I think that, as i always mentioned, that’s a great lineup, probably the best we got in f1 Music as we’re all aware by now, sebastian vettel is being let go by ferrari. At the end of this season – and i think it’s fair to say that uh his treatment hasn’t exactly been the best since that announcement and the first race, austria, well actually my intro – that was from february from barcelona testing last year. So it’s been going on a lot longer in austria, so in this video today, i’m going to be going through everything that’s happened with ferrari and sebastian vettel why he’s been treated just really badly and where do they go from here? Quick exclaim before i start sebastian vettel is my favorite driver. So there may be a bit of bias in this video, but even then i think most people can understand where i will be coming from and judging from what i’ve seen on twitter and all the like, it seems to be the majority opinion of everyone. Apart from the hardcore ferrari, fans Music, so, as you saw in the intro to this video in the pre season, testing of barcelona matia said that sebastian vettel was his first choice to keep on ferrari for 2021.. This was already, as you can see in this article by racefans.net. Carla’S sign says that ferrari approached him about becoming a ferrari driver in 2021 in the off season, so we’re, not even past pre season, testing and bonato’s already lied to vettel to his face we’re off to a good start here.

Aren’T. We sure enough, when we did get to austria. Seven just said he was let go by ferrari. They didn’t even offer him a contract. They just didn’t want him anymore. He was gone and a lot of people were pretty pissed off about that, because he is a legend of sport. Why would he be treated like that? Well, what excuse do you think matia used yep i’m, not joking. This is real using a global pandemic to try and justify you getting rid of vettel in a shitty way. It just isn’t here. Is it Music in the austrian grand prix first race, this season seb spawn again, but he said he was happy that he only spawned once. Why was this because he was driving an absolute dog of a car. This is clearly a car that doesn’t suit his driving style in this setup, and when you look at charles is on board where he seems perfectly comfortable in the car it’s quite clear who they built the car. For despite the fact, they said that this car was going to be built around serb but it’s ferrari, we know what to expect by now. I do just want to say charles has done absolutely nothing wrong. This is like not his fault at all, apart from obviously the crashing stereo, but that means like the internal struggles that’s going on at ferrari. Clearly with seth has no influence on that. He won’t be saying you like, please treat said like this: he can’t do that and i’m very sure that he’s not doing that should also be worth saying.

I do think that drivers should be able to adapt their driving style depending on what car they’re driving, but clearly not to the extent that seb is having to with this car. He said that anything he tries, he tries to adapt his driving style, nothing works. He just he he said he doesn’t know what to do and like no driver should have to feel like that. It’S, like tennis, striker football, all right this season, we’re going to be playing at center back, because this new striker sign, we believe, is better than me. So you can’t play striker anymore. I mean look at mercedes, hamilton and bottas, both absolutely love that car they can both drive it right to the limit. They both feel comfortable in it and that’s the difference. I mean red bull aren’t, much better than ferrari, because album clearly isn’t comfortable. Now, however, and neither was gassy last year, but surely it’s not that hard to make both drivers feel comfortable in the same car i mean most of the teams on the grid. Do it ferrari red bull off? The top of my head are the only teams where one driver doesn’t seem as comfortable in the same car as the other driver. Anyway. I think i’ve covered that the car doesn’t suit him enough now, because that’s very clear – and i think i’ve explained it well enough – so let’s move on to the next reason why ferrari’s treatment of seb is just out of order.

I mean they genuinely hurt my head. The ferrari strategists are famous all over the world, not for the right reasons. I hardly ever get a strategy right, although this year with charlotte least they haven’t been too bad because well they’re so far back. They can try these sort of weird strategies that may sometimes come off, but when it comes to seb, it’s business as usual in the strategy department, ferrari and a lot worse, considering this time actually deliberate. If you don’t know what i mean by this in the 70th anniversary, grand prix, when i say, is didn’t win for once um seb spun the first corner. He worked his way back up to. I think it was seventh or eighth after the people of like four or five people in front of them. Appeared ferrari box said because he was in front of leclair and they didn’t want to hold the player up. But even though seb didn’t want to box, he his tires were absolutely fine. There was nothing wrong with them at all um. They made him box so he’s out. The way of charles here put him on new hard tires. He does 11 laps on those tyres and then making box again. Do 22 laps on medium tires and we just power around the floor. Please the ferrari strategy team but, like i said this was deliberate and i’ll, show you what i mean here. He says that petting said loudshot continuous comeback, which i guess is fair.

But when you say that the spins not compromise this race and not the strategy, even though he was came back out behind kimi raikkonen in the slowest car in the grid. But no it wasn’t doing 22 laps on medium ties at the end of the race that cost him. No, no, no. It wasn’t that i just thought i want to say: is it a coincidence that ferrari only care about racing point now it’s the rumors saying that it seems like seb is going there. They only care now, don’t they jesus christ. I mean it’s, probably just a coincidence. It aligns a bit doesn’t it because i’m sure you’re aware this is not the first time. It’S happened at ferrari, it probably won’t, be the last or almost certainly won’t, be the last nicki lauder alain prost, fernando alonso they’ve, all been through this with ferrari. Even michael schumacher to an extent because they sent a press release out announcing his retirement before he announced his retirement and then i that’s getting into a hole. I knew that’s really getting into like conspiracy, theory territory, so we’re not going to go into that. Why won’t other drivers get treated like that? If the player doesn’t start to perform and schwartzman or schumacher, is coming up through the ranks through alpha through house – and god goes up to ferrari, the claire might get treatment like this and then signs signs might even just be a place. For i i mean i really like science, science, the great driver.

He definitely deserves to see in a top car. But what if ferrari see him is just like a number two driver and a sort of place, filler for a schwartzman or a schumacher or maybe even an eye lot. I look’s doing really well in formula 2’s leading championship, but i do think he will leave ferrari driver academy because for some reason i just cannot see him in a ferrari. So i think he’ll leave the academy and he will be so much better off ferrari. They probably cheated last year their engine, but no one can prove it. They have the nerve to appeal racing point after agreeing a private settlement with the fia, it’s just ridiculous, and i think that we will see this again fairly soon. I think whenever schwartzman or schumacher is ready for that ferrari see, we will see this again, this sort of treatment that said he’s getting that’s personally, what i think said wanted to emulate. Michael schumacher and he’s ended up emulating alan cross through no fault of his own. I mean spins was somewhat his fault, but yeah you get. You get my point. Thank you for watching this video. Sorry. If there were bits that were a bit ranty, but it has sort of like frustrated me a bit seeing how one of the greats of formula one is being treated, i mean you, don’t, win four world titles in a row and equal the most race wins in The season ever get the most wins in a row in a season ever and deserves to be treated like this.

It is ridiculous. It really is. Thank you for watching this video. I think the fact that my game crash is here as i’m about to win sebastian battle for ferrari. I think that says everything you need to know, but maybe ferrari had to say and leclaire was second so who knows anyway? If you want to like and subscribe you can, i would really appreciate it.