The wedding was attended by the queen prince philip and 20 other guests in accordance with social distancing regulations following the postponing of her wedding earlier this year and on the other side of the atlantic. The duchess of sussex spoke out during a speech in support of the girl up global leadership summit it’s such a joy to speak to you today to young women around the world who aren’t just boys to change the world, but who’ve already begun changing the world. I want to share something with you it’s, that those in the halls and corridors and places of power from lawmakers to world leaders to executives all of those people they depend on you, the more you will ever depend on them. Megan spoke on many topics, including black lives, matter equality and using our voices to encourage change. Believing in true equality is not enough. It’S gon na take more than belief. We have to work for it every day when it’s hard, even when it makes others feel uneasy. We have to speak up for ourselves and we have to speak out for others who struggle to be heard. Please continue to honor the conviction and compassion that’s awoken within you. I will be cheering you on so will my husband so will archie, as you all, continue, marching, advocating and leading the way forward. Meanwhile, the duchess of cambridge was on hand for the national launch of tiny happy people in the first few months, there’s a huge amount of support from midwives and and health visitors and things, but from then onwards you know there’s a massive gap before they then start School, the bbc platform provides resources and support for parents and carers of children.

Kate met with families involved, learning about the ways in which they have seen their children’s communication and language develop as a result of using the resources, Music and the queen took to zoom. Speaking to surface personnel from the british army, the royal navy and the royal air force, but the highlight of the call was her great interest in learning more about the jamaican bobsley team, so i’m uh, the pilot for the jamaican bobsley team gosh sounds a very dangerous Job uh, it can be quite dangerous, but um we try to to mitigate any sort of danger and being professional athletes. We we we tend to keep on on forerunners as best as we can. So how do you train uh, so uh during the lockdown? Unfortunately, with all the gyms and everything closed, the sort of resort to unorthodox sort of training method, so i’ve been uh, pushing a car up and down the street about to make a gym Music. Well, i suppose there’s one way to train yeah that’s, definitely one with the train mom. Her majesty also held a unique knighting ceremony to honor 100 year old captain, sir thomas more at windsor castle, the world war ii veteran completed a hundred laps of his garden, with the aim to raise one thousand pounds for the nhs but far surpassed his goal. Raising over 32 million pounds wow, this is the queen’s first official engagement since lockdown and prince charles and the duchess of cornwall had a more memorable royal engagement this week after a man fainted, while speaking with the prince, the man quickly recovered and was seen chatting with Charles following the moment, as the royal pair visited a shirt factory that switched their entire factory line to make scrubs for the nhs during the pandemic and gin aficionados rejoice because buckingham palace now has its own brand of gin.

The queen, approved gin includes ingredients that are specifically hand picked from the queen’s garden, with all profits going towards the royal collection. Trust charity and happy birthday is an order for the duchess of cornwall, who celebrated her 73rd birthday this week with a new photo taken of camilla from the garden of clarence house. Well, that’s.