Now this is the last weekend before the dreaded international break sets in yeah. So that’s one thing i can say for sure. So looking at this it’s uh it’s going to be very interesting um for sure, because obviously we’ve got got some good games coming up, but let’s have a quick look at how it did last week now has to be said, um a bit of a next week. It was definitely next week for me. Um i got rangers come on, looks perfect. That was a two. No winter rangers um got the outcome of dungeonite celta. That was a one nil one for celta. They were very, very fortunate. I thought to get all three points from dundee united and i have beat uh. I got the outcome of st johnson hips, but the other ones i go completely wrong. Um, so i’ve got five points in the comments uh mike eddy. You were the top scorer for the week with six points, um and yeah. If you are a new, if you are new around here, then please hit that subscribe button, so that’d be very, very good. Uh we’ve got four and roberto got four as well, so so obviously we’ll see what happens now so going into the games. We have komark against dundee united livingston against ross county sun johnson against the mirror in the battle, the saints hamilton against rangers and then there’s. Two games on uh on sunday, it’s, celtic, against malibu and hibernian against aberdeen, so the first game to preview and protect is kill, monarch against dungeon, united and it’s quite evenly matched.

These two two wins to kelly. Two has done united and one draw. The last result was a 4 2 win to dundee united, but this was in 2015 2016, so it’s been away well, since dundee united played kilmarnock, um kamanok, obviously two no defeats to rangers um, at least they didn’t concede many goals. It has to be said. It was a very, very good performance from rangers in the end, but you have to say it was a very, very interesting start um to that game, because obviously uh, first of all, the kit man got uh a couple of things wrong. I’Ve obviously come to rangers very very shortly, but for commando side of things it was them at least they managed to keep the score down and go back to rugby park now and um tricky game in store. I think, because of dundee united, obviously losing one nil to celtic um, but i have to say, dungeonite played really really well forced barcass into a few saves as well, and i have to say i think, looking at that game. Dungeon and i were very unlucky to um – leave uh leave empty handed uh from tonight’s um, but i think looking at their squad, obviously um shanklin’s still being out a wee while as well. But i have to say i’m going to say this now. I think dungeonite will bounce back with a win i’m, not sure how come monica are doing at the moment.

Um, but i’m gon na go for a 2 1 win for dundee united in this game. I just feel we’ll just feel that the far power of the dungeon united have got and the wake of monaco playing at the moment you just don’t know what commander for turning up so i’m gon na go for a 2 1 win to them to dundee united Livingston against ross county now, the last five between the size, it’s quite surprising, two wins to livingston and three wins to ross county. The last result was a four nil. Win to livingston. Um has to be said: livingston um played well, but didn’t get the result. I think i think that’s one thing you can say for sure um, but yeah, obviously against aberdeen. It is their bogey team but good to see um scott pittman on the score sheet, obviously uh another one who scored 10 10 goals in the top flight. So very, very well done from him. I thought jack fitzwater played really really well the weekend, um, not the defensive side of things but offensive brilliant play from him. It’S a picker pit, man very good finish from uh from him and uh there’s, not much. You can do there’s, not much. You can do if you have to say uh for for a fact that um, my goodness me it was a perfect penalty from um from the aberdeen player. It was a very perfect penalty, top corner, nothing mccrory can do so.

It was a very, very good finish, and then you know the second goal, it’s per defender, scott wright is a good finish, is a very very good finish. So you have to say there’s a good one for aberdeen, but lovingstone will go away from that game. Thinking that they could have picked up something but i’m looking forward to this one because obviously lost county coming away from with a one on one draw against submarine. Yes, obviously they did score. When samaritan had 10 men um bit of a fortunate goal, it was. It was a deflection, but it was a good point for ross county because obviously they had to get away from that loss to dundee united, now it’s going to be a very, very interesting game. This one, but i just feel livingston, are starting to show why people uh feared for them last season for sure um. I am actually going to go for a livingston one year, um. I i do think we i do think we will get off the mark with a win i’m gon na go for a two nil win to livingston um. That might be a surprise. Considering livingston haven’t kept the clean sheet since the rangers game, but i’m gon na say that we win two nil and because it’s at home, i’m gon na say a two no win to the levee lions and hopefully we go off the mark. Hopefully, um saint johnston against murray in the battle of the saints the last five between the size, then one went to st johnston.

One win to submarine and three draws, and the last result was a nil now draw between the size, um, sun, johnston, uh just so so frustrating to go away from that game losing one now against hubs. They will look at the callum hendry goal that was ruled out wrong, wrongly i would say, because um henry is not offside. He scores past marciano, but the linesman’s already got his flag up, but he will have to look at that again. Wasn’T offside, really really unfortunate. On um really unfortunate on uh onson johnston in that aspect, but i’ll tell you something: it’s going to be a very, very interesting game here, because obviously liam craig will miss this game because he was sent off for the final whistle against the burning and uh. Obviously, coming up against the mernside, who obviously have lost uh, no, they didn’t they drew with ross county um to the lead for jonathan nabika and then shockness c is a red card um. Obviously we saw serrano for livingston yesterday he could have been sent off as well. It has to be said because that that was a really really bad challenge, really high and late as well. So it’s going to be interesting, it’s going to be very, very interesting but i’m going to say this now i think this is going to be a draw. I can’t really separate these two um and because of obviously the way that both teams are playing obviously submarine not got the best away record sun johnston, you know getting to grips under callum davidson i’m gon na go for a one one draw in this game.

