In this game, so i am pretty keen to watch this one despite the fact that it’s on at 5 00 a.m. Here in new zealand um, i still do have a list of tigers magnet, thankfully from when they played in the champions cup a year or two ago and london irish apologies. I do not have a london irish magnet, nor do i have either sides jersey, apologies for wearing the wrong gear. I’Ll get there one of these days, but yeah, like i said, 5am uh, it’s partially in the mighty nadolo. Getting me up for this game also. The fact that both these sites have pretty similar records hopefully leads me to believe it’s going to be a pretty tight, even game. Four wins one draw ten losses for eleventh five wins one draw nine losses for ninth so, as i said, pretty similar uh records. If you guys are new to my channel, i haven’t followed the premiership a heck of a lot. I followed the champions cup a wee bit in recent times, not that um, not that lengthy in terms of time frame for that either. I don’t know that much about um, london, irish other than that they seem to be the side that would bounce between divisions, get promoted and relegated, and i know they’ve made a whole bunch of uh big signings in preparation for this year, waisaki naholo probably been the Biggest one for for new zealand fans down here to see him sign.

I see he’s, not in the lineup, but i guess he is out and lester um. If you guys didn’t, know there’s a player who plays for the crusaders here in new zealand, a young fella, his the first name is leicester and i believe he was named after the successful leicester sides in years gone by but 11th out of 12, if not for Sarasota’S, going down it’d be a pretty disconcerting position for tigers uh at the minute, so they will certainly like to climb their way up the table before the season is out, but yeah i’ll go through the two lineups, the guys that i’m familiar with for sure there’s. A bunch of guys that i am not so any education or enlightenment you guys can provide on which guys i should be looking out, for which guys are particularly good. Any guys, you think, are particularly poor and should be error ridden do. Let me know there as well four tigers. I can see dan cole gets a start and, interestingly, remember, these teams is a midweek game. These teams played on saturday they both played on saturday and from the looks of the lineups it looks like lister have been able to rotate their squad a little bit more i’m just going to close that curtain, because the sun is pouring through it’s a bit better. Weird weather here in auckland recently with it raining one minute and then bright, sunshine, the next ah but yeah it looks like lester, have rotated more of their players.

I can’t see like dan cobb’s on the bench for last week’s game. He gets a start and there’s a few guys on the bench who played in last week’s game, but for the most part, if i’m not mistaken, the starting lineup seems to be mostly guys who are pretty fresh: the likes of ben young’s, 9 george 4, 10 that’s. A pretty good 19 combo, uh matt scott. For some reason i know his name yako talta. I remember from super rugby days, alice ginge he’s, a heck of a player i’m very keen to see how he goes. Tom young is his captain. Hannah liebenberg is there in the lucy’s, jordan talfour speaking of crusaders players. He is an absolute beast of a player and, as i said, probably the main reason i’m getting out of bed. That goodness knows it might be like 4 45. uh nemanji nandolo i’m. Very keen to see how he goes another link with the crusaders, quite a link between the crusaders and the tigers. Here for london, irish, there seems to be quite a few players who are essentially doing it back to back. So i wouldn’t be surprised if come. The final 20 minutes we start to see some pretty heavy leagues amongst the irish guys because, as i said, they seem to have been less able to rotate players in and out of the squad tom holmes at fullback. He played last in the last game. Haskell collins also played in the last game, paddy jackson, ben meehan.

All these guys played in the last game, so copy kepu. He played in the last game. So these guys the two locks not and the shaves the shove um uh ben donnell, i think, was on the bench for the last one he gets to start uh blair cowan is having to play back to back hey the whole back row. Is it no because he’s got donald’s one he played in the last game, but from the bench matutu is coming off from the bench last week to start this week, that’s uh it’s, tough, ask man. I know they kind of do it in world cup cycle, but that’s generally, the only time we see it. We see it down here in new zealand a little bit sometimes with the mitre 10 cup, when they try to play midweek games to make sure it’s on at a reasonable hour here in new zealand. So they often play a weekend game and then a midweek game. But it’s pretty rare and it is pretty tough to back up so it’s going to be a tough job. I am also keen to see tj iwani come off the bench for london, irish. He is a bit of a mad tackling man from what i remember from him, um playing in super opi and also his time at samoa as well. Both these sides have not had the best run since we came back to premiership rugby after lockdown. Irish have lost to northampton and bath.

I think they only scored three points in that last game, which is a bit disconcerting. Leicester also lost to bath, but exeter as well. If you’re, looking back to a recent matchup between these sides, there’s not really a recent one, but they did play back in november, which seems like an absolute lifetime ago and lester uh lost that one 36 points to 11, so that’s a pretty good victory for london. Irish, they scored quite a few tries in that one luke pierce is the ref, i think it’s his 100th game. They said so congratulations to him. 100. The premiership game, as ref don’t, often talk about that but yeah, as i said, very loosely educated on how these teams are going to go i’ve had a look at the squads had a look at the positions on the table, but do let me know who else I should be looking out for because i’m, definitely not that afraid. With these squads, i will see if i can do a live stream Music. Before i start my day job in the morning, i think that’d be nice uh, so anybody who’s on the chat can kind of talk me through it as well, but man if it’s a 5 am kickoff. I may be late or i may sleep through. If i don’t wake up because of my alarm, it’s, probably the earliest, i would have even woken up to do a live stream, but i’ll give it a crack.

I’Ll set the alarm anyway and set everything up to see how it goes in terms of the predictions lester is predicted to get it done by 12 points according to the bookies and by seven points. According to rugby forecasts, algorithm just looking at the squads and the amount of guys that lester seem to have been able to bring in fresh. I would say that kind of makes sense. I see a few internationals there uh in their lineup as well seems like a pretty good lineup interesting that leicester have both got a harry potter, even though he’s not playing this week, he was playing a super rugby last year and a george martin, so he needs To get right in game of thrones instead of playing rugby for leicester, but there you go bit of a fantasy connection to the leicester squad, but um yeah, you guys. Let me know your thoughts. Please do. Let me have a play. No other players. I should be looking out for and uh, hopefully, if i can get up, i might see some of you guys early tomorrow morning here in new zealand, six o’clock over in the uk.