A mix of an aging squad, dreadful recruitment and an incompetent board might have just doomed the cam now to witness the most underwhelming of seasons in recent years. However, a glimmer of hope does seem to have shown over barcelona in the form of a restructural change, at both institutional and a pitch site level, which is currently taking place as we speak. The mantas with such responsibility appears to be ronald kuhlman, a true barcelona legend assai player. The dutchman has always expressed his dream to manage this club, and now he has left his position as head of the netherlands national team to take over the cam now. But what exactly is ronald kumar going to do? What are going to be his very first changes as barcelona manager? Well, we got you covered because in this video you’re going to be learning exactly why ronald kuhlman might just be the perfect man to revive fc barcelona. Let’S face it: barcelona are in ruins right now, a new manager no squad and most wearing no clear sense of direction. From now to the end of the year, ronald kuhlman will have to act as the ultimate firefighter to ensure this club can remain stable enough. Not only to survive in la liga and progress to the next stages of the champions league but, most importantly, to safeguard the contribution of messi for another generation or basically, in other words, for one last dance. The only way that the dutchman will be able to achieve this, though, is by in what is left of 2020, creating a competent sporting plan intricate enough by making way to the old card, but also competitively sufficient to the point where barcelona isn’t depleting their squad.

Just for the sake of it could a new formation be the answer to this problem. Could new players enter into the fold or could existing ones just rise to the occasion? Well before answering all of these questions, let’s take a look at who will be commanding these decisions. I present to you, el erwe de wembley, ronald kuhlman, but as a manager, Music, ronald kuhlman was one of those fortunate enough to play under the tutelage of johann grief. Whilst that does not automatically qualify, anyone for such demanding duty, kuman’s accomplishments as a player, were impeccable. His versatility on the field, coupled that, with his intelligence, helped him become one of the best central defenders of barcelona’s history, as well as one of the best defensive midfielders. He managed to score a lot of goals from free kicks, especially that highlight winner against amdoria, giving barcelona their first ever european cup back in 1992.. Couman’S journey as a football manager has been quite a topsy, turvy to say the least beginning as an assistant coach at barcelona, alongside louis van gaal, his first big job was ajax. He began his job there with a domestic double in the 2001 2002 season and retained the leak in 2003. However, his team just fell off a cliff and was knocked out of the wefa cup, forcing him to resign by 2005.. His teams at benfica and psv were average, yes, but he managed to take both of these teams to the quarterfinals of the champions league defeating quality opponents in the meanwhile like manchester, united liverpool arsenal and many many more.

These were followed by a short term at valencia, which, during that time period, he won a copyright. The team’s overall performance was not good enough, though, and the dressing room disputes made him lose his job and get sucks six months later. His next notable job was in england taking over southampton, whom he took to a very solid, seventh and sixth finish places in the league in consecutive years. So this good run earned him the job, then at everton, where he had a very dumping in here. He spent so much money out in the transfer market and he underperformed by a landslide, to say the least. This lost him his job in 2018. He took over the reigns of the netherlands, national team, which was quite out of shape and after the world cup of 2014, no one was thinking that a restructuring change could happen and kuman actually did manage to rebuild this side with very good quality players creating. Finally, a sends back of pride to the netherlands team. If one were to go then by his track record as a manager alone, it can be assumed that kuman hasn’t exactly lift up to expectations in the teams that he has managed. But things are not always that simplistic, as we’ve seen, one could argue that the last successful coach that barcelona has had been. He didn’t have a particularly good cv either and pep guardiola had only gone to the b team before he took over and he hasn’t managed to win the european cup.

Since so probably we can say that the only argument or the best argument in favor of ronald kuhlman is that the last job that he has taken being that of netherlands, he had a connection with and now this time around with barcelona. He has that as well. There are, of course, a lot of other factors that play into when a manager signs for a club, and these factors and challenges are only compounded by the circumstances that we find ourselves with barcelona. Right now can cooma be the one to turn around. The fortunes could certainly be, but the thing is that neither him nor anyone else will be able to accomplish that on their own. He needs the full support from the board, as well as from the players there, and then only kuman will be able to perform. It works in cooman’s favor that he has placed his faith in youth before in other teams that he has managed this time around. Barcelona does have a very good crop of youth, and their integration to the squad is directly what the team needs. For example, frankie deyoung, who is touted to become the linchpin of the next generation for barcelona, has already exhibited his creativity and flared for his national side. Under command, the wingers here will benefit a lot out of cumin because he likes him to play very out. Far wide and direct, usually mla may finally be able to get his run of games out wide with a manager that finally trusts him and if he can sail healthy.

Maybe now he can start to repay the massive 100 million euro fee that barcelona splashed out out to sign him. All of what i just mentioned should directly influence schumann’s next step in the barcelona rebuild, which is regaining barcelona’s intensity and rhythm. Back in april, ronald kuhlman had pointed out two areas that barcelona needed to work on intensity and control. He added that, with the world of football changing and gaining pace rapidly, it was necessary for the blagranas or any other team for that matter to keep up with their intensity throughout the game, rather than switching it on and off. He also noticed that barcelona does not control and dominate the game as once they used to and that they needed to do this by getting back their identity. These issues, if anything, have only compounded further and now it looks like he will be the man who is assigned to solve them to achieve this. Second, coming of barcelona’s style, kulman and prolly will look no further than his 4 2 3 1, which will become his preferred option to play at the cam now with two double pivots. Ronald kuhlman will try and get the best out of frankie the young, promoting him to become the figurehead of barcelona’s boat progression and chance creation. Sergio busquets will be affected and probably now the question will be whether his services are actually needed anymore. At the club, frank young can do his job and let’s be honest.

He can probably do it better as well. Mid olympiac could slot in very nicely next to frankie deyoung, but also it could be one really good goal scoring midfielder, which we’re gon na be hinting to towards later in this video, both the defense and the forward line should operate as standard. However, we’re gon na be seeing certainly new inclusions of pressure faces like eddie, garcia, usman, bella and francisco trincao accomplishing. This will not be easy, though, as big name players will need to make way for this. That will become kuma’s, probably most important beauty. The time has come for many players to leave the squad, and i have already covered most of the names in a previous video. So you can go and check it out if you want to, but for now, given that barcelona will have to probably sell instead of getting players in through the door. Big names like luis suarez and jordy alva should be very worried. Other names like therapy cancer, he was gets, could fall out of the first team all together and become substitutes. That wouldn’t really be much of a surprise. Someone like arturo vidal would have initially been confident of his success under kuman, given that he excels as an advanced attacking midfielder who makes goal scoring runs into the box. However, unfortunately, for him it seems that kuman is already targeting a player for that role. Don ivan de beak, this move would make a lot of sense as barcelona currently do not have that sort of goal scoring midfielder beyond viral someone who can’t create, but who is definitely a gold thread.

Van de beek has 45 career goals for ajax and has hit double features in each of the last three seasons. Standing by the week makes the prospect of using messi as a false line, much more exciting, much more real, as the dutchman would be free to race into the space vacant by the argentinian, and thanks to the good relationships between ajax and barcelona, it’s unlikely that it Would be as expensive a transfer as he would be for other clubs in addition to van de vik, a move for manchester city city garcia to return home also appears to be on the works and, of course la toro. Martinez remains a priority target, though that could be a breach, maybe too far at least this summer. A ride back would also be needed. In my opinion, and signing someone like sardinia test could be the key to unlocking a very good attacking right flank. If you would like me to produce a video on how barrazarena could line up under ronald kuhlman, remember to drop us a like, and i guess subscribe as well, so you don’t miss out on that one. Having said all of this in ronald truman, barcelona can expect a hard working manager that is ready and capacitated for a rebuild. However, kumar must excel in one area if he wishes to continue in this job by the end of 2021, and that is to communicate with the squad and create cohesion between his staff and the players.

Then, and only then, barcelona will be able to get back on track, that’s going to be everything for right now guys. Hopefully you have enjoyed this video if you did be sure to drop us a like and subscribe for more content. Just like this one and we’re going to be producing a lot of videos on barcelona’s reveal, but now we turn back attention to the champions and we’re going to be previewing. The champions league final in the next video psu vs, bayern munich.