I do think it’d be about a one one draw hamilton against rangers, the last five between the size of them. One went to hamilton and four wins. Two rangers uh, the last result was a three a four one: win to uh to rangers um hamilton, getting off the board uh the weekend, a one nil win over motherwell, so they get bragging rights. They get derby bragging rights, very, very good one for them. Hackie mcdoffin of all people scoring the winner for hamilton. I mean he had a chance just before that corner came in uh as well, and um you’ll be wondering how he missed that as well, but good to see him scoring don’t think he got a greater chance at livingston to be honest with you so i’m. Very very happy for him to get on the scoresheet and a very good win for hamilton for sure. So brian rice and again he seems to get winds from where you just don’t expect them to get wins so, but um olive oil really really struggling at the moment rangers. Well, all the headlines are definitely on kemar roof. Obviously again his first goal of the season. Ryan, kent, obviously getting the second as well, but the main headlines is obviously this absolute nonsense in the press about um ryan can going to leeds. I don’t see any truth whatsoever. Even stephen jardis said that um he doesn’t think he’s going to leave either that’s. One thing i can say for sure i don’t think ryan kent will leave rangers.

I don’t see him going to leads that’s. One thing i can say: i don’t see him starting for leads. I don’t know if he what he brings to leeds. So i don’t see don’t, see why um i just don’t see why you would uh. I don’t see why you would leave rangers to be honest with you um, but um. Looking at this game, i can really only see a rangers win. I think rangers will be determined to uh to go to win this one um and uh. You know be a very good start for rangers. It would be a really really good start uh to the season, with obviously um five wins and a draw. So a very good start for uh for rangers but i’m going to go for a three, no win two rangers here: celtic against mullo, we’re, obviously moving into the sunday games. Now celtic won the last five meetings and the last one that was a two nil win to celtic um celtic i said like i said i thought they were very fortunate to get uh all three points: uh against uh, dungeon eight. I didn’t think they played really really well at all, but that’s. The marker champions as well uh a jetty getting the first goal of his celtic career uh, very good finish. It was as well um had to have to score for a crowd and bodies as well. That was a very, very good finish and uh.

You know celtic. Obviously, obviously their opponents are multiple uh. There is talk that uh celtic are about to complete the signing of david turnbull from motherwell as well, and obviously celtic’s opponent is next our motherwell. So will david turnbull be in the motherboard team to face celtic? That is interesting. I don’t know if they will so that’s. One thing you can say, but i i have to say, looking at mollywell, um, obviously losing to hamilton, which is a bit of a shock. Obviously, they’ve got glen tauren in the europa league, this thursday, as well um and obviously looking over the over there that um this maybe and this international break may have came at the right time for them they may have come at the right time for them. So but i am looking at this game, i can really only say a celtic win. I think celtic will win this. One don’t think it’ll be as comfortable as many people would predict i’m going to go for a two nil win to celtic in this game. So we’ll see what happens hibernian against aberdeen. Now, the last fight between the size of london, three wins to aberdeen one win to hibs and one draw the last result with a three nil win to hibernian um. Well, that was a bit of a a bit of a late win there forever hibbs um controversial penalty has to be said that did look like a penalty um, but you have to say it was a very, very good win for them.

Stevie mallon, coming off the bench coming back from injury, really really good penalty. Um very, very well struck as well, um, aberdeen, obviously, a very, very good uh good win against livingston. As i said, there’s a very, very classy penalty as well top corner. It was a fantastic penalty by hedges and obviously you know it was a very, very good second goal from scott wright as well so aberdeen um. But this is a really tricky game, because obviously um aberdeen are in europa league action as well. But we’ll see what happens. We will see what happens for sure, um, so i’m going to go for it’s a really hard one to call, but with the way hips are playing at the moment. You just can’t see anyone beating them at the moment, but i’m going to go for a 2 1 win for herbert. I just think that hebs will be too strong for aberdeen, so that is it. That is my match week. Six predictions done and dusted um for the 20 20 21 scottish conversation season. I’Ll go from texas, really really quickly commander one dungeon 92 livingston, two ross county nelson johnston, one submarine one hamilton, nil, rangers three celtic, two motherboard nil and hibernian to aberdeen one. So that is it that is my predictions done and dusted. If you want to leave your predictions, then please leave them in the comment section down below and i will be after this week.

I will be keeping a tally of all your predictions in the comments. So basically, we’ll see i’ll, put a wee table out and we’ll see how how many how people are doing obviously rhys russell is a contributor as well obviously roberto as well. We’Ve got mike eddie as well so interesting to see, but i i’m looking forward i’m looking forward to obviously seeing how you all do against me, but i’m looking forward to it but uh. Thank you very much for watching. If you are new around here, then please hit that subscribe button as well smash a like on the video as well share the stream. If you want to as well um it’d, be very, very good as well and i’ll see you all in the next one enjoy your scottish premiership weekend before the dreaded international break. We all hate them.