So if there’s one thing that brings panther fans together, it’s the way that we handle the expansion draft in the past and if you’ve missed my feelings on that, i basically have two videos that show you that there’s one that i did the day of the expansion Draft where i destroy a jar of marshmallow fluff, because i used to call martial marshmallow and then, if you missed it a few days ago, i did another video about the top 10 reasons. The panthers pissed me off and you can damn well guarantee. The expansion draft was there, so i was completely minding my own business, like i said, with no intention of talking about the expansion draft and the seattle crack in my ass had to go and be a pain in my ass and picked out their name right today, But actually is all right because it gave me an idea for the video, so all right. So what happens right? I mean immediately. I tweeted out everybody’s tweeting out the panther fans anyway uh. You know in references to that expansion draft thing and you know about hey we’re, going to give you two players. You know because we’re scarred from that right, so one thing to keep in mind there that i hopefully it goes differently because, obviously, with the whole pronger thing, it came out that you know basically eric joyce at some point is going to be the one in charge.

I would assume that that will happen before the expansion draft.

It might be at the end of whatever happens with us. This season, so that’s going to be a little bit of a different thing. We won’t have talent to blame, and you know we don’t know exactly what choice is going to do now. The situation is similar uh in that we do have plenty of bloated contracts that i’m sure that we would like to rid ourselves off mike madison. Oh excuse me: i had a cough there um. I saw a couple of people bringing up pubroski and you know that’s a touchy. Subject: i’m, not going to get into that. He’S got a no move clause so why he would wave that to go to seattle. Why seattle would take them? You know, take him i’m sure i don’t know. However, with our history of giving up a good player, so they’ll take a good player. I would not put anything past the panthers. I would not put it past the panthers to contact seattle and be like. I tell you what well you you take mike matheson and bob and we’ll give you eggplant, and i know that i know that’s far fetched don’t don’t get me wrong i’m making up. But the point is, i would not put it past us to do some crazy. That leaves us all pissed off again so anyway, i actually liked the name by. I saw a promotional video where they put it out.

Um. You know in today’s world man, where you have to watch everything that you say and whatever name you’re gon na pick uh at least they they basically named it after mythological or myth.

They named it after a a fake character right. They named it after something that technically doesn’t exist. So hopefully nobody uh will be offended by the naming of the seattle kraken and we can just move on with the rest of our lives. All right um a couple things that at camp that were noted, um actually well. The one thing that came out, um uh fox sports, obviously is having the games. Goldie and randy are back on the call they’re going to be calling it from fort lauderdale. So that’s going to be interesting, i guess they’ll be watching it. I i’ll be interested to see. I actually hope they do a behind the scenes because i’d be interested to see if they’re going to have different camera angles, obviously than we’re just getting on tv i’d. Really be interested to see if they’re going to do something like that, just from a technical standpoint that interests me and then the other thing it’s not a big deal. But i remember a couple days ago. I forget who it was who was out on the defense, but josh brown stepped in for him, but then, a couple days ago, at camp at bladd, uh he’s got a minor injury. Coach says that’s, not serious and uh.

It was actually keeper that went in and stepped in for him, so not really sure who that next man up on defense is i i’m going to assume it would depend on who got, who got injured uh, whether or not josh, brown or keeper is going to Come out or come up and be the next guy, so uh that’s about it, that’s really been going on at camp.

Otherwise the lines have been the same. I told you the other day, uh about serala, getting getting a little shot there on the top line. I, i would assume you know, he’s, obviously, the next man up as far as the wingers are concerned, but other than that man. It really there’s, really no debate and that’s one other question or one other thing i kind of wanted to bring up. Although i’ve seen a few people talking about you know what are our lines and everything going to be next year and as far as some of these rookies or wrong young players coming up now, obviously we don’t know if we’re going to have dad and often hoffman, Hopefully, we can find a way to keep one of those guys and resigned uyghur at the same time. But the thing of it is: is that with some of these young guys like a prisky or uh, tippet or lura starring in a few of these other guys, that would be competing for spots. Keep in mind, especially if we go on a run.

The way that the schedule is working out is we’re still going to be playing hockey september. I think they might even be thinking october with the cup and and then basically a month later, six weeks later, the next season would be starting so it’s not like a typical situation where the ahl is running and these younger players are still getting playing time and They’Ve got you know an entire summer to work out and work on the game and and get ready for camp um.

I i don’t really see especially like i said we win a series or two. I don’t really see there’s going to be a whole lot of openings um other than players that we might lose. So i i think these guys, if they get a chance during this, you know during the play, ends or playoffs uh they’re going to have to make the most of it, because i think, whatever, whatever top 12, we have at the end of this. You know at the end of this postseason uh if we do well, i think those are the guys we’re gon na go with, like i said, obviously uh minus one or two hopefully that’s another thing i guess we’ll have to do a video on that again. You know eventually, once the season comes to an end here about you know, dadonov and and hoffman i mean i will obviously we’d all love to keep them both the choosing between one or the other, as extraordinarily tough, because dad know if he’s got the most goals On the team, i believe – and he works hard all the time and he fits wherever you put him, but damn if we didn’t have hoffman on that power play uh, we wouldn’t even have been in that top 12 spot to make it to the play end.

So that’s really really it’s really going to be a tough call. There there’s going to be a lot of bickering back and forth on what we’re supposed to do with that so i’m.

Looking forward to that, i like it when everybody fights that gives me good good material for the videos. So all right guys. I appreciate everybody’s watching on keep up with the daily content and tomorrow i’ll be back with a rewind.