post it up and i’m gon na go watch this again afterwards, uh yeah man, the batman, loving it brutal, love that stuff all right guys. As always, i’m danny, like comment share, subscribe, uh hit the bell button.