We are ready to play again and it is the old rivals toe to toe head to head at the aviva stadium in goes omani to try and remove under flear farrell. Again and farrell’s having a look murray – oh he thought there was a cap there himself, maybe for stander this time, hanrahan waits and poised monster up numbers to the right, lancer defenses fumbling across here they go with lachman, incessant pressure law on that landscape line 12 minutes. In can they get over scannell good defense, this time penalty advantage? Will they try something? A little more adventurous deal andy deal andy. How does he go there? No it’s there for conor murray. They managed to hold them out for noy at least, and here comes the try, surely for andrew conway 12 and a half minutes in and conway takes full advantage from the penalty advantage and goes over for his 43rd try in monster colors twice. He goes into this drum half roll sexton, no walking landster manufacturer here at henshaw, oh that’s, really good for ring rose and he’s got away from two or three support arriving from his midfield partner henshaw, but he’s put lancer on the front foot and good field position. Just outside that monster, 22, brilliant stuff from ring rose penalty advantages, porter slips it on to calendars henshaw back inside the johnny section. Will he just chip one over to that far side where courtney is lurking? It just got away from dave, carney, Music, better communication and execution of the set piece that time from the team in blue and james lowe being tired of not getting getting any passes goes into the ball himself, it’s killer, who has it he’s, already managed? Eight tries in his 11 appearances for and he’s, not too far away from another one here, and they have hit back lancer with a try, brilliant work and set piece time and lancer have the try as keen ely comes up to receive the plaudits they got.

The forward momentum, they got the par and it is key in healy and you can see how their red wall just completely separated there’s no unit of effort. There they’re all individuals trying their best working trying bear hug lens to pack who kept brilliant, brilliant, quite high. Actually they kept their unity together and just the red wall just disintegrated, great score for leinster. Let’S drop that well jj. Hanrahan monster go back into the lead; Applause, no mistake from johnny sexton and the game is tied up once again tricky enough angle. For a hundred that looks absolutely perfect plenty of conviction and confidence behind that and monster back in front Applause. Keller auckland picked off by omani Applause. How often do we see lancer score right at this time in the game? Championship minutes right on half time, Applause, healey he’s already got one held up short, a half a meter short slow ball from mcgrath conan waits. They go a little wider. The handshake thinks it through for ring rolls exceptionally well connor because he was body checked. I think for chris farrell just to get through, so he kept pouring forward. I think no, it wasn’t 17., really good between handshaw and ring rose. Just keep an eye on chris farrell. Just a slight body check. He had to change his line and he still kept his place. That’S quality from the green rose, another man who’s in really good prolific. Try scoring form this season.

Gary ringrose hat trick against bennettson a hat trick against the saints in europe. Annoying scored against monster at the aviva, what a finish to the half for the defending champions they had to come from behind time and time again, and that half monster really put it up to them. But it is a try from gary ring rose right on half time. That means lancer will go in with a four point advantage after 40 minutes, a really good top class pro 14 rugby on the restart lancer lead monster by 17 points to 13. Applause. Applause. Oh he’s carried really well he’s bust through a couple of tackles. There almost got beyond daily as well, really good under the lancer number, nine he’s, so good. An evasive, elusive ball carrier tackle release right. So good was the quick that maybe lancer couldn’t get quite enough support to him in time for an offload sexton kicks one through the middle armor off and she has conway covering oh it’s tricky for conway it’s, loose and farrell stretches out his arm. Applause johnny saxton’s, left hand side, one of whom is ringlows he’s hit the groin running tonight as well. He’S been good from the lancer midfield that was clever from saxon good from bird and away goes james low they’re not going to stop him from here, brilliant from lannister, really good. Try really well work wonderful cohesion and guile about that and it’s another try for james lowe against munster, it’s arresting leinster’s move forward.

If you, like, Applause well, andrew bruce, is going to the pocket here on the pitch about five minutes or so marshall, again running to burn now, murray harahan has keith. Earl’S drag munster right back into this contest. Has he got that down in the corner? There’S been a little bit of collateral damage, disappointment for dave, carney orgy simon, we know about from the first half one or two others as well. Scannell’S kick has been touched in flight picked up quickly. Oh, that was audacious and carried an element of risk. Applause picked up by deegan gibson park goes in pant weights. Another advantage, connor murray didn’t get himself out of the way quickly enough for andrew brace’s liking, taken on by kaelin doris 16 off the ball and there’s another advantage. Rhys marshall, this time, king, oh career, pass over the top of keith earls to henshaw thinks one ahead. Dig it off in cheers picked up by a hundred hundred. We go for the penalty. Well, he looks to have got that. Yes, he has measured. It very nicely. Indeed, lowe’s going across to conway’s wing now to try and cover here’s daley, there is conway comey against low andre cromwell on the way finished it brilliantly. Second, try of the night for the former monster man and monster once again are right back in this contest. Now, what a game this is proving to be pressure pressure, kick oh, as he just left that out to the right hand, side brian lochman, he’s been good tonight so too, as standard oh monster player, yeah he’s been held in there.

These are all big calls for andrew brees game. Changing calls, there’s a game, changing intercept from devon toner, all the way down from six foot ten, almost to his bootstraps, on a full stretch to pinch that ball and so i’m running out for chris farrell. To finish on the winning side, it’s going to take something colossal here from this monster: team Applause, what’s up Applause – you say no casey being urged to use it. Take the bonus